Oppo F3 review: Selfielicious

11 May 2017
A pair of lenses at the front is how Oppo is trying to make good on the "Selfie Expert" claim second generation in a row – and that’s hardly any news for anyone who caught our Oppo F3 Plus review. Now, if the latter was presumably the “better half“ in the pair, the regular Oppo F3 that we’re about to review is the more compact phone, the economy package, so to speak.

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  • Anonymous
  • PSe
  • 03 Jul 2017

Cant maximize the font size. I need a larger font.

    • A
    • Afsana
    • 7kf
    • 30 Jun 2017

    Is that available in silver colour

    If yes then plz let me know coz i wanna that in f3

    I like that colour

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      • Anonymous
      • t7X
      • 24 Jun 2017

      HAZEL ❤, 03 Jun 2017Got my Oppo F3 last Thursday. Tried it immediately when I g... moreAt your question #1

      You might wanna check the dictionary or prediction
      Long press ( a,) left side of the spacebar
      Then turn off

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        • Alice0732
        • XNH
        • 23 Jun 2017

        I have oppo f3 i am going to dubai does it work in dubai

          • D
          • AnonD-678185
          • g}t
          • 18 Jun 2017

          Phone is facing the issue of over heating if charged below 20% of battery. Does anyone has this kind of problem?

            • L
            • Love
            • Kg@
            • 16 Jun 2017

            so it means that we users of oppo f3 meet the struggle of the boring messaging of this phone.and it has no solutions at all becuz even we download messaging apps it keeps on appearing that we must use default messaging...if thats the case im sooooo embarassed..
            what the!!!!!

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              • AnonD-676417
              • wYx
              • 11 Jun 2017

              HAZEL ❤, 03 Jun 2017Got my Oppo F3 last Thursday. Tried it immediately when I g... moreHow is it now?

                • K
                • Kohli
                • Xue
                • 10 Jun 2017

                Nice phone

                  • H
                  • HAZEL ❤
                  • wYx
                  • 03 Jun 2017

                  Got my Oppo F3 last Thursday. Tried it immediately when I got home that night. SO DISSAPOINTED! Here's why:

                  1. The keypad seems to have a mind of its own when typing texts or chatting on Messager or doing anything that involves typing. Example, when you press the space bar once, instead of space, it will type 'yvg'. It creates letters, numbers or functions you did not intend to create. Does the same thing whether you're typing slow or fast.

                  2. The Chrome does not work. I tried to google then pressed the link. Instead of opening the link, it gets back to the main screen. Does the same thing on the google bar on the menu and the Chrome browser.

                  Has anyone had the same experience?

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                    • Anonymous
                    • gMJ
                    • 02 Jun 2017

                    OPPO f3 is best, it supply a nice camera and it is a speedy phone. So I recommend it

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                      • Anonymous
                      • yp1
                      • 31 May 2017

                      Oppo & vivo are selling millions of these crap phones, but sony & htc can't!?? SHAME

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                        • AnonD-671986
                        • w9J
                        • 25 May 2017

                        OPPO F3 is pretty good phone.....such a good speed and such a good specification in that
                        best for camara ever and battary is very good...
                        after sales services really best I will happy with thair customer services.....
                        personally I recommended this phone ......buy a F3 and enjoy ur self....i Love u All OPPO Fans

                          • C
                          • Cristiano Ronaldo
                          • w9J
                          • 25 May 2017

                          Oppo Phones Are pretty Good I recomended it..woow such a very good phone ever
                          ummmmmhhha for oppo Lovers...
                          After sales services pretty good.....nice people in service center

                            • H
                            • Heyyy
                            • 7wp
                            • 15 May 2017

                            Lea , 14 May 2017 I bought oppo f3 today and used it for 2hours i ... moreMaybe your cup or gpu is overheating after 2hrs of gaming. I personally don't recommend oppo as their after sales service is quite bad. They didn't want to repair my camera on my r9s that has focus issues I didn't drop my phone tho. Just restart your device and try not to play for very long. If it gets worst,like keeps making the noise and the whole phone lags,go to oppo service center and get a replacement of the motherboard. Mistakenly your gpu and cup freezes under high load as the gpu and cpu is not that good compared to other mid range phones like the RedMI note series. Mediatek sucks,you should get a snapdragon chipset phone as Mediatek has software update issues and also overheating issues.
                            Hope this helps you

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                              • Oppo F3 buyer
                              • rKw
                              • 15 May 2017

                              It doesnt have fast charging (as in almost all other OPPO mid-range phones)
                              Chipset and Android OS is outdated,No NFC,IR blaster
                              Hence phone is not future proof.
                              Good for next 2 yrs for selfie lovers

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                                • Lea
                                • PSv
                                • 14 May 2017

                                I bought oppo f3 today and used it for 2hours i download mobile legend and played it. After that it he phone freeze while gaming and make loud noise . It doesnt stop. I forced turn off my phone and its gone.

                                Any one had the same issue???
                                Please explain why ?? What happen suddenly no control of the noise and freeze

                                  • D
                                  • AnonD-632062
                                  • J7S
                                  • 13 May 2017

                                  Oppo F3 seems like a "meh" smartphone. Better go for the F3 Plus.

                                    • S
                                    • Sai
                                    • D0H
                                    • 12 May 2017

                                    Nice a fantastic divice oppo f3

                                      • D
                                      • AnonD-621147
                                      • kR3
                                      • 12 May 2017

                                      If only GSM would review the Vivo xplay 6. Maybe even get their hands on that steph curry edition would be killer.

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-661108
                                        • X06
                                        • 12 May 2017

                                        All oppo or poop sure can make good marketing stragety, stand their sales representative in every freaking shop to brain wash customers to buy this piece of crap instead of making a really good device.... Only fools go for these kind of brands