Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (S625) review: Take Note!

27 March 2017
After getting to know Xiaomi's Redmi Note 4 with Helio X20, it's time to meet the Snapdragon 625 edition. It promises better battery efficiency and thermal control thanks to the more advanced manufacturing process. But these improvements may have cost the Note 4 some of its performance punch, and we will duly explore this possibility.

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  • Atha Xiaomi note 4
  • 61q
  • 03 Jan 2024

This phone that I used since 2017 stil performed well to 2024 more better than my friend Samsung A03 had more sensor and more durable I hope Xiaomi made the Xiaomi note 4 performance with more powerful Snapdragon prosesor and keep the original design

    • ?
    • Anonymous
    • L2M
    • 23 Apr 2023

    Using this beast since 2017 .. and since 2020 as gaming phone only .. im surprised with its solid and unchallenged performance over these years .. its a real master solid piece of phones .. coming years itll be like rare treasure for whom hold it

      • J
      • Jerry
      • Kxe
      • 28 May 2022

      Arhan, 12 Mar 2022sory for inconvinence i am using this phone from last 5 yea... morei agree, i used this phone since 2017 and the only problem is i'm using 3/32. If i have 3/64, it's can do better

        • J
        • Johnny
        • f3f
        • 14 Mar 2022

        It's really amazing and comfortable phone that is i like the most it's fast and long life battery i really love it

          • A
          • Arhan
          • QwR
          • 12 Mar 2022

          Chiku, 13 Mar 2020No, this mobile sucks and battery is not fast charging and ... moresory for inconvinence i am using this phone from last 5 years what a gaming performance battery time enough i will recommend this phone for gaming

            • J
            • JavedQuadri
            • 3XD
            • 05 Jan 2022

            I bought this MI Note 4 phone in Feb 2017, now 4th birthday is coming up. I have used many phones, still I can say this is the best remarkable phone. Battery: Excellent, whole day. Only problem is front glass is not strong.

              Now, this is my main phone. Still worth even now.
              The performance, and ram are quite enough for this recent day.

              I would consider this phone as my own primary phone.

                This was when I first knew about Xoaimi, and ow I became one of the very first fans/users of the brand in KSA.
                A true legendary phone.

                  • H
                  • Hari G
                  • YQL
                  • 11 May 2021

                  From 2G to 3G to 4G still going strong.Bought on June 2017.Battery still gives a full day with net on
                  Some issue with charging port.
                  One of the longest phone I had after 3310.

                    • k
                    • kumokai
                    • tu2
                    • 23 Mar 2021

                    brought march 2017 batt still good and everything still running good for 4 years one of my longest phone. youtube all the way still last me 4 hours ++. Just that the power button and volumn button have become not so sensitive. other than tht fxxcing durable.

                      • i
                      • inday
                      • I@a
                      • 08 Feb 2021

                      this phone is very nice and affordable

                        Royan, 14 Apr 2017Everything is good but having no fast charge is non accepta... moreThere is a reson for not having fast charging. Any battery suffer from a fast charge over time.

                          Mario, 23 Jan 2018Go get life..Your opinion and wrong.

                            AJIT, 19 Jun 2018Redme note 4 doesn't seem to be a good choice while you get... moreThis phone will never be better than its owner.

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • tDF
                              • 23 Nov 2020

                              Eli, 16 Oct 2020I do not recommend this phone today because there's a ... moreAgree! I do have this phone and it serves me well for 3 years

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                                • plpal
                                • uwv
                                • 23 Nov 2020

                                can this phone is comatable with morpho finger senser device used through otg usb cable

                                  • P
                                  • Preet
                                  • X}7
                                  • 08 Nov 2020

                                  Eli, 16 Oct 2020I do not recommend this phone today because there's a ... moreYeah sure!!

                                    • E
                                    • Eli
                                    • sxr
                                    • 16 Oct 2020

                                    kideypogba, 23 Feb 2020i want to buy this phone for gaming . am i doing the best choice?I do not recommend this phone today because there's a lot of better phones out there today, packed with better specs and very affordable. But if you bought it in 2017, I'll tell you it's worth your money.

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • rA{
                                      • 05 Oct 2020

                                      Adam, 13 Jun 2020I heard that miui 11 drain battery life is that true?Yea

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                                        • Hanumant
                                        • g3K
                                        • 29 Aug 2020

                                        I bought MI Note 4 in September 2017. It worked well for nearly 3 years. However in August 2020, suddenly there was a problem of No Service. Next day, when I tried to make a call, words "RADIO OFF" flashed on the screen. This was followed by another message viz. "Turn off airplane mode to make a call". However, funnily enough, airplane mode was already off. I was able to use Wi-Fi though. When reported to Service centre, I was asked to pay RS.5500 for change of motherboard. I declined. Now I am planning to get à new phone. This is my horror story. Please do not buy this Chinese phone. You will repent it.