MWC 2017: BlackBerry KEYone hands-on

25 February 2017
TCL is finally done with its first true BlackBerry handset and we have to say, it looks even better than when we first saw it as the Mercury. Petnamed DTEK70 and Mercury in the past, the device is now called KEYone and we finally have the full specs sheet to go with that face.

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  • AnonD-666047

Don't get me wrong, I love Blackberry. I love keyboards. I can type perfectly on my Blackberry even when not looking. But it's funny how the price is too much but the phone doesn't even look expensive itself. Plus the insides do not justify the price, too. *Facepalm, sadness emanating from within*

okcnaline, 09 Mar 2017Cigarettes made of money from the multi-million dollars rev... more'Cause they are addictive. What about this phone?

  • AnonD-667335

I am a hardcore BB fan and presently using a BB Priv (since 2 years) which is a lovely handset comparing to the previous BB models. The 18 mp rear camera is really the best one and I am very much disappointed with 13 mp camera of the all new BB KEYone! I have no any plan to shift from my BB Priv for the near future. I would rather buy a new BB Priv at a very cheaper price. Moreover it's a Mexico made smartphone with a large display and a hidden physical keyboard.

  • AnonD-569432

AnonD-600584, 23 Mar 2017I'll definitely but this one! Hope it would be released her... moreYeah,I hope so

  • AnonD-600584

I'll definitely but this one! Hope it would be released here in the Philippines with an affordable price.

  • J

The price is for those who needs it.

  • AnonD-654589

AnonD-593883, 05 Mar 2017WHAT are blackberry owners smoking? $630 for mid-range spec... moreI disagree. U pay for the build quality + a lil extra security, if u really need it. + u won t find a better keyboard except maybe the Q10 ( which i currently own, i ve this phone for 4 years and it still holds. ) though i accept your complain about the big price. But a true qwerty lover..who hates typing on a touchscreen ( because i always miss the keys, which is annoying.) will definetly buy this SHiT ! Peace bro.

  • AnonD-654589

This is the shit. I can t w8 to buy it. I m not an old fan of BB, but since i got the Q10 i can t type on any touch keypad...physical qwerty = lot of control..never gonna miss the key. i dunno why ppl like it the other way aroound. I usually compare it to wireless vs wired keyboard / mouse. Never gonna be the same.. RESPECT BB ! BIGZ UP !

  • Anonymous

Ghostwolf, 26 Feb 2017Why put a SD835 in it? Just to burn through the battery th... moreThe point most people are making is the 835 would somewhat justify the price. As others have pointed out, you really don't need the power of the 835.

Just watch the sales numbers, this phone will be another fail because Blackberry thinks their name justifies the premium price, and there is only one fruit phone that has been able to pull that off.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-523334, 26 Feb 2017Your argument is absolute nonsense as I already said I'm no... moreLearn to read the content! You made a non-sense comparison. Period.

Blackberry is not a "slightly modernized" muscle car. Where did you come up with such a silly comparison?

AnonD-593883, 05 Mar 2017WHAT are blackberry owners smoking? $630 for mid-range spec... moreCigarettes made of money from the multi-million dollars revenue every year. ;-D

  • The X-lawz

I think this right here,is really a fine piece for a physical keypad smartphone,your attention shouldn't really be set on it's Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC,it packs well enough power to deliver it's entire purpose and lots more..... BUT, it's not in any way close to the best Blackberry could possibly offer us.

  • AnonD-593883

WHAT are blackberry owners smoking? $630 for mid-range specs that you can get on the G5+ for literally $230??? They think they can just slap their keyboard on a nougat running android and bump up the price to flagship levels? Lmao. Their security isn't worth that much. Nor is their keyboard. Madness.

  • AnonD-593883

vikesh singh, 28 Feb 2017Really excited 4 this one.always my lovely BB..thanks the B... more*coughs* 630USD

  • AnonD-70078

Has this phone got stereo speakers are not. To much conflicting info all over

  • AnonD-255623

coolsauce, 27 Feb 2017Why stop there? Why not make it $299? Price is fine, once y... moreThe Moto G5 Plus costs $230 for the same chipset. The keyboard would hardly justify the price differential.

  • San

AnonD-140268, 27 Feb 2017I dont feel this device as premium as BB makes its devices,... moreIt's same
I read many of review.. everybody says its same as BlackBerry.

  • AnonD-605106

If only this came out five years ago, the company would have done really well...Again, if only...hmmm

  • AnonD-634681

Glad to see blackberry getting help to create relevant, but also different phones. just for the keyboard alone the amount of uses that thing had back in the day & now you can set up app shortcuts, that's pretty cool, the fingerprint scanner in the spacebar is also a very different approach (even if its in the same place as most phones) and the talk of scrolling through the keyboard also gives it an added feature, too expensive? maybe, but if blackberry hadn't fallen when innovation arrived, it would be a more than fair price

  • vikesh singh

Really excited 4 this one.always my lovely BB..thanks the BlackBerry team to all of this.thanks again.