ZTE Nubia Z17 review: Driven by ambition

13 July 2017
Getting a new Nubia device is always a different experience for us. It’s never been an overwhelmingly delightful or agonizingly poor first encounter, but always a pretty daunting one to wrap your head around. Bold and distinct design, high-end hardware at a bargain price, original screen gestures - these have always been a prominent part of the package ever since the Nubia Z9.

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  • 10basetom

FYI the Z17 6GB/64GB model can be had for $390 on importer sites now.

  • Anonymous

Why don't they make camera comparisons with this phone? The samples are really nice. Nicer than the G6, S8, iPhone 7, etc.

  • Ivo001

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2017no having a 3.5mm headphone jack only makes life harder for... moreApple wasn't first. I think that was the LeEco Le Max 2

  • ivo001

AnonD-167695, 15 Jul 2017im stop reading the review at No microSD slot No 3.5mm jack 1. Choose one with big storage.
2. Use Bluetooth headphones or the usb type c adapter and enjoy the quality of analog sound.

  • AnonD-521154

You know what's funny. I came here looking for a phone without OIS. DJI's OSMO doesn't work great with it atm because of OIS. I wish they found ways to disable it. OSMO is better with Iphone6

Nubia Mobile was a subsidiary of ZTE Mobile Corporation. It announced the formation of Nubian technology co., LTD on June 9, 2015 and has not been a ZTE brand since.

  • AnonD-167695

im stop reading the review at

No microSD slot
No 3.5mm jack

  • mike

Nubia is a special brand and very exotic in Europe, but havin a nice experience with Z7, Z9, Z11 and Z11 Max i would consider it any day. Their interface is a bit outdated and cartoonish, but overall the build, the performance and the camera were top notch on the models i had. The battery was pretty good also.
Now having mi6 in that price range, i would probably go with that, but i respect ZTE's top of the line Nubias and Axons. Decent and unique offerings on the market. Not for everyone:)

  • Anonymous

no having a 3.5mm headphone jack only makes life harder for music lover or even normal people. apple calls it the revolution and next things all this chinese makers followed what apple did.

  • Mumbai-Indians

So disappointed with Z17.

Why audia quality is so bad even though it has fancy Dolby DTS. Also its speaker output is average.

Was eagerly waiting for its review to buy over OP5.

Lest see what's Axon 8 will offer.

  • ZloiYuri

Kd10, 14 Jul 2017No OIS & no EIS? So, absolutely no stabilization? Massi... moreOP5 has no OIS too, but people here mostly don't care thic sad fact. Byt hype around that iPhonish copycat with lot of cheats still too high.

  • Anonymous

Kd10, 14 Jul 2017No OIS & no EIS? So, absolutely no stabilization? Massi... moreSince when water-resistance become "especially" big thing?!
Just a year or year and a half ago,only Sony offered it as a defining feature,and all of you still were buying other brands and you were mum on the matter!I dont remember it was a fuse back than... but now since Apple and Sammy offered it,it must be something "especially" huh?

No OIS & no EIS? So, absolutely no stabilization? Massive fail on top of the other shortcomings, especially no water resistance.

  • Anonymous

Nubia Z17 in EX Machina hands
No micro SD card slot! You should now this matter:
Pixels with good experiences/experiments Are available
One word! If my smartphone has not card slot situation it is: I won't buy Z17 and I'll buy Google Pixel XL2...
Up there is easy to understand but Chinese bros, much much like that: fruit LOGO

  • harwey

Very nice,way too expensive,they should have take Axon 7 excellent display instead this cheap lcd..still,my mi6 is way better phone,so is +5,for way less money..

Random_guy, 13 Jul 2017No ingress protection No microSD slot No stereo speakers ... moreAnd much lower price tag

  • RyGuy

I'll never understand the sunlight contrast measurements. The Axon 7 scored super high and was damn near impossible to see outside.

  • AnonD-473228

nubia:no 3.5mm jack
me:no thanks

  • AnonD-370803

No words regarding waterproofing !!?? Advertisement says it's waterproof

  • AnonD-632062

The ZTE Nubia does have some important shortcomings:
No ingress protection
No microSD slot
No 3.5mm jack
Weird (translated) English UI

But on the other hand, it does have a good battery life. And despite the bloat-filled software, it seems like a chart topper when it comes to performance (although the lack of the Exynos S8 in the charts is suspicious). IR blaster is a good increasingly-rare addition. And what unique and rich camera features (even beats the P10's feature-set)! And the camera itself is pretty good with very low noise, even in dark conditions. All in all, it's a very interesting 2017 flagship & definitely one of the most affordable ones too.

BTW the Cloud music service is labelled Xiami (note the missing "o"). Are you sure it's the same as Xiaomi?