Apple iPhone X review

08 November 2017
The anniversary iPhone is here. The iPhone X. Or the iPhone 10. The name is as confusing as the product itself is game-changing. Tim Cook's vision finally overwhelmed Steve Jobs ideological remnants. A new dawn for the iPhones has begun, free of the iconic Home key and the notorious screen bezels.

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  • zxc

Kalesrikanth, 18 Dec 2017Hello iphone. Good to use ur innovating features. WHY DON'T U ... moreNonsense suggestion tho

  • Josatte

John Caton, 09 Apr 2018The screen is very easy to scratch. I use a case that holds my b... moreIt's not the plastic cards that are scratching the screen, it's pocket sand or similar particles being stuck and rubbed against the screen.
Common problem with every phone in a wallet case

  • Tikalon

SmartphoneLover, 29 Jul 2018I own iPhone x and I regret my decision of purchasing one. I spe... moreyou don't now anything about smartphones either android or ios. you better use feature phone. the push button one tha needs to flip to answer the call

YoloBS, 31 Mar 2018Does this phone have led notification?no, but they have flash notification

  • Anonymous

SmartphoneLover, 29 Jul 2018I own iPhone x and I regret my decision of purchasing one. I spe... morethink before you write

  • SmartphoneLover

I own iPhone x and I regret my decision of purchasing one. I spent extra few hundred dollars to buy this device, only to find such a BIG BUG aka "ghost touch" that i haven't even seen in the cheapest of devices. It makes the device useless and causes embarrassment to the owner; since it not only auto opens-up/closes-down apps and scrolls the screen, it also makes random calls!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2018I agree. I would never have another Apple iPhone!This is not true about anyone I know who owns an iPhone

  • Anonymous

Deepak Namdev , 08 Apr 2018Hello every one i am iphone x user i love my phone X compete... moreyour welcome

  • Anonymous

Do people still like the yellowish muted output from the iPhone cameras? I wonder why Apple still hasn't changed that in iPhone X

People see Apple saying how advanced and fast it is, but it's specs are way below other phones such as the OnePlus 6 and the Huawei P20Pro. It's screen isn't even as good as my LGv20 (a $200 phone) in vision and on paper!

  • Anonymous

The brand apple is original also the iphone x is so awesome than ever !!

  • Anonymous

AnonD-732809, 25 Jan 2018An iPhone is an iPhone if you don't like it just buy an Android.... moreI strongly agree

  • andrewporteza

For me this is perfect. Perfect edges doesnt touch anything when playing games. Perfect notch. And perfect shape. Perfection is it the only one im looking forward is the updated software which will excite us all, my only suggestion is the black theme for the black phone or you may chose wether blavk or white theme. And the change of icon designs. absence of iconic home button is no problem. Because there a lot of option like tap to wake or lift to wake or by pressing side buttons.

YoloBS, 31 Mar 2018Does this phone have led notification?no.they never had one

  • Anonymous

Can i charge with QC 3.0 ?

  • najib

sexy phone

  • John Caton

The screen is very easy to scratch. I use a case that holds my bank cards. But my plastic cards have scratched the screen.

  • Deepak Namdev

Hello every one i am iphone x user i love my phone
X competetar no one in mobile industry
Only Xxxxxxxxxxx
I love i phone my phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2018I currently use devices running iOS 11 and Android 7. Can say fr... moreJust like all the media or the way Apple markets its products I started with iphone 6s. And straight away I regret buying it. I will never buy iphone again. Seems even after spending much more than an android for the same specs this phone dictates me how to use it. In order to make a call I have to dial the entire number, wny not just tapping the first two or three digits and I get the contacts with those numbers, no restart button, i cant put my fav song as a ringtone, and before anyone bashes me for this i must inform, i am a die hard metal fan and music matters lot to me.
In order to update my whatsapp profile pic I cant post it from my image gallery but have to go through whatsapp and then scroll through all the images, simply pathetic and definitely not a sign of a smart phone.
Others like limited storage or pay enormous amount for extra GBs are few others.
You buy their phone for a hefty amount but you get a poor resale for the same product, why?? Because the company itself will reduce their prices on the arrival of the next generation of iphone. Their earphones suck the most, they dont even fit my ears and are a pain, pathetic sound is secondary, now for someone suggesting me to buy good headphones i wish to know why this company charged me 50k rupees for??
Now when they have removed jack too means dependency on their ear phones is even worst.
Except for a status symbol which is vague by the way and to be associated with a company named Apple i dont find any other reason to buy an Iphone.
For me in plain simple terms , this phone doesnt deserve the amount they are charging.