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05 October 2007
We finally had a chance to put some time into developing a handful of new features for our site, so with the hot summer behind us, we rolled up our sleeves to shape several novelties that we’ve been reflecting on lately. We bet you’ll be...

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Anonymous, 15 Nov 2017Does the audio quality test results include earpiece speaker as well?No it doesn't

  • Anonymous

Does the audio quality test results include earpiece speaker as well?

  • AnonD-423371

Because you use RMAA to test phone jack output performance, I Love you guys! Every soundcard I ever bought and every audio player i ever had I tested it with RMAA using an E-MU 0404 USB soundcard. Reading your review about the s4 active, i realised that my phone should sound exemplary but the sound i heard was muddy, so after further investigation i realised that AIMP was to blame, playing flac with the default music player sounded much better. If it wasn't for your review, i would have sold my phone and possibly have used AIMP on my next phone as well.

  • AnonD-355396

Pardon folks, I don´t know if I miss something, but what about bluetooth audio quality?

  • Mahesh

anna, 02 Nov 2013why is it so hard to get apps?Nice mobile ya !

  • anna

why is it so hard to get apps?

  • icaria

How can i turn on the screen when i call someone or while ansewering rhe phone call and where can i cansel the call

  • bob

Do you guys test HTC phones with Beats on or off?

  • Han

Azar, 28 Nov 2012This is a special phone in the world. . .!:) check this amazing... moreSpeaker left right fail

  • Azar

This is a special phone in the world. . .!:)
check this amazing friends. . .

  • Anonymous

my nokia 6233 was measured at a distance of 1 metre and had a average reading of 91db with max equalizer setting and volume.

  • Siva

I wanna my phone sound become biggest

  • deultimate

please non of the social applications(facebook,opera mini, uc browser and almost all of them does not work on my nokia C2-03

  • AnonD-72022

Im a iphone user. I bought iphone only for its music clarity when headphones attached. I want to try android now.

From your audio test results which phone sound equally with Iphone when headphones attached.

  • Anonymous plz show hTC Desire VC's speakerphone test & all other reviews! Ur website is dependable & i do not want to buy a phone without reading ur reviews! I am all set 2 buy the phn but just i've stopped coz of ur review

  • abbs

where the hell is samsung galaxy note 7000


thanks gsmarena

still today apple and sony ericsson best in mobile world

  • Anonymous

i think there is something have gone wrong with the loudness 5800.since its louder than n8 x6 5530 5250.and equal to the 5610 and i think its dB is 76.0 not 66.5.without stereo 5800's loudness increases.and why n73 is not in that list?i m pretty sure it would score 90.0.

  • Anonymous

For noise level are absolute values supposed to be used? Which would be better; -79 or -80??

  • Anonymous

nokia 6233 got only 5800 got 66.and suprising thing is se w595 got 85!!?.and with just 1 speaker 6500c,5250!!!.i had 5250. And its not 'that' loud like 6233 or 5800.and samsung e250 should get 40 not 64.if se w595 gets 85 than n73,n95,6233,5800 should get 90