Xiaomi Mi Max 2 review: Gentler Giant

18 August 2017
You can tell right away that Xiaomi didnít go low-key at all with the Mi Max 2 design. Typically, a phone of this size should be careful not to call attention to itself for the wrong reasons and we think Xiaomi nailed the subtle and tasteful exterior: an all-metal body, trendy antenna inlays, 2.5D front glass. On the inside, the Mi Max 2 has a new camera sensor, a new processor, more RAM and the highlight of it all - a huge battery that this time around is capable of fast charging.

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  • AppleBunn

Yoga Ghana, 14 Oct 2018Its a sweet phone.But wandering if its a grade A phone like Sams... moreObviously not, even with its promising specs like 4gb of ram and octa core it starts to slow over time. I mean it works ok except it's downfall is it's huge size, you would have thought a phone this size would be great well try walking around with it and you will understand why so many of them end up on eBay.

  • mimax2 owner

Yoga Ghana, 14 Oct 2018Its a sweet phone.But wandering if its a grade A phone like Sams... moreWhat do u mean? It's still good after using it for 2 years

  • Yoga Ghana

Its a sweet phone.But wandering if its a grade A phone like Samsung or Iphone and not a grade 2 handset

  • kuma

wifi connection error for gamimg

  • Miz

I am interested in buying this phone. However, I am wondering if anyone had problems with the malicious apps and adwares? I am currently using Xiaomi Redmi note 3 pro. It was fine for a week, then I had to battle with those pop up ads and unauthorized self installed apps for a while. Still having the same problem ever now and then. Really want to hear honest feedback regarding to this issue.

  • Subramanian

miss an, 04 Oct 2017price..INR.13999 in amazon

  • Olomier

I'm surely enjoying the use of MI Max 2 it's has everything great.. I have one problem with it that it battery capacity is very large but when it only reaches 50% it's off. And I had thought of changing battery but in Africa there is no where I could find its spear considering I'm in Tanzania.. I was requesting if there is possibility of having its spear battery and also I wanna be agent of Xiaomi in Tanzania since every one loves this phone but there is no means of having it in here.. Thank you in Advance

  • SUFI

xmm2 is an extra powerful device for wide screen lover infact phone size little bit over so its not handy phone and overall not really good experience with xmm2

  • Anonymous

network problem

  • Quarterback44

oioisaveloy, 27 Oct 2017Why does GSMArena always ignore the Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra. Would ... moreYour saying the Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra is a good alternative to a Mi Max, that I can't quite argue. But I hope you realize nobody really does that because their unit prices are not on the same level. Mi Max 2 sells for USD260, a Zen Phone 3 for USD500. So you should expect the Zen Phone will come with a better hardware and consequently, a superior performance.

Incidentally, GSMArena also happen to "ignore" (as you termed it), the Xiaomi Note 3 which happen to be a good challenger to your Zenfone 3 as they are closer in price, with the Note 3 being about UDS100 cheaper. Surprisingly, despite being cheaper, the Note 3 is the better phone specs and performance wise.

  • sks

AnonD-696906, 02 Sep 2017Should i get this one or Moto G5S+ ? Please help! I even consi... moreMI MAX 2 is far better

  • Omid46

My dearest friends.GsmArena,s review is complete.Nevertheless it is still a lovely phablet smartphone. But I still don't know anything about its OS upgrade to android 7 or 8 .It is very well with respect to the affordable price!Hopefully Xiaomi wins the hearts of all of its product user with more and most complete flawless smartdevices....Thanks mentioned names...

  • Zahid

Dom_83, 23 Oct 2017I've heard that headset audio output is low is that true Yes it's true. Cheap quality output in headphone.

  • sher puttar

Few questions please ? anyone ? :-
1. Has anyone played "world of tanks" blitz on Max 2 yet, need to know if any issues with performance there?
2. Does it have the option to "zoom in" while the video is playing?
3. How good is the music player?

  • elton

missing nfc, a must for smartphone to support android pay

  • Hassan

Mi Max2, a phone with nice screen & very good performance, and on top of all


The one & only phone in market that really met the "2 days battery life" claim for real life heavy usage 👍👍👍

  • Zoel md

I've changed my phone from redmi note 2 to Mi Max 2 just a week ago and WOWWW... this is a real SURPRISED!! Great speaker suitable for gaming experience and movies fanatic, Awesome battery life, Nice big display, Premium metal build quality, Huge storage and RAM, No overheating, quick charged, call recording feature is great quality in both side, I'm really like it and what is most important is value for money, you can't get these great specs and their quality from the other manufacturers with this XIAOMI MI MAX 2 priced bro!

  • harish

Just today i bought the mi max 2. Ok I have a good knowledge about phones since from 10 years.This is my genuine review.

*Touch is gorilla glass 3. So it is scratch resistant.
*Display is very good.Deep blacks and very good colours.Better than redmi note 4. I have redmi note 4 too and it's display is as good as 18000 vivo and oppo.
*SD 625 doesn't heats up while using and charging.Phone remains normal all the time.
*Have Quick charging without heating
*Dual stereo speakers are loud but audio quality is good but not as great as iphone bcos it's due to the software i think.
*Sony IMX 386. The same Camera you see in Mi 6. Rear Camera is excellent at daylight but normal at low light.
Front Camera is also very good.I recommend you to use them at daytime outside.
*Battery backup is great and no more to say.
*Full metal and quality is excellent.
Overall it's only 14000. 4000 more than redmi note 4.
But you get all premium features comparing to my redmi note 4.

  • Shravankumar a

Is it volte support ?
Please reply faast

  • oioisaveloy

Why does GSMArena always ignore the Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra. Would be a good alternative to the above, or the Mi Mix. It's a great phone...