Honor 6X vs. ZTE Blade V8 Pro: Dual camera duel

24 March 2017
CES brought a couple of new smartphone entries into the US market. Notably, a couple of smartphones, both from Chinese phone makers, in the ultra-value segment (sub-$300). Honor had already announced the Honor 6X a few months before it brought the 6X to the States at the CES announcement.

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  • théo

I got the 6X for quite some time now and I can say it's perfect in everything for me :
playing asphalt8, hearth stone and everything else smoother than my galaxy note 4
In my opinion it just need camera stabilisation and not this useless dual camera even if it does great photos ; and maybe amoled screen but it's just my taste
I can't compare to the ZTE one cauz I'm not attracted by this drand and never bougth one of there phone already.

  • AnonD-677820

Honor 6x facing no problems stable charges after updating to nougat ui is much better... Overall a great deal for such a price of 14k in India... Better than note 4 for sure...

  • Anonymous

Lead2XL, 25 Mar 2017I would buy the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 waaay ahead of either o... moreAgree with your points, but the camera is much worse on the Redmi Note 4.

  • chester1267

they've been trying hard to sell oppo f1s and vivo v5 plus with lots of ads and commercials the phones are 30-50% higher in price but other brands cant beat the dual cam performance of the huawei honor 6x.

  • chester1267

others claimed that honor 6x has a weak gpu and they have been comparing this device to high end qualcomm snapdragon, 1st huawei honor 6x is a midrange device but still it can run most latest games very smoothly and other demanding hi end games like the nba 2k17 but since its just a mid range device better if youll set the graphic details to medium setting.. this device is about 20% less performing in the gpu department compared with qualcomm 625 another mid range device but honor 6x has its own advantages camera, cpu and huawe did a great job with ui optimization and nougat update... so far huawei honor 6x has a low mid range device price but offers premium built, and above average performance. very well rounded when it comes with overall feautures and good specs.

  • AnonD-658617

Huawei Honor: With the introduction of Honor series Huawei has clearly topped the phone charts worldwide. The phones like Huawei Honor 6x is the best phones in their respective segment. The market has been never the same since the arrival of these phones.

Huawei Honor gives you best value for money as these phones are affordable and are loaded with high configuration. The brand has never compromised on quality and performance parameters.

That GPU in the Kirin 655. T830mp2 only! That is a seriously weak gpu for pushing 1080p displays at 60 fps consistently. They mustve done some heavy optimization if the 6X performs as well as GSM arena's claims. In terms of Gflops, that GPU is weaker than a 2013 Adreno 320!

  • Anonymous

testing bokeh at f/4.5 the most useless test ever

  • Nick

chester1267, 24 Mar 2017currently here in the philippines huawei honor 6x is one th... moreIt's currently on sale or whatever but the original price is P13,990 and it'll go back to the original price soon.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-655096, 25 Mar 2017Where are you from?He just said it . From Philippines -_-

  • Anonymous

In Europe the 6X has NFC, it is also fast charge enabled but you have to buy your own fast charger.
It is also far more durable than it is being made out to be, i've sat on mine at least half a dozen times while it was in my pocket with no damage at all.

  • chester1267

i think huawei honor 6x is the best choice when it comes with overall factors, we also have to consider the after sales support and software updates,in some countries its a risk buying xiaomi phones as you can only buy online and doesnt have a service center.

I would buy the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 waaay ahead of either of these phones - only $175 for the Global ROM version!! Unbeatable! Of the two being compared here, I would never buy the ZTE. I hate bulky phones and a 5.5 incher that is 77 mm wide is too much of a plank for my taste. There are many 5.7 inch phones that are that width. This ZTE is also too heavy for a 5.5 inch phone at 185 grams. That's the same weight as some 6 inch phones, like some in the Huawei Mate range. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is only 165 grams and it has a much bigger battery. This reviewer says that the Honor 6X is more 'chic' - that's putting it mildly!

  • AnonD-655096

chester1267, 24 Mar 2017currently here in the philippines huawei honor 6x is one th... moreWhere are you from?

  • AnonD-632062

I think Camp ZTE wins this one. The ZTE Blade V8 Pro looks like a solid phone (both literally & figuratively).

Mid range phones are getting strong and how is battery a tie zte is clearly the winner

When you sum up you always have to pick between a phone with good chipset,great abttery and charge and durability against a phone with better estetics,UI and camera.It's always like that with phones with similar price arrangement.

  • Anonymous

The playing field is more even nowadays, which is good, albeit a bit homogeneous. And ZTE still needs some more brand awareness.

  • chester1267

currently here in the philippines huawei honor 6x is one the best selling midrange device large screen, good battery, display, snappy performance, good cam, optimized ui and eventually upgradable to android nougat, its hard to beat at a price of 11,990 pesos for a mid range.

  • AnonD-292864

Honor 6x is only $50 cheaper than Galaxy A5 2017.