Nokia 6 review: Back in black

03 April 2017
Nokia, rebooted. The Finnish brand that was once synonymous with mobile phone had gone missing since Microsoft acquired the company’s smartphone business in 2014.

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  • Sampotbelly

Can someone help as when I try to play videos from social media they won't play

  • AnonD-729383

nokia 6 or moto g5 plus ? why???

  • AnonD-729383

nokia 6 or moto g5 plus ? why???

  • Umesh

I likes it , night it on sunday, nice performance and camera, I am new to android last phone was Nokia lumia 730 last Nokia branded window phone. Missing double tap though finger print is doing the same purpose. Finger print is very responsive. I never have any reject kon. Camera quality is very nice.

  • Randeep singh

I wnts to buy smartphone... Which phone... Nokia6 or other..

  • neeraj

I think nokia6 price is more bcoz redmi note 4 gave 635 snapdragon and nokia gave 430 only and 4gb ram 64gb internal at 12999 and nokia 14999
I think nokia 6 price at least 10000 only

  • Anonymous

I've not found any vibration option in silent mode
It's very important to keep the phone vibrates in silent mode.

  • z

does this phone have wifi hotspot

  • Anonymous

BABU, 01 Aug 2017which mobile is best nokia 6 or vivo v5s ?Nokia 6 is far better

  • Sakib

There is no gallery app on my phone?? Neither one to play videos or listemail to music please help.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2017I think a software could fix the image processing.Yes, I too think the same. They may be working on improvements for the Nokia 8, once its released the lower siblings will also get some of them. We may also get the Lumia Camera UI at later point.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-689958, 06 Aug 2017Nokia was a good company, and I thought it's gonna be once again... moreI think a software could fix the image processing.

  • Alan

The Nokia 6 cannot launch Android Auto when it plugged to Honda Civic 2016. Model : T1025. Anyone encounter this issue and able to solve it? Thanks.

  • AnonD-655990

Good device for day to day use.. only dissappointment is headset..

  • AnonD-689958

Nokia was a good company, and I thought it's gonna be once again, but I'm totally disappointed. I have in my hand Nokia 6. They say the camera is 16mgp but it's really worse than my last mobile HTC one. I miss my HTC. I feel fool to having bought it.

  • stevov

Just buy the Lenovo P2. No contest. I notice the review didn't compare them. In the UK they are the same price

  • BABU

which mobile is best nokia 6 or vivo v5s ?


after reading all these reviews ( the verge,phone arena).my suggestion is if u are a sort of basic user ,music lover,and wants a classy dependable phone for day to day uses nokia 6 is the best.i have friends who have moto g5 plus,they also give a better experience but eventhough they have better processors they also heats up.about le eco phones the ui of le eco is so awkward and annoying and without an expandable storage,no 3.5mm jack,and a very basic boring design.. i would never opt for it even if it is cheaper

  • AnonD-687924

Raju, 25 Jul 2017Yes it is good phone its camera is very good but it is built ... morewhat is the difference between processor 1.4&2.4.nokia6 have 1.4 processor so if there any problem to this phone

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]No nokia 6 having volte