Nokia 5 review: Numb3r5 don't lie

21 July 2017
Part of the original trio announced in the spring to mark Nokia return to making phones, the Nokia 5 occupies the middle ground between the basic 3 and the slightly fancier 6.

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  • Floki

Jab, 24 Jul 2017Finally a full review of the 5 by the team its also good that i ... moreDelays?
I was looking for Nokia 5 ! Has delays in normal use or in games ?

  • Anonymous

I have had one for 15 months. It is seriously low on RAM due to the Android updates and running poorly. I can't remove anything else from the phone to make it perform better. Regret this purchase as it is practically a brick now and all other phones I have been usable for YEARS longer.

For a phone that on release was sub £200 , it feels premium , the weight is right , the Matt back may harp back to less shiny times but in fact aids with the every day use of the phone , I remember the weird ways I used to hold my s8+ because it felt slippy in the hand . It's a slim phone , comes as standard with 16gb memory but is hampered by 7.1gb of that taken up by Android , so you'll want a SD memory card. There is no USBC charging . It has a headphone jack 3.5mm the screen is clear and bright , but colours could have a bit more punch if I'm being overly critical . It does everything well if not ultra rapid , that's not to say it is slow or sluggish in any way .. it performs well . Android pie ... Yup ... The latest version of Android is running on this device , It's camera is good enough for general snapping , it won't blow you away , but neither do most lower end devices. Currently available second hand from around £70-£90 , it is a very worthwhile purchase , and would opt for it over a Moto g4 (second hand value similar) It's less plasticky feeling, it operates better imo and the confidence that Nokia is keeping its lower end devices completely up to date is a winner for me in this cheap second hand market . At its price point it's definitely a four out of five 🌟 . It's fingerprint sensor ( Yes you get that too) is very good and puts some much bigger brands to shame .. Yes Samsung I'm talking about you from s6 to s9 those scanners have been poor ! . A well done Nokia .. lost faith in the brand with all the windows os phones ,.. My faith is being restored and will definitely consider a more flagshiip Nokia in the future where as before I would not have considered them !

  • Conseil

I also have Nokia 5 and the front camera isn't the way you showing it . It is so blurry and bad

  • bal

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2018The phone is very good , very efficient except for the phone got... moreBro, i have a nokia 5 phone&same problem as u said- overheating issue, is there any solution for this problem.&u find any other problems like display issues.

  • Anonymous

Nokia forever, I brought one Nokia 5 phone on 2017 September , more than 22 times it fall down from my hand nothing happened, two times fall down in fully dipped in water I took out suddenly and keep for drying 3 days after working again , nothing happened to the phone, I never had such an amazing phone , never hang since one year 3 months , still working with good function, Nokia is a real phone ever


storage is the problem why it refuses to store on sd card but only on internal storage this is bad about my nokia 5 please help me out here .

  • Ramchari

So sweet Nokia 5 phone

  • Anonymous

This phone looks great but it is utter utter terrible.
Network reception is almost non existent, it is constantly loosing the network.
Also it is loosing WiFi connection or messages are not sent or received after 1 day.
Maybe I got a broken one but really disappointing.

  • Any

Minimize button not working again.

  • Anonymous

The phone is very good , very efficient except for the phone got heated almost all the time if u use for a bit or when charging.

  • The Great Father

Phone is pretty good and built is superior.. phone is tough so you can say nokia has created a beast

  • perd

Finger unlock almost never works

  • AnonD-757736

Very good phone on this range and os exilent android 8.1.0 size to good but camera neec to improment battery backup fast charging and build very good

  • Mashy

This on the overall is a very good phone. The issue is the touch panel at the bottom which is finicky and mine is not working at all. A couple of days buying the phone. Im running an auto hide navigation app to use it now. Besides that everything is cool.

  • AnonD-16137

Really Nice Phone, original Android Software, Camera need lot of Improvement, but overall phone look is great, and Performance is good.

  • rahul

buying this phone in 11k or 12 k for 3 gb varient is foolishnes , phones built quality is good by looking, but poor battery back up 3000 mah battery drains so faster when remaining 25%,, camrea could better in this range

  • Monsur.doyal

Chenge my update
I need old version help me please thank you

  • dpk

Mitish, 08 Oct 2017Very nice phone..its my 5 week with nokia problem at all t... moreits not my comment,its a question is there call waiting facility available or not plz rply

  • Wasim khsn

I bought nokia 5 last week there is alots of problum while open a download app like mx player ,share it , whats app,Etc .
This phone is rubbish and too much hanging problum and very slow working
I feel like my money west and i never operate this type of phone before so total money west .