Samsung Gear Sport review

07 December 2017
Samsung’s latest smart watch entry is the Gear Sport. The Gear Sport is smaller and lighter than the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier which should make for a more comfortable fit and a look, which is more appealing to both sexes alike. The Gear Sport is now water-resistant up to 50 meters and can track swims. Combined with Tizen 3.0 and numerous S-Health improvements it’s shaping up as a competitive offering from Samsung.

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Akinaro, 07 Dec 2017Well honestly, after all those years my Gear Fit(first vers... moreTotally agree, the Gear Fit 1 was a great watch. I rubbed the worn "metallic" bezel and it looked stunning ; does all I need, never missing a call, showing who's calling, texts with quick answer, emails, media control, counting steps, good sleep tracking.
A year ago, I've tried the Gear Fit 2, sent it back, missing notifications, ugly, worse battery, stupid return button, didn't like it at all.
Now my beloved Gear Fit is getting really old, I need a replacement but can't find an appealing one.
The Gear Sport is way too big ; we happily relinquished watches for years thanks to smartphones, and now that we may want to buy some again, they only sell us ridiculously big ones ! and to do sports, can't imagine running with this huge thing on my wrist.
I would love a fine upgrade of the Gear Fit 1, same design, same battery life.

  • Bell

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2017I find all these watchs to be useless gadget unless the bat... moreThe Garmin 935 is much more expensive. I do understand the logic however of not wanting to charge a smart watch every second or third day. Especially when it is also used to track sleep.

No point in getting a smart watch when it can't even last a week. The features are already there. The battery life is just meh.

  • Anonymous

I find all these watchs to be useless gadget unless the battery life lasts over a week. Unlike phones, its not convenient to recharge them.

Therefore.. I have a FR935 which lasts 2 weeks including my training - otherwise more like 1 month. Beats the pants of having music on the watch if you ask me. Specs and features aren't as good in the smartwatch world, but in the real, practical world it destroys the usability of these "smart" watches - the gap is not even funny. It's battery life is at 51% right now and i've no clue when i last charged it. it's been several, several days. it doesnt get in the way, wakes me up, tracks all the things very well, notifies me of whatever i want, shows weather, texts, etc.. oh and connects to my bike's equipment without the need for any extra device.

  • AnonD-720331

Let it rock! Let it go!

Only a Bon Jovi fan would have that song in the review.

  • AnonD-441601

As rewiev said its a waste of 350 euros.
Watches which last 3-5 days is tottaly stupid.
Rather go out with hourglasses :-)

  • Anonymous

Sonu4678, 08 Dec 2017"Apple is selling more watches", that's undeniably true. "... moreI have an older Gear and the Tizen UI is tacky compared to Apple's.

  • Mr

Sonu4678, 08 Dec 2017"Apple is selling more watches", that's undeniably true. "... moreLook is subjective, but at least Apple makes watches also for small wrists and women. Samsung went "bulky way".

Plz do a Ticwatch E/S review!

  • niklex

Another "3-5 day" watch. C`mon, Samsung, don`t you see the are some watches with 30-45 day battery. Just check Xiaomi/Huami Amazfit Bip for example.

Good review, particularly the Health & Fitness comparison of the Gear Sport vs. other devices for accuracy.

Mr, 08 Dec 2017Everything is nice about this watch except design. The star... more"Apple is selling more watches", that's undeniably true.
"they have good looking, different sizes and very functional iOS", although looks is subjective but IMO apple watch looks the worst. "Very functional OS", that's also true as Tizen is still very limited but if we were to talk about OS design and interface Tizen is superior.

  • Mr

Everything is nice about this watch except design. The started with nice and good size watch, then made big Frontier and now this. Not everyone wants bulky watch on their wrist.
Apple is selling more watches then all other manufactures together, because they have good looking, different sizes and very functional iOS. Learn Samsung...

  • AnonD-721087

Honestly I have expected substantial change while I see step back with lack of lesson learned. While Apple mastered health activities in his watches Samsung is not handling well - and I am talking here about GPS and heart rate monitor accuracy - very bad. also, this watch is not for for Frontier users as they have to buy all new straps from scratch - why not keeping 22mm instead?

Well honestly, after all those years my Gear Fit(first version) still look to be a better choose than any other "smartwatch" that beside charging it over and over again have no other feature that actually could be useful. It have pretty accurate hearth rate data, it have basic notification system, it have all most important fitness features and I dont need to worry about battery after one day of usage. And for listening music and GPS? For 90% of time we carry our phones with us anyway, so why torture this small battery in watch? Its like using a bike to transport big shopping bags... you can do that, but for that we have cars.