Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) review: Just the job

4 August 2017
Segmentation at its finest in the Samsung smartphone lineup. That's how we have the entire alphabet of series with a handful of models in each of them. Near the bottom of the food chain, which is in no way sorted alphabetically the hugely successful J series is the place to get good value for money and the Galaxy J5 (2017) is ready to oblige.

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  • Dejvis Rama
  • xpf
  • 26 Mar 2023

I have this phone but doesn't have a screen because it fell on the ground and got black screen but im gonna fix it.

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    • Ajie
    • Nue
    • 04 Mar 2021

    MarcoTronci, 15 Oct 2020What a phone this was. I loved it to pieces. The performanc... moreThe is sweet and very good

      What a phone this was. I loved it to pieces. The performance and amoled display was great.

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        • Tadie
        • 0wq
        • 12 Aug 2020

        I loved this phone, the cam is real good, sadly mine died but i feel like getting it again

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          • hert
          • ube
          • 25 Oct 2018

          Anonymous, 02 Sep 2018which is good for me (im 14 years old) samsung j5 pro (201... moreNone dear , you are too young to own a phone. Do opt for a button phone though.

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            • Anonymous
            • SbF
            • 02 Sep 2018

            which is good for me (im 14 years old) samsung j5 pro (2017) or huawei p10 lite

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              • Anonymous
              • sf8
              • 22 May 2018

              I just got this phone for 160€ and I am impressed so far. Fingerprint scanner is super fast! The screen resolution is not up to date but you don't really need more in daily use. Actually I think the screen is better than the ones in A3 or Note 8 cause it does not flicker as strong. I would never buy a Note 8 cause of that.
              The only thing I'm not sure about is the camera. In really low light the noise reduction is much too aggressive. I compared to my old A3 2016 and the A3 looks more detailed and clear. In better light I think the J5 wins.
              The phone looks great in gold!

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                • Growler
                • mHh
                • 05 Mar 2018

                Is this j7 a sim free phone or what!!! No mention of it. Apart from google saying it is.

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                  • mahmen
                  • P@Y
                  • 07 Jan 2018

                  Lalit Lara, 04 Aug 2017I dont think show this is good fonyeah! this is not actually a good fon because that is not a fon it's phone (peaceyow:))

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                    • AnonD-440159
                    • Q{p
                    • 18 Nov 2017

                    The sound enhancement, "UHQ sound resolution enhancer", on galaxy J5 and s8 sucks big time. I returned a galaxy s8 because the sound on headphones was ridiculously flat, unexciting, with a funny gentle baseline. My huawei honor 8 has DTS sound enhancement which beats the crap out of samsung's UHQ.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • L8f
                      • 29 Sep 2017

                      DD C, 26 Sep 2017Notification led available or notno

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                        • DD C
                        • 7k7
                        • 26 Sep 2017

                        Notification led available or not

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                          • Anonymous
                          • LaT
                          • 20 Sep 2017

                          AnonD-669148, 06 Aug 20175.2" 720p PenTile, and not even Gorilla Glass 3, screen is ... moreWell, mine is fine. No scratches and marks and the glass is smooth with a good hardness to it too. Just because it's not Gorilla Glass doesn't mean it's crap. There are tons of other types of glass which can as good if not better. Aminosilicate glass used on some Huawei phones is good hard glass. Gorilla Glass is breakable just like any other. Think you need to get out more

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                            • littlestewie
                            • Jia
                            • 17 Sep 2017

                            Which one has better cameras? A3 (2017) or J5 (2017)?

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                              • AnonD-697135
                              • Nv$
                              • 03 Sep 2017

                              I like the phone but can it be delivered to Africa (Uganda)

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                                • Anonymous
                                • fC$
                                • 22 Aug 2017

                                Anonymous, 10 Aug 2017I dont have a lot of money, but never will I buy a low end ... moreAgreed but sometimes it can happen otherwise . Look at what happened to note 7 . I bought an A series phone from Samsung ( which is mid range between flagship and budget ) to replace my j series phone and sadly j series was more reliable in connectivity . The particular model I bought had some WiFi and mobile data connectivity issues ( maybe because of software ) . But overall yes premium phones give great experience which budget phones fail to

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                                  • AnonD-693912
                                  • F4a
                                  • 22 Aug 2017

                                  Where can i get one seriously?

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • S0W
                                    • 14 Aug 2017

                                    Anonymous, 10 Aug 2017I dont have a lot of money, but never will I buy a low end ... moreWith these specs I guess the phone will last well for 3 years

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 04H
                                      • 10 Aug 2017

                                      I dont have a lot of money, but never will I buy a low end phone again. I rather save up for 3 years and buy flagship every 3 years.. low end phones are a nightmare to use

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • S0W
                                        • 10 Aug 2017

                                        Anonymous, 10 Aug 2017I didn't get the part about the notification led. Does it h... moreI see now... there's a led but used for flash... Can't you make it as notifier?

                                        I was planning to buy the J5 but thankfully I've read this and I'll now have to buy J7...