OnePlus 5 review: Doing the math

20 June 2017
Strange that with a name like that OnePlus doesn't know simple addition. Oh well, tetraphobia is real and many product lines avoid the number 4, so it's anything but odd for a Chinese company to skip straight to 5. That, and the 3T was sort of like a 4.

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  • Anonymous
  • 6c1
  • 13 May 2024

Bought it since august 2017. Still no glaring issue except battery life which is as expected because its already nearly 7 years old, and a bit screen burn in at top right where signal and battery percentage are (no burn in at rest of the screen). Still snappy for daily usage and enjoyable as daily driver because of smaller size and light weight.

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    • Milo
    • L2s
    • 16 Aug 2022

    Bought it July 2017 and stil working perfectly since day 1. Only the battery performance after five years is weaker (lasts little more than one day). Definitely my next one will be OnePlus again.

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      • Marikar
      • C9n
      • 28 Mar 2022

      Touch pad not working. Need to sell this

        When I bought my oneplus 5 it was cracked in the top left and I dropped it and had to pay £70 for the replacement led screen. Since then the screen is not very good as I have to press it a few times to get it to work and the Bluetooth range is very short. Other than that it's a very good phone and I would like to buy the new one when it is released

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          • Metfone
          • ITj
          • 24 Apr 2019

          SohailSays, 20 Jun 2017Lmao GSMArena, you guys were so quick to review iPlus 5! LTE

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            • Hkv
            • 28 Jun 2018

            Dear I got one plus mobile on 27October 2017 fro Amazon but compared to 2gb ram mobile best one 2gb ram Mobil.
            Very very worested in the world I told cust support he told simply u have bill or on line purchasing slip but why give IMEI number.
            Any open net social network also didn't open
            Didn't open what's up videos also company is number one wrest service in the woeld.
            While Sys updating very very very slowly downloading software why company is opened froad company in the world one plus this is equlant to (Vijay malya,)
            Pls pls change one plus froad activities in futures.

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              • AnonD-477126
              • P@9
              • 18 May 2018

              I have been using it since Nov 2017. With the price I paid for 8GB RAM and 125G storage, i really can't complain, anyway, I likes the speed/functions and sleek design. Battery life is equally impressive. I used it on FB, whats app, games and emails. So far so good. Cheers!

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                • r3H
                • 01 Mar 2018

                That is a very good work keep it up am bishop sunday.

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                  • AnonD-465862
                  • gG}
                  • 03 Feb 2018

                  I've been using this phone for a few months now and am very happy with it. Good battery life, no lag, excellent sound, really responsive fingerprint scanner and dashed good touch/display. One flaw though is that the back is REALLY slippery. You really need the sandstone back cover to be able to use it properly. Without that it just keep slipping out of your hand like a wet eel.

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                    • AnonD-722103
                    • d%{
                    • 12 Dec 2017

                    I have an idea: here it is for free. An optical magnification for camera, placed inside telephone, taking some space on the top of the phone - it will have multiple lenses, as telescope (of course, miniature dimension), and everything will goes through the real mirror (instead of visible lens at the back of the phone). IN this case, optical magnification could be...just imagine. Your welcome.

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                      • ashish
                      • bEN
                      • 13 Nov 2017

                      phone does not have fm radio and inbuild music player. common guys this is basic function which must have enabled in this phone.

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                        • ravi
                        • uuU
                        • 10 Nov 2017

                        hi guys
                        i bought oneplus5 with lot of enthusiasm ... few features like creating album, copying or moving pic/videos/files option is not available... is it that i am unable to or a limitation of software.... similarly when i set ringtone of my choice other than default tones it doesnt take... the default ringtone gets played .. it overrides my selection?
                        can anyone help me.. if i am wrong

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                          • Ketan Patel
                          • fCE
                          • 10 Nov 2017

                          Best phone because we always click pick and look like high DSLR camera type pics and high speed phone best slim body so I like phone

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                            • AnonD-58993
                            • KiK
                            • 10 Nov 2017

                            For God sake you won't notice any difference in sharpness >400 ppi density..
                            why asking for QHD screen?

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                              • Anonymous
                              • IVK
                              • 08 Nov 2017

                              AnonD-711223, 28 Oct 2017This phone is perfect for me except no QHD screen. Why oh why!Better batt life. That's why.

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                                • imjp
                                • MnQ
                                • 07 Nov 2017

                                They fixed the jelly effect or not yet?

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                                  • AnonD-67138
                                  • Ks{
                                  • 31 Oct 2017

                                  Câmera very, very poor.If camera don't is a problem, OP5 is a good choice.

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                                    • AnonD-711223
                                    • uiI
                                    • 28 Oct 2017

                                    This phone is perfect for me except no QHD screen. Why oh why!

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                                      • Bryan
                                      • wib
                                      • 16 Oct 2017

                                      Very helpful review, but I didn't notice any data on antenna receiving strength, which is a consideration for me. Did I miss it or is it such a non issue to most that no one even compares that aspect?

                                        Muhammad Fadhli, 30 Sep 2017Where i can get the real Global version 8/128gb this Oneplu...