LG V30 review: All screen

13 September 2017
The V-series of phablets was conceived as a novel take on the phablet with a secondary ticker display. Well, that lasted for two product cycles, and the secondary screen is no more. Instead, the LG V30 is all screen.

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  • 04 Aug 2022

thierrry94500, 08 Oct 20202020, incredible but true, the V30 has a better camera than... moreThats a lie mate. When it comes to camera and sound, v60 is the best LG has ever made

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    • Gabi
    • kn0
    • 17 Apr 2022

    I love the "snap movie" feature on LG V30. Sadly the LG V40 thru LG V60 does not have it.

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      • Paul
      • BnI
      • 19 Dec 2021

      javo-o, 23 Nov 2020V30 does not do thatYeah agree I have one and the battery of v30 was horrible

        the best affordable smartphone ever will be

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          • AnonD-1016845
          • Ibx
          • 05 Sep 2021

          I've had the V-30 for 3 years now and still love it for the Quad DAC and 3.5 mm jack to run my 80 ohm Beyerdynamic headphones, the ultra wide-angle camera, albeit fixed focus (weren't many options for that 3 years ago, now everyone's offering it) and the SD card slot. Don't take selfies so don't care if it's week. The speaker is not great but don't use it much. The screen has been great although not as bright as some and a little tough to see in bright sunlight. Durability has been great as well, but I've always had a tech 21 case on it. I really don't understand why anyone would have a cellphone without a case on it. Even I have dropped my phone a couple of times in 3 years. If anyone knows of another phone with micro SD slot, a better camera, headphone jack, 32-bit audio (24-bit recording) for $600 or less let me know...this thing can't last forever.

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            • javo-o
            • 00$
            • 23 Nov 2020

            AnonD-392500, 23 Oct 2017A good phone until it bootloops.V30 does not do that

              2020, incredible but true, the V30 has a better camera than the V60 !

                Top notch device. Not a single problem with it maybe except the mediocre selfie camera

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                  • jmoney
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                  • 08 Sep 2020

                  Still rocking the v30! An absolutly fantastic phone. Other than the front facing camera (which I dont use anyways), it is a fantastic phone. Saw some people complain about its physical integrity but I haven't had any problems with it and it seems up to par with other devices from its age in this regard. A true beast of a phone.

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                    • Mm2kg
                    • XV6
                    • 20 Aug 2020

                    It is fabulous device and love it. It never lagged in any of application in two years ownership. However my use has not been rigrous. Great music device...
                    Screen is great...

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                      • m5H
                      • 25 Feb 2020

                      Still rocking my V30+ Must have got lucky because my display is superb. None of the problems reported with the earlier model. Superb clarity and colour balance.
                      Performance isn't as buttery smooth as today's phone but that's to be expected. Still fit for web browsing, messaging apps etc. Solid battery life, super fast charging and ofc the headphone jack!

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                        • 01 Feb 2020

                        akamohanty, 16 Sep 2019V 30+ finally gets Android Pie through LG Bridge now in Ind... moreI'm still waiting here in the U.S.

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                          • 18 Nov 2019

                          Mel , 27 Jan 2019I bought LG V30 primarily for its so called durability. I g... moreThe LG V30 is a very well built phone and easy to repair too. Lookup JerryRig testing it. It obviously has a glass back, so a protector for the back or a book case will make it virtually indestructible. MIL-STD-810G is not a joke. My V30 is still going strong. SXS you failed to put protection on and i believe the phone does fly often out of your hands too it seems.

                            V 30+ finally gets Android Pie through LG Bridge now in India. Really it has been a long and frustrating wait.

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                              • Dutch guy
                              • mV9
                              • 28 Jul 2019

                              a, 07 Jul 2019is Lg v30+ worth it in 2019?Apart from no more software updates so being locked in Android 8, absolutely. It's the best screen and audio jack you can get for the price.

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                                • 07 Jul 2019

                                is Lg v30+ worth it in 2019?

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                                  • 20 May 2019

                                  I love this phone. 27 hours with light usage and 72% battery left.

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                                    • 28 Mar 2019

                                    Mel , 27 Jan 2019I bought LG V30 primarily for its so called durability. I g... moreIf the phone is made of glass what would you expect???

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                                      • 28 Feb 2019

                                      fem, 27 Sep 2018does this have fm recording like on my korean lg g6there is a native fm radio app. Download it and you are ready to go.

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                                        • Mel
                                        • sxs
                                        • 27 Jan 2019

                                        I bought LG V30 primarily for its so called durability. I got so impressed when i saw the sales clerk banging the phone on a table top. Wow!!! That is the exact phone i am looking for!!! Or so I thought when i decided with the purchase. The guy was also bragging about some so called MIT test. What ever it is. But sadly and more disappointingly, after a few jump and drop the edges started to crack. What happened to the durability the v30 was bragging about. I dont change my phone often, i'd like it to service me long enough or 3 years atleast. But the v30 has only been 6 months with me and yet it looks like its going to retire soon, such a disappointment. I wonder if LG can warrant for cracks that cause by dropping the phone. Because as far as i understand with the review and descriptions they have on this particular model, they are making consumer beleive that it is durable. What happened in the test? Are they fake test so as to increase popularity and value of the phone... V30 does not come cheap. Yet as i have earlier mentioned it did not meet with the review ive just read.