Samsung Galaxy S8+ review: Infinity and beyond

18 April 2017
What was once an impossible fantasy - a sketch in someone’s book, a render of an ambitious concept - is now a reality. These are just some thoughts that come to mind holding the Galaxy S8+, the big and bold next step Samsung took.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2019What do you mean by better then s8+S8 plus is best

  • Anonymous

Suja, 07 Nov 2019Better then s8+What do you mean by better then s8+

  • Suja

octopaz, 31 Jan 2019Note 8 goodBetter then s8+

  • Anonymous

I want one

  • Jess

The Best Phone I've Ever Got..Superb Camera...Nice Body Structure...And Specially The Battery...Hoping To Buy A Samsung S10+ ASAP. Keep Up...

  • zeeshan

samsing the best quality

  • octopaz

Curious Benjamin, 06 Jul 2018Should I buy S8+ or Note8?Note 8 good

Rayhan, 06 Nov 2017S8+ is the best for batteryyes

  • Ashu

which phone is better Iphone 8+,Iphone 7,Samsung s8 or samsung s9????please suggest me

  • Curious Benjamin

Should I buy S8+ or Note8?

  • Anonymous

pleas guys which phone is better btn s8+ iphone 7+ and huawei p10+

  • Eski

The review of samsung galaxy s8+ is great and the video of specification is brilliant.

  • Eso

Darsh, 03 Nov 2017Hi..I want to buy a good phone, but confused what to take? S8 ? ... moreBoth Galaxy s8 s8 plus have not good battery life you will need to charge it every night .

  • Rayhan

Darsh, 03 Nov 2017Hi..I want to buy a good phone, but confused what to take? S8 ? ... moreS8+ is the best for battery

  • Darsh

Hi..I want to buy a good phone, but confused what to take? S8 ? S8 plus? can you please suggest..
Need good battery life..

  • Anonymous

Ms. Kanha, 21 Jun 2017Hoelw to take screen shot for sumsing galaxy s8 plusgo in to your smart settings and turn on smart capture then to take a screen shot u just have to swipe your hand across the screen and it will take a screen shot hope this helps

  • Anonymous

brilliant phone

  • AnonD-711412

I'm planning to buy a phone ... But I'm confused which one is better??? Samsung galaxy s8 plus or Samsung Galaxy note s8??? I need someone who will help me???

  • Anonymous

love the phone...

  • M

Got dual sim but NOT actually dual sim. Sim 2 got to share with SD card and can only be used one at a time. Take care if ur looking for real dual sim phone .. dont get s8+