OnePlus 5T hands-on review

15 November 2017
It's half past five on OnePlus time and the 5T has just been unveiled, the interim upgrade that repacks the OnePlus 5 to make it more enticing for the holiday shoppers.

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  • q-sems

Too bad the camera still blurs faces... What about macro and closeups?
I returned my OP5 because of these issues on the camera and was excited to hear the OP5T would have a new lens.. but looking at the samples i don't see much improvement.

  • gauss

Which phone is next to OP5 at 1:45 ?

  • AnonD-235919

Polite Bear, 17 Nov 2017More than 7 hours of SOT is not enough to last till the end of t... moreI never got more than 3 & half hours of SOT out of OP5 even though it wasn't used heavily.

  • Gadget king

Very nice phone

  • Junny

The best thing in op5t is long display,latest processer ,better camera experience and the headphone jack .
I use the op5 and it's really satisfy me ,Y companies removing the headphone jack
It's an advantage ,not the drawback.
I'm really happy to join the one plus family

AnonD-598916, 19 Nov 2017And no IR blaster. I mean how expensive can it be to put a small... moreThis is so you will be forced to opt into controlling your appliances through your wifi connection. That way theu can spy on you more and get more information about you to sell to other companies.

  • AnonD-598916

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2017and NO OIS, no FM Radio. These modern phones are more and more d... moreAnd no IR blaster. I mean how expensive can it be to put a small IR emitter there, they way all phones had one a few years back. Why do the manufacturers feel that urgent need to remove it all of a sudden? I mean, did home electronics suddenly lost their IR remote control functions during those few years thus rendering this feature absolutely useless? Yeah right.

  • AnonD-632062

"On a positive note, there's a headphone jack - we'll be advocating for those to our dying breath."

Words of wisdom and the best line from the article.

  • AnonD-146024

Wondering if it makes sense to upgrade to it from S7 Edge?

  • Anonymous

Wouldn't hold my breath for its camera performance or battery endurance

  • Anonymous

Not an upgrade to 5, but a better choice among smartphones

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2017No Cat16 No QC 3.0 or 4.0 No usb 3.0 No slot SD No ingress p... moreand NO OIS, no FM Radio. These modern phones are more and more deprived of useful functions. This is not the way

  • AnonD-603817

That is weird about the dual cameras. Mistake maybe? With Oneplus' track record I wouldn't be surprised. That setup makes no sense whatsoever.

  • Surficial

TheProperGentleman, 17 Nov 2017I don't know about that. Huawei phones have pretty good low ligh... moreThe Huawei's have OIS in their lenses, I think that's more important than bigger pixels.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2017Still no SD card slot...SD Card storage is slower than internal memory. Instead of offering one storage option with SD option like Samsung and LG, they did the right thing and offered a higher, premium internal storage option.

They are never going to opt for external storage. Sorry.

When these companies will understand that consumers know more megapixels doesn't mean better quality. Sony's sensors are the best in the business, but they suck because they refuse to lower the megapixels count. If they want to have better shots, just add a monochrome sensor like Nokia or Huawei do. It does give you better shots with huge dynamic range.

Anyways, I think this phone is just OnePlus trying to be in 2017, there's no reason to upgrade the 5. I know that phone didn't sell well, but they can give people a better OnePlus 6 if they focused their efforts for a whole year instead of six months. I really feel sorry for anyone who bought the 5. Plus, it doesn't ship with Oreo. Which means that OnePlus can upgrade it to Android P and stop, even though this phone comes in the end of 2017. It's really a shame when heavy skinned phones like the Huawei Mate 10 (which was announced a month before the 5T) ship with Oreo out-of the box and lightly skinned phones like the 5T ship with N.

I hope OnePlus don't fu** up in 2018 like they did this year. And also, can someone tell the YouTubers that this is not a small company anymore. For God's sake I'm tired of this excuse.

camera has lots of potential. i'm not so much a fan of the dual cam but if it makes low-light shots look more than decent, that'll be a great boon. i'd prefer that to telephoto or wide-angle lenses actually.

Rafe Firmani, 17 Nov 2017Just looking at the pixel size of camera specs I know this OP5T ... moreI don't know about that. Huawei phones have pretty good low light capabilities and their pixel size is not 1.4. I have the P10 Plus and I can tell you it takes better low light shots than my friend's S8+. Maybe it's the monochrome + RGB sensors approch. But my phone takes pretty damn good LL shots.

  • Mary

Interesting would be their answer or better the excuse to the question: Why have you chosen that configuration of cameras so little useful with all the options that are possible when the phone will have two cameras?

The only answer that I found is because it's used in the Oppo R11 $$$. Which is not good.

  • AnonD-632062

Interesting Camera specs....