HTC U11 Life review

04 December 2017
The Android One partnership has been keeping us busy lately. It was Xiaomi that kicked off the midrange One devices, Moto joined with the X4 and now the HTC U11 Life is hot on their heels. Trendy design, a big and high-res screen, a reliable processor and a promising camera setup - all coated in vanilla Android Oreo.

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  • Androiduser

What is the "Auto forward" app used for ?

  • Kelthuz

As for the selfie camera, the sensor is actually 4 MPix (AnTuTu says it's 4mpix, HD Kamera app does a 4mpix picture with it), so the native HTC app does some fancy super-res upscaling from several shots taken in the buffer, effectively quadrupling the resolution, but it's not really very nice quality - but probably better than a real 16mpix noisy as hell little speck of a sensor it would be with all those pixels...

The main camera sensor size is around 1/3" or 1/3.2", because the physical focal length in EXIF says 3.51mm (27 or 28 fullframe equivalent), which would give the crop factor typical for those sensor sizes.

  • Bob

Anyone know what the rear camera sensor is on the U11 Life? There just doesn't seem to be any info on it. HTC's HDR Boost algorithms are extremely impressive if it's a tiny 1.0 micron pixel sensor like the IMX351 used on the U Play (that's my guess) or something like an Omnivision OV16880/16885. Thanks!

  • Mark

BiG D, 05 Dec 2017Only thing I found that I do not like is on / off button on... moreAlmost all phones in the market, the on off button is on the side. Mybe except for the one u have right now?

  • Zank

I like it, but... 3/32GB version is the one that will be massively available and that makes it lose out against the Mi A1.

acemang, 06 Dec 2017the phone was 320 euros for more than a week in black frida... moreThx for the info.I`m not into trolling bussiness,just saw review here and made instant opinion.Sorry if that hurted ya...

harwey, 05 Dec 2017400 euros??Even a hardcore HTC fan would say:I can have few... morethe phone was 320 euros for more than a week in black friday week in their website if you access to htc club. why cry for the price now? if you really wanted you would know that, and would be looking for the best deals for it...if not your just trolling around...

  • BiG D

Only thing I found that I do not like is on / off button on the side of phone otherwise I love HTC this my 4th HTC phone.

  • Vic

Fitbri, 05 Dec 2017I would love to see a version of this as a new beefed up HT... moreI would love to see a new HTC A9 with updated design, metal back, better battery, narrow bezels and 3.5 mm jack. And of course - at reasonable price.

  • Aviv

No 3.5 no htc

  • Fitbri

I would love to see a version of this as a new beefed up HTC One A9. till this day, it is one of the best phones i have ever had. sleek, stylish, smooth and fast. I hate all these glass back smear looking phones that look a constant mess. The New A9 should have a metal back as it does now, a new camera module, same frame to glass feel. I would have got this 11 but too greasy or the Pixel 2 but that has a sharp frame edge to glass feel otherwise that would have been the new A9

  • Anonymous

Pretty expensive for what it is especially next to the Mi A1 and Nokia 7.

The only thing disturb me is the Navigation buttons it's freaking ugly! It somehow looks like a pig...

400 euros??Even a hardcore HTC fan would say:I can have few dozen way better phones for my money,even for less..


Ugly phone

  • Anonymous

those HTC CEOs must be pretty resistant to customers needs. No Jack, a home button on front wehre there's supposed to be a speaker (or no bezel). Yes, it's an etry phone, but why such a waste of space?! Also I hate HTC's design nowadays, was much prettier in the days of the one x. HTC, Im sorry to say this, but you are no competition on neither low, mid nor high end phones anymore...sadly.

  • AnonD-598916

Keep it up HTC and you're gonna be selling the rest of the company to Google very soon

  • Anonymous

And once there was a company that made cell phones name HTC. Seriously 2500 mah battery, is this still 2013? Even Samsung has learnt from growing competition . Just becoz of a latest 630 soc, u will cut down other features. Moto X is a better alternative plus good after sale service.

  • Anonymous

Markobarko, 05 Dec 2017Definitely the bezel champ of the World.Motorola wins

  • LLL

I feel battery life is all but great.
HTC One M8 from 2014, same 2600 mAh, scored roughly similar numbers but that one came with then flagship SD801 chipset built on 28nm process node.
So, what gives??