Meizu M5 review: Challenging the odds

05 February 2017
The Meizu M5 is shaping to be the more interesting device of the mid-range M5 duo. We already took the M5 Note for a spin and it turned rather uninspiring and had no meaningful upgrades whatsoever. On the other hand, the M5 comes with a bigger screen and battery, the latest mTouch key with biometric security, and newer Android version.

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  • Da joker
  • Nu7
  • 13 Feb 2023

Alex, 30 Dec 2020I forgot the password of my meizu m5 what can I do?You can hand flash
1hold your power button and up volume button
2it will reboot to safe mode
3look for reset phone
4then use your up and down button to operate and power button for ok
Because you can’t remove the pass word

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    • Peason256
    • fm8
    • 06 Sep 2021

    The lower end of my MEIZU M5 has stopped working (sensor is working 3/4 of the screen)

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      • Alex
      • Nu4
      • 30 Dec 2020

      I forgot the password of my meizu m5 what can I do?

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        • Tom Cro
        • 3qD
        • 16 May 2018

        this is a very nice review!! congrats!
        i have meizu m5 and far as I know by now , phone is really good..with some issues..
        battery heat quickly, especially when it charge( plastic cover could be a reason),but cooling
        down fast as well...secondly MTK chip starts fooling around if its not properly patched(this is a factory disadvantage) and can cause you a lot problems( like in my case when didn"t recognize sim cards and imei numbers)..that"s about it...still don"t know if this phone have directory button?!

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          • Anonymous
          • Rxn
          • 11 Jul 2017

          I like this shorter review format. just enough to help me understand the phone better. Thanks!

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            • AnonD-242580
            • tDP
            • 23 Jun 2017

            Anonymous, 07 Feb 2017meizu should stop making low-end device there are to many ... moreSo you dont look at meizu mx and pro series

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              • wdK
              • 21 Mar 2017

              Good Mobile Thanks for giving information

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                • Kutos
                • 7kg
                • 07 Feb 2017

                Please dont do these type of short review coz these are not good. Maintain that Gsmarena's review tactics, proper not long but totally gopd review.
                Please stop with these small ones instead its better just gives rating in every department and forget it😔😏

                  We are not abandoning our traditional reviews. We are using this format for phones we can't otherwise fit in our review schedule either because of a heavy workflow or lack of popularity.

                  So, if we were to use the old format - the M5 and M5 Note reviews would have never happened.


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                    • Anonymous
                    • XNk
                    • 07 Feb 2017

                    meizu should stop making low-end device
                    there are to many low-end device in market right now
                    people now looking for mid-high-end device for for sure

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                      • AnonD-506712
                      • ncG
                      • 06 Feb 2017

                      Why does it look like a Samsung? Sigh...

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                        • Anonymous
                        • 0Tm
                        • 06 Feb 2017

                        Please, bring back the old way of reviewing mobile phones.
                        This is too short, and it is lacking of many informations.

                        This is the better way...

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                          • Redmi user
                          • 618
                          • 06 Feb 2017

                          So Nothing can challenge the Redmi 3 series ? I mean Redmi 3s prime.
                          Battery, Camera, and Display is superb for a budget class.
                          Seems 2017 is not good year for an upgrade eh.

                            Regardless of the length of the review, I thought it was very even-handed, balanced. So many reviews are overly negative or positive - phones are portrayed either as stars or as crap. This was a very good review in my opinion. Good reviewer.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 0Tj
                              • 06 Feb 2017

                              The only thing i need back are the impressions!

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                                • Gunjandeep
                                • 2Sx
                                • 06 Feb 2017

                                This was nice read. I beleive that you should do more of these & go for the Out & Out review only for the Flagships.
                                Basically, keep the review length as per the pricing. A shorter review for Budget devices as they have limited feature set. A Tad longer for Midrange ones, also including some software tweaks etc. & Out & out for the Flagships as they are the ones with all the bells & whistles.

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                                  • AnonD-642148
                                  • iG5
                                  • 06 Feb 2017

                                  It is nice. For me, most important things are phone specs, Sunlight contrast ratio, Battery test and how loud speaker is. Also web browser benchmarks are important and 360 spin is nice. If I am not interested in buying phone I read only this and then I skip to end. For me it is better to have more reviews which some have this format than have less but only full format. Time saver editions for me personally is waste of time.

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                                    • Chuck
                                    • xmV
                                    • 06 Feb 2017

                                    This review format is good for the less mainstream devices, like China devices. But for mainstream devices from big companies, the old thorough review style is still best

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                                      • Lev
                                      • pVc
                                      • 05 Feb 2017

                                      Hey Guys,
                                      This bew format of reviews is quite good for. Keep going!

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • mgr
                                        • 05 Feb 2017

                                        I don't like at all the new review format. You were the best