BlackBerry Motion Review

16 January, 2018
As BlackBerry continues to release BlackBerry hardware, the company is slowly reestablishing itself in the smartphone industry. Even toward the end of the year, we still encounter a large number of people that don’t know that BlackBerry is relevant again.

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  • Daniel

Where can we buy BlackBerry phones in Namibia?

  • bakili294

Mahesh yadav, 17 Jun 2018Like this mobileElAborate

  • OldtimeBB

I've owned many BB devices before until BB Priv. Like many BB fans, I have wished for higher end devices but never get ones nearly half decent. It's time to ditch BB for others, especially BB devices are no longer made by BB. It's sad to see the home grown company dumping their handset business.

  • Mahesh yadav

Like this mobile

  • Deep

I have been using the Ketone since it was launched about a year ago. It has never let me down. Being an extremely heavy user of my phone, I think it's often been days before I could shut down this set and restart. I heavily recommend this phone. It's quick recharge facility is commendable and it clicks awe inspiring pictures. Rest of the stuff is excellent as always. Mind you, I am not a gamer. And in between I used and stopped using an iphoneX. For those who consider this phone costly, would highly and humbly recommend them to try an apple!

I wish they would use something better than the Snapdragon 625. Design and rest of the specs are great. Come on blackberry.

  • Xblackberryfan

Miss this brand hoping sort of sprungback


Laia, 22 Jan 2018A heavy brick with ugly design, bad camera and mediocre dis... morenice.telephone

  • AnonD-734247

Best phone I have ever owned hands down. The battery life is fantastic. Combine that with the blackberry features in the android system and in my opinion you get a top notch phone.

  • Laia

A heavy brick with ugly design, bad camera and mediocre display. The few personalized or proprietary apps can't hide the truth. Overpriced too.

  • AnonD-506604

this phone is massive, and every time blackberry do good job with every phones. As always i'm expecting something new and blackberry does it. His designs processors and camera are pretty good but as compare to price blackberry offers less storage, camera pixels and quite processors also. But i did not like its UI theme and design of its application which does not give attractive look.
But its good because after keypad phone blackberry entered to a touchscreen smartphone, but blackberry should have continued with their keypad phones also because blackberry is known for his track pad, unique design, camera, size, their buttons, finishing and main thing is its ringtone and logo which users gives a different views and mind set.

At recent times blackberry also offered good processors in starting segments like in passport, priv and dtek 60 and good storage and ram in keyone. And Also they can offer different variant of storages, and camera or ram.

  • 5T

No official water resistance, but...

  • AnonD-82756

The home button looks really ugly and the handset is overpriced as BB do like to do.

Blackberry is just like Nokia. Old fame...

  • AnonD-731611

the design is a little weird

  • Anonymous

Priv had an actual keyboard and full usable 16:9 amoled screen (curved one at that!)

Keyone had an actual keyboard, and to a great degree better albeit smaller aspect screen.

This has..some apps?


Blackberry and Nokia will never again be the names they were in mobile industry 10 years ago.

The appreciation that this ugly and overpriced brick can arouse is proportional to the number of comments it has. It is very poor with clear reasons, not like his display with low contrast under the sunlight, at Razer Phone level, so trash.

The low light photos of this phone for it's price range are ridiculously blurred and lack of details, look at the map of the subway. The SoC is old and the big battery is not profited as much as it should, etc, etc... For a cheap phone ($120?) it could be acceptable, no for this one.

  • Love the Community

How many stars out of 5 is this phone? I expected 2.9 because of the big bottom bezel.

  • AnonD-632062

George with no beard....