LG V30 review: All screen

13 September 2017
The V-series of phablets was conceived as a novel take on the phablet with a secondary ticker display. Well, that lasted for two product cycles, and the secondary screen is no more. Instead, the LG V30 is all screen.

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V 30+ finally gets Android Pie through LG Bridge now in India. Really it has been a long and frustrating wait.

  • Dutch guy

a, 07 Jul 2019is Lg v30+ worth it in 2019?Apart from no more software updates so being locked in Android 8, absolutely. It's the best screen and audio jack you can get for the price.

  • a

is Lg v30+ worth it in 2019?

  • berto

I love this phone. 27 hours with light usage and 72% battery left.

  • Peddyroy

Mel , 27 Jan 2019I bought LG V30 primarily for its so called durability. I got so... moreIf the phone is made of glass what would you expect???

  • v

fem, 27 Sep 2018does this have fm recording like on my korean lg g6there is a native fm radio app. Download it and you are ready to go.

  • Mel

I bought LG V30 primarily for its so called durability. I got so impressed when i saw the sales clerk banging the phone on a table top. Wow!!! That is the exact phone i am looking for!!! Or so I thought when i decided with the purchase. The guy was also bragging about some so called MIT test. What ever it is. But sadly and more disappointingly, after a few jump and drop the edges started to crack. What happened to the durability the v30 was bragging about. I dont change my phone often, i'd like it to service me long enough or 3 years atleast. But the v30 has only been 6 months with me and yet it looks like its going to retire soon, such a disappointment. I wonder if LG can warrant for cracks that cause by dropping the phone. Because as far as i understand with the review and descriptions they have on this particular model, they are making consumer beleive that it is durable. What happened in the test? Are they fake test so as to increase popularity and value of the phone... V30 does not come cheap. Yet as i have earlier mentioned it did not meet with the review ive just read.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-392500, 23 Oct 2017A good phone until it bootloops.every phone brand has units that bootloops, don't come clean on whatever the brand of your unit is

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2017Your reply just makes you look like a fanboy that was itching to... moreDo you own one? 4 g of rams is enough on this phone. Runs smoothly. Btw look at Iphone only 3 g ram and way overpriced fore a mediocore phone: no jack stick. No memory card. Fast charger not in the box.

AnonD-392500, 23 Oct 2017A good phone until it bootloops.Not on my device.

Buxz777 , 11 Feb 2018Best phone released in 2017 and I bet it is still one of the bes... moreThe phone is a beast. Camera very good.Selfies bad, but I dont care, never use it. Battery last a day and a half. (No game playing) speaker okay. Plug in a headphone and get a new sound experince. :-)All in all a smooth exeperince. Never regret the buy.

does this have fm recording like on my korean lg g6

LG Should give to some software updates in order to fix front camera quality issues. it takes awful selfie pictures.. at this price it shuld be able to take a good clarity selfie pictures but in real even 10 k mobiles takes better selfie images than LG V30.

  • Ndm

Finally I got the best smartphone with all my needs. Battery life is awesome compared to any other smartphone at this range.

AnonD-696670, 12 Oct 2017Does the battery test use the default screen resolution(4K)? If... morethis phone has QHD display and not the UHD one

  • Anonymous

AnonD-739827, 24 Feb 2018Agreed. This is my first LG phone and I just wish I'd tried them... moreWay more than that... as long as were talking USD

  • Magpies

What's the game she was playing?

  • AnonD-739827

Buxz777 , 11 Feb 2018Best phone released in 2017 and I bet it is still one of the bes... moreAgreed. This is my first LG phone and I just wish I'd tried them before. I got really lucky I think and pick a brand new one up in Vietnam for $250, it's legitimate to, so I was really chuffed. I think. Any idea what these are worth in the UK or the states?
Anyway the phone is amazing. Especially the sound, as a sound engineer it's a double bonus for me. I haven't ever found a device to match it. Unfairly underrated.

  • Buxz777

Best phone released in 2017 and I bet it is still one of the best in late 2018...lg made a winner here it's just a shame they don't market them like Samsung do

I sold my s8 and bought the LG v30 it has a better camera set up for stills... Better video recording.... Better military grade materials.... Better audio recording... Better battery life.... Awesome screen... The audio output is literally like 20x better than the s8

Why people buy the s8 over the LG is beyond me... Best phone I've ever owned

  • AnonD-184992

Well, the phone looks great with cool specs. In general, the LG phones are good. But, their after sales service is something which leaves you wanting more. look at how LG handled the issue of "Bootloop" that affected many of their phones including the Google - LG Nexus 5X. Inspite of acknowledging that it is a defect in the phone, LG is charging for the motherboard replacement cost from customers to fix this issue. The lame excuse they give is that the phone is out of warranty so the customer have to pay up for the motherboard replacement cost. This is just not expected from a company like LG.