Nokia 2 review

05 January 2018
Nokia 1 to 10 - a Nokia for everyone. The portfolio's expansion continues into the the entry-level segment with the Nokia 2 - a budget model if there ever was one, priced around the $100 mark.

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  • Anonymous
  • 0ZX
  • 01 Sep 2020

I hate this phone. It can't even load Viber or IG. It loads after an hour and sometimes it doesn't even load. It's so slow and it heats up very quickly. I'm gonna smash this phone with a hammer when I get a new one.

    • j
    • jit
    • fCZ
    • 03 Aug 2020

    I bought it for battery life. I know I gb RAM and 8 gb ROM are not enough for video stores. But I am very much frustrated. Battery runs out too quickly and soon it became swollen. So I visited authorised service centre and got a new one. But the same story. Furthermore, I took the phone to the USA and it did not work. I had to buy a new one.

      • M
      • Muthu
      • D06
      • 16 Jul 2020

      I am purchase in Poorvika mobileTuticorin very very worst product nokia2. 3month properly use after fully complained battery no charging mobile hang etc...

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        • Anonymous
        • 6QN
        • 09 Jul 2020

        total trashhhhhhhhh the phone stuck's when i open the camera, messages, internet,gallery, calls ETC??????//

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          • Twenty twenty
          • XBb
          • 09 Jul 2020

          Pros: It is a good size. Can easily fit between my fingers. Good battery life especially if you are travelling far and have no access to a power source. It fell way too many times but didn't get broken. Good back camera, I didn't use the front much. Basic phone, good if you only want to use for emails, pictures, a few apps.

          Cons: It has 8GB storage, 4GB is taken up by in built apps, so freedom to download many apps is not possible. Even just pictures can fill up all the space. It heats up, and that's really annoying. It is really slow, if you are a patient person then you will be fine.

            • S
            • Some Guy
            • GxI
            • 08 Jul 2020

            It's honestly complete trash. I don't understand how it has good reviews, maybe the reviewers got a different phone than I did. It takes a good 15 seconds to load a web page with only text and static ads on it, forget about any ads that have video playing your page will take minutes. Lite apps that ran on my 6 year old Galaxy Note 2 take a solid minute or more to open, I'm not talking about graphics intensive games but apps that are basically readers and encyclopedias. I can't believe they have the audacity to sell this junk for hundreds of dollars.

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              • Anonymous
              • Dkt
              • 30 Apr 2020

              Worst phone ever. It hangs too much. Such a slow processing phone.

                • a
                • ayaan
                • U@H
                • 21 Mar 2020

                worst ever mobile my phone was fall by 1 feet broken battery connection

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                  • Anonymous
                  • IW@
                  • 11 Mar 2020

                  With its price at P2990.00, or USD30. 00 this is a great phone!

                  Those giving negative comments, buy Iphone, Samsung S or Huawie P30.

                    • N
                    • Ntebo
                    • fXS
                    • 15 Jan 2020

                    Absolutely crap battery life. My phone's battery gave up the ghost at exactly 2-years of usage, and now I am unable to find another battery. What's the use!?

                      • A
                      • Andrea
                      • Ivd
                      • 13 Nov 2019

                      Don't see the two sim on mine

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                        • Anonymous
                        • KxD
                        • 02 Aug 2019

                        Sarav, 20 Jun 2018I recently bought Nokia2 and completely regretting it. Go f... moreTotally agree with the comments on this review. How will great battery life help, when the phone is so flawed that you don't want to spend too much time on it anyway? Any web page, or app takes a lot of time to open/ load, so every function feels like a drag. Phone heats up in just about 10 minutes of browsing/ charging. The inbuilt apps consume so much memory that you can't download too many apps anyway; with WA being the only app that I have downloaded, the storage is almost full already. I'm sure there are much better phones available in this price range. Even basic talking feels undesirable as within 10 minutes, your ear starts to feel so hot!

                          • P
                          • Pedro
                          • B1m
                          • 18 Jul 2019

                          It's an average quality phone. It's slow as heck but the battery life, the display and the resistance make up for it. It could be better... but it could be way worse.

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                            • apu
                            • XR2
                            • 25 Feb 2019

                            Nokia 2 phone i like it. i have a phone and very much like it all other mobile phone.

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                              • Deav
                              • Xjf
                              • 14 Dec 2018

                              Phone is over heating while download from 3g signal,, very hard to download from 3g signal,, don't buy this phone

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                                • Clive T Macheme
                                • NuU
                                • 13 Nov 2018

                                Don't expect much from 100 Euro good phone ever

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                                  • PEARL
                                  • fmg
                                  • 06 Nov 2018

                                  The phone is given me headache.My applications are no more responding because the limited internal memory,i bought SD card to increase the memory but still.No application is moving to the SD card.what should I do.

                                    • K
                                    • Khayyam
                                    • 25L
                                    • 19 Sep 2018

                                    The worst phone i have ever owned. slow, with a multitude of other flaws.

                                      • a
                                      • abdul
                                      • Rxx
                                      • 14 Sep 2018

                                      this phone only for whatsapp facebook, call , sms

                                        • V
                                        • Vidya
                                        • rJA
                                        • 04 Sep 2018

                                        WORST PHONE EVER!!!!!!!! please don't buy this phone, it has very less storage capacity, hangs a hell lot of time! just not right!! if you buy I bet you will have to replace it within 6 months.