Google Pixel 2 XL review

30 October 2017
Google has come a long way since the days of Nexus smartphones. This is only the second iteration of the Google Pixel and it shows how much Google’s software and hardware have evolved in the past year. Both Pixel smartphones got a refined, yet simpler appearance. This review is specifically for the larger Pixel 2 XL. We’ll be reviewing the smaller Pixel 2, separately.

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  • droptheb

The best Android phone I have ever had

  • Weekend

DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE had this phone 2 times both devices has network antenna break

  • Anonymous

Excellent phone for $150 in 2020 renewed on Amazon. Has Sony’s LDAC codec.

  • Anonymous

Bali, 25 Feb 2020Screen is brilliant ???? Yep pretty good

I've bought it from Amazon for $154.
After is was shipped, I discovered that it was Verizon which doesn't allow unlocking bootloader, I was sad and couldn't just return it because I'm not in US.
Anyway, When I received it I found that I was lucky and received a non Verizon version which after I immediatly decided to use it and unlocked the bootloader, installed Magisk and I love it sooo much, it's a beautiful phone.

  • Bali

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2017Resolution and quality are not the same thing. Again it's o... moreScreen is brilliant ????

I'm glad with my second hand Google pixel 2 XL. Its fastest and brilliant camera.

  • Santhosh

I am currently using a physical sim in my phone and is there an option where I can get a secondary sim thru e-sim? Appreciate if anyone can clear my doubt. Thanks..

  • bob

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2018I can't seem to find a good screen saver that stays on my p... morethat's a shame

  • Anonymous

Shab, 06 Jan 2019Does the pixel2 xl come with e-sim in India?No it doesn't

  • Shab

Does the pixel2 xl come with e-sim in India?

  • Anonymous

I can't seem to find a good screen saver that stays on my phone.. I have had 3 different glass pieces on my phone and they pop off I have had two different soft pliable screensavers on and after just a little bit of time they peel off.

  • Anonymous

Abdell, 22 Feb 2018I have a question After update who is the best screen pixe... morePixel 2 AMOLED of course

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2018is there any way to shoot long exposure with the pixel 2?? nope cuz it doest have manual control..but u can download a third party app that gives u manual control and shoot long exposure...huaweis phones got their one long exposure modes

  • Anonymous

is there any way to shoot long exposure with the pixel 2??

  • Abdell

I have a question
After update who is the best screen pixel 2 xl with p-oled or pixel 2 with amoled ?!?
Plz someone answer my questin.

  • AnonD-711468

Anonymous, 23 Nov 2017Except it's not slow. You are just full of bias and hate. I'm full of charts and knowledge. SD 835 losing to ALL flagship SoC of 2017, one particular even kills it with posting twice the single core score:

Heck it hardly wins over last year's (exynos 8890):

It's one of the most underwhelming releases in the history of SoCs. Single Core performance literally remained constant and GPU performance hardly improved. A rare moneygrab, a rare in being so f'n obvious and people still falling for it.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-711468, 21 Nov 2017"Google has went with the industry standard for premium sma... moreExcept it's not slow. You are just full of bias and hate.

  • AnonD-711468

"Google has went with the industry standard for premium smartphones of 2017"

SD 835 and 4GB is not the industry standard.

I mean SD 835 is slow, but there's nothing you can do about it, sadly it's a monopoly.
But for RAM you *can* do something and most did. Most are having at least 6GB of ram this year around.

The first thing that becomes obsolete on a phone (after the battery) is the RAM amount. With the continuous onslaught of RAM hungry apps and OS revisions, you're not future proof using such a low amount. In fact you it's not even enough for now even if you want a zippy experience.

It's been shown time and again that RAM is the most important thing if you want a zippy phone (no reloads). Apparently Apple , Google and Samsung never listen (the most RAM averse companies are interestingly enough the most expensive too), ending up giving the slowest everyday experience (plenty of reloads). Dumb move for a $1000 phone, you should have flagship specs at that price...

  • Anonymous

AnonD-714862, 11 Nov 2017Pixel 2 & XL has NFC. Screen issue is media hype. For d... moreObviously they NFC. But display issues are obvioulsy real.
And no it is not the best phone. Its decent. But its the most over priced and not the best.