MWC 2017: Gionee A1, A1 Plus hands-on

27 February 2017
Gionee used this year's MWC venue to expand its smartphone lineup with a brand new "A" series of devices. The A1 and A1 Plus are the ambassadors for this new endeavor, which seem to represent the company's best effort to stay relevant and cater to modern demands, while still preserving its traditional strong suits.

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  • D
  • Derek
  • YQ5
  • 12 Oct 2020

Grreenland, 15 Jul 2017I have read several negative comments of Gionee A1 and A1 p... morePretty horrible phone. Avoid this one. Gionee has made far better phones.

    • S
    • Som
    • gM8
    • 12 Nov 2019

    Umar, 02 Sep 2017A1 is getting automatic switch off what is reason for it For rebooting his system, is better because for this your didn't super for hanging It's the best part o gionee

      • S
      • Sujan poudel
      • J7G
      • 21 Apr 2019

      Anonymous, 10 Oct 2018I am using gionee a1 plus from 7 month and it is very decen... moreFek phone i haved this phone is nod good because system is not updet so how can i do please halp me

        • S
        • Sujan
        • J7G
        • 21 Apr 2019

        Anonymous, 10 Oct 2018I am using gionee a1 plus from 7 month and it is very decen... moreThis phone is not good... Bad phone because system is not updet... Hitting parbulam allso

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • gML
          • 10 Oct 2018

          I am using gionee a1 plus from 7 month and it is very decent mobile. No heating problem and camera is just awesome. Battery life is excillent. I also have readme note 5 pro. Image quality in gionee a1 plus is far more better than any readme phone,also Picture captured by Readme or mi phone have less details. Cheaper phone readme is just waste of money. Readme is heater.

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • gM{
            • 29 Jul 2018

            Sankar baishya, 30 Apr 2017gionee is a latest brand smartphone and made in india but i... morewrong wrong wrong. Intex is a Indian company. Gionee is chinease may be its products assembeled in india

              • A
              • Aboo
              • rJK
              • 21 Mar 2018

              While receiving a call display off,... So i cant attent any call... What is the solution

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                • AnonD-740597
                • 7ki
                • 26 Feb 2018

                Geonee A1 is the worst mobile I ever seen in my life. Friends please don't buy any mobile phone manufactured by Geonee. I had purchased it online in the month of may and they said phone is having one month warranty. But now Geonee service center is asking for Rs.9000 to repair my mobile..... And same mobile phone is available for online at Rs. 12,000. My suggestion is that please don't by this mobile because of less price because they used cheap quality of raw materials and when it comes to repairing under warranty also they ask for huge amount. My rating for this mobile is zero

                  • U
                  • Umar
                  • 7k7
                  • 02 Sep 2017

                  A1 is getting automatic switch off what is reason for it

                    • G
                    • Grreenland
                    • X{x
                    • 15 Jul 2017

                    I have read several negative comments of Gionee A1 and A1 plus mobile. Are these comments really based on the problems they encountered while using A1 or A1 plus ? or someone trying to downgrade the mobile company. Anyone who is using Gionee A1 plus can honestly suggest me to buy A1 plus or not ? Waiting for your suggestion. thank you.

                      • D
                      • AnonD-683625
                      • Nue
                      • 10 Jul 2017

                      Good evening pls I want to know the reason why calls automatic get cut when you are on call is either ways if you call or when receiving is getting worsened and more embarrassing every day the phone the is not up to 3 months what can we do?

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                        • Sufiyan patel
                        • 7ke
                        • 10 Jul 2017

                        pallabi, 15 Jun 2017When Gionee a1 plus has launched ?14/july/2017

                          • D
                          • AnonD-683261
                          • rJS
                          • 09 Jul 2017

                          Those who want to dump their money, they can invest their money in buying this useless handset of GIONEE A1.. I bought this handset on the day it was launched.. Even, I had so much expectation but all goes in vain. Earlier I was using Mi note 3 with 16 GB of internal memory and It was a fantastic phone.. I got a defective hand set with heating up problem while charging.. It is not a normal heating problem.. The phone gets heat up like a hot iron rod and since last two months I am in touch with Gionee customer care by email and over the phone.. I must say they hardly care about their customer and their issues.. Almost 25 emails has been exchanged.. Even I went to their service center for software update which they did.. I am worried now as I saw some pictures of the people who were using mobile with such problem and lastly, the mobile got blasted.. I won't recommend anyone to buy this phone and the reason is only their carefree attitude towards their customer like me... I am not a brand ambassador of any mobile and don't want to promote any mobile.. I am just giving my review as a responsible customer to make other people aware about this..

                            • p
                            • pallabi
                            • YQ{
                            • 15 Jun 2017

                            When Gionee a1 plus has launched ?

                              • r
                              • rahul
                              • t5}
                              • 21 May 2017

                              i want to know what was the date of lauch gionee A1 plus and how much price i also use gionee a1 it was awesome

                                • S
                                • Sankar baishya
                                • fCZ
                                • 30 Apr 2017

                                gionee is a latest brand smartphone and made in india but intex,wootel are some chienese.i also like on gione.

                                  • V
                                  • Vineet kumar
                                  • yZt
                                  • 26 Apr 2017

                                  AnonD-339128, 01 Mar 2017It's Great sepecation How Much Price....Only 20,thousand

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • iIR
                                    • 23 Apr 2017

                                    Does Gionee A1 have heating issues?

                                      I dont understand this mystery that once the screen size goes up from 54.5 to 6 inch the price shoots astronomically. Xiaomi never ventured into 6 inch display but this size is the sweet spot as far as media consumption is concerned . Mimax at 6.44 inch display seems too bulky for me although it is superfast. Gionee has hit the sweet spot but hiked the price skyhigh for 6 inchers. Samsung is a step ahead with its 6 inchers like A9 Pro and C9 Pro. These are costlier than OP 3T. Xiaomi should bring a version of Note 3 or Note 4 as Note 3 Plus and Note 4 Plus with 6 inch display and thinnest of bezels and with same specs. That should bring sense to Gionee and Samsung. There is virtually no competition in 6 inch display category and these brands including Oppo also are ruling the roost. The moment Xiaomi enters these players are going to vanish faster than Xiaomi phones in Indian sale.

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-632511
                                        • 7ke
                                        • 05 Mar 2017

                                        Plus point of gionee A1
                                        =Amoled display with 401 ppi(1080×1920)
                                        =16mp front & 13 mp rear camera with 5p lences(it's a Sony brand company's cemera)
                                        =4gb ram & 64 gb rom(256gb expendable)
                                        =2 year warranty
                                        =6 month encurance policy
                                        = one month guaranty
                                        And many more features