Sony Xperia XZs review: Slow (e)motion

7 April 2017
Slap a new camera on the Xperia XZ, et voila - you have yourself a brand-new flagship. Is Sony taking advantage of a smartphone-induced decrease in human attention span? Or just doing what everyone else does?

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  • Yamanto Sus

This phone is good, but problem It's in overhating issues

  • RMR

Anonymous, 01 May 2017Designed in Japan made in China Maybe?

  • AnonD-689038

How many of you have successfully enabled the sRGB mode.
Its there in the developer menu but i cant enable it.
Even x- reality and super vivid mode also doesnt work..

I think by default they have enabled super vivid mode and forgot to write a program for colour settings mode. Mayb thats the reason for Xzs's screens are super saturated and cartoonish.

  • AnonD-16165

Have you actually tested the Mirrorlink? From the info I could find online, there's no support. I've tested a few phones in the stores near my place and the last sony where I've found the mirrorlink setting was the xperia x. The xz, xz premium and the lower range (newer) ones didn't have the option... and they didn't have the XZs on display for me to check it. Please let me know if you guys actually went through with it in a car, it's one of the features I'd like to have and the info would be really useful. Cheers.

  • OMW

Excellent audio quality on an external amp, but a drop in quality in headphones (but still good). what do you mean?? is it good then Z3

  • Anonymous

AnonD-661543, 21 May 2017Technology from japan Assembled in chinaI forgot something: the camera sensor is from Japan, not from US not from Korea not from China!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-661543, 21 May 2017Technology from japan Assembled in chinaIPhone: technology of US Assembled at China
Samsung n LG: technology of Korea Assembled at China
Sony: technology of Japan Assembled at China

Is there any problem?

  • AnonD-661543

Anonymous, 01 May 2017Designed in Japan made in China Technology from japan
Assembled in china

  • Anonymous

AnonD-537316, 08 May 2017Crap camera again, this year LG G6 as better one and past y... moreThis time Crap camera should be iPhone 7 Plus, source:

  • AnonD-537316

Crap camera again, this year LG G6 as better one and past year G5 are the best.

  • AnonD-531164

Is it just me, but i found photos from XA1 more appealing.

How to enable Fingerprint Scanner on Xperia XZs US variant Sony G8232

does anyone knows if the new Panorama mode (with increased resolution) is also present for the original XZ?

  • Anonymous

A rash delpiero, 27 Apr 2017Sony Made in JapanDesigned in Japan

made in China

  • Anonymous

Sweeeeeetttt Sony!

  • A rash delpiero

kakouille, 18 Apr 2017So why s7edge has higher dxo scores than xz? Xperia XZ ... moreSony
Made in Japan

  • Anonymous

Android authority published it's review and the said it's one of the best low light performance in a smartphone.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-647217, 23 Apr 2017Images? I don't believe a Xperia X can shoot photos better ... moreAndroidpit made 3 blinds test that had a Xperia.

Test One : Z5 won 43%

#1 Z5 , #2 Moto X Pure, #3 Nexus 6p, # 4 LG G4, #5 S6 ..

Test Two : Z5 won 52% , S6 was second 18%

#1 z5, #2 S6 edge, #3 iphone 6s, #4 s7 edge, #5 xiaomi mi5

Test three : X Performance 38%

#1 X Performance , # 2 Mate 9, # 3 s7 edge, #4 Pixel , #5 htc 10

People say it is bad, overprocessed.... They forget all Z phones shoot 8mp on auto mode.
Then they vote always for Sony...

  • Anonymous

Sweeeeeetttt Sony flagships!!

  • Yogi

By looking at the specs n youtube video reviews , this phone seems to be the Best device offered by Sony.
Pictures and Videos recorded on XZs are much better than S8. By changing screen ratio n useless borderless design doesn't make solid device.
SONY certainly knows what Quality is... .!