Honor 9 review: Light catcher

07 July 2017
It's Honor's turn now - the time to wave Leica's license fees goodbye and welcome the annual Huawei P flagship on a bargain price. The Honor 9 is shinier, arguably more powerful, and above all - way more affordable. And Honor 9 is not just a P10 for the masses, it's also a OnePlus 5 killer. The bar is high, the expectations - big, and this review has just started.

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  • Aizik

Paddie, 05 Apr 2018I actually find the battery life very good. Far better than... moreIt is really amazing, battery life is way better compare to other phones with similar capacity.

  • Aizik

I truly salute the Huawei Honor for this phone..., aside all the superb features for an affordable phone like this; the 5.15 screen display is my most referneced feature. Camera is Super, Kirin 960 chipset, 6GB RAM... i just love this phone. i own one since december 2017 4GB RAM version, changing but the same phone (6GB RAM version).

  • Zyasin

Is it cat 6 or cat 12? Because some other websites say that it has cat6

  • Bogdan

My Honor 9 is amazing 😁

  • Honor 9 user

I've had this phone for months now and i LOVE the camera. Everything with this phone is really good. Ive seen a few comments that the battery is bad and this is NOT TRUE at all for me. I moved from an oukitel k6000 plus which a 6000mah battery to this phone battery which i was scared about ( obviously a huge difference in mah) but I actually havent noticed much of a difference. I love this phone and if you are thinking about getting it just do it!!!!

  • Anonymous

Fp sensor should be on the back like the honor 8 but the rest of the phone is impressive.

  • Paddie

AnonD-689280, 05 Mar 2018This phone isn't worth the money, the battery life is horri... moreI actually find the battery life very good. Far better than my previous Sony Xperia XZ and on par with my Samsung Galaxy S7.

  • AnonD-689280

This phone isn't worth the money, the battery life is horrible,HORRIBLE.

  • Heshus

I had honor 6 plus its was very good, however it had problems in signal reception. Was that an issue in these phones because i read a couple of comments about the same back then, is this an issue in new models such as honor 9

Honor 9 use ufs2.1 or emmc?
Reference UFS 2.1>UFS 2.0>eMMC 5.1

  • Anonymous

Looks so much like a GS7. Cover the rear and the front sensor/camera areas and the only differences are chamfered edges and subtle texturing on the back.

  • ZloiYuri

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2017OP5 have better camera then Honor 9. You can check gsmarena... moreOp5 have not that bad camera, but it's way worst than Honor 9 have. You can check real-life pics searching, for example, Google. High iso on op is bad thing.

  • Anonymous

ZloiYuri, 12 Jul 2017Better camera, better warranty, better availability, sd car... moreOP5 have better camera then Honor 9. You can check gsmarena photo compare tool to see the difference: OP5 capture more details.
Honor 9 - better design, but OP5 - better materials.
And definitely OP5 has much better software out of the box, and that is not taking community support into account.

Everything else is true.
Plus Honor 9 smaller, and should have crispier screen.

  • Anonymous

Dual cam looks Strange, like someone peeping or look at on people.

  • Anonymous

I hope it comes to North America!!!

  • ZloiYuri

Anonymous, 12 Jul 2017so...less memory than 1+5, less processor, less screen for ... moreBetter camera, better warranty, better availability, sd card support, better design, better software - for 80€ less. 1+5 is out of inrerest.

  • Anonymous

so...less memory than 1+5, less processor, less screen for 80€ less

so imo the same...I do not really get the 1+5 bashing...

  • Lao

Incredibly low quality photos in the night. Of course, when you have a 2.2 main camera and 1.9 secondary camera. Why, why, why?!

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2017nice phone, but that fingerprintscanner is horrid. Sam and ... moreI Feel You. I Really Hated That Kind of Home Button

  • Anonymous

Why not the dual camera design in the word "honor", I mean the double "o" can be the dual camera, otherwise dual camera is really ugly to me.