Apple iPhone X long-term review

18 January 2018
The introduction of Face ID and the removal of the Home button has resulted in a paradigm shift in the way we interact with our iPhones. Three of us have been using the iPhone X since launch and this long-term review covers what the iPhone X is like to live with on a day to day basis and we are ready to answer what's good and what's bad about it from a different perspective.

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  • mFd
  • 21 Jul 2022

Eferalgan, 03 Oct 2018I don’t care about A12. It has only 15% performance over la... moresure

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    • dZw
    • 13 Jan 2021

    Max, 04 Nov 2018Can anyone tell me how to solve issues of cracking sound on... moreReduce the volume

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      • Micheal Wong
      • vV5
      • 17 Dec 2019

      Ipx in my area only got one major problem, which is the face id.
      Most of my friends whose using ipx including me face the same problem which is our face id is faulty right after the warranty expired.
      Lol, i sent mine to switch service center but its gonna cost me alot.
      So basically, im using my ipx without that face id till now.
      Im planning to switch to ip pro max & hoping this issue wont happen again with the new model.

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        • Ya habesha lej
        • NXN
        • 09 Aug 2019

        Woow nice phone

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          • Max
          • Nug
          • 04 Nov 2018

          Can anyone tell me how to solve issues of cracking sound on the earpiece while on call and also cracking noise while playing music

            Hahawhatever, 03 Oct 2018They made xr so you don't have to spend the same amount of ... moreI don’t care about A12. It has only 15% performance over last year, so not ao much.
            But with XR you lose the OLED screen with bigger resolution, premium stainless steel build, dual back camera

              Eferalgan, 30 Sep 2018Too bad that Apple discontinued the phone instead of keepin... moreThey made xr so you don't have to spend the same amount of money getting a slight outdated phone
              Instead of an a11 iPhone X you get an A12 iPhone xr with some compromises here and there however you will get more for your money because not only you are getting an improved internals but extra year of support as well and that comes far more than a 100 dollar difference

                Too bad that Apple discontinued the phone instead of keeping it at a lower cost. I would buy this phone for 750€ instead the XR

                  IMO: This is the best phone for now, perhaps before I try the XS Max/XS/XR phones.

                  I don't mind using other phones even android, any phone has its pluses and minuses,..
                  But this is the best phone, the benchmark point, the pigeoned source, role model for other phones.

                  Great work by Apple, as always

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                    • mmmm NEWBY?
                    • NnA
                    • 15 Sep 2018

                    text highlighted on iphone x causes freeze of editing
                    how what why?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • pj8
                      • 12 Sep 2018

                      Its very unfortunate that many people have gotten iphone 8 and 8+ instead of the X due to a few users having issues, the loss is immense, and i know a few who regret deeply. For our family iPhone X has been pure delight, no disadvantages, no FaceID issues, it seems that NORMAL USE doesnt cause the problems reviewers encounter with their experimenting and testing.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • SYf
                        • 12 Sep 2018

                        Is the iPhone X considered the latest state of art compared to other phones??

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                          • StU
                          • 10 Sep 2018

                          I stopped reading when I got to "manufactured to Apple's usual high standards".

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                            • vx{
                            • 24 Aug 2018

                            Jarret, 26 Jun 2018Samsung Note9 and S9 Plus are still the best - have all yo... morei phone x is good

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                              • m7i
                              • 21 Aug 2018

                              iPhone X is a wonderful phone for me to use on a daily basis. Face ID is fantastic and I feel that it is the only face recognition system out there that I feel is secure enough to be used for banking.

                                hi guys

                                how come no one ever mentioned this "Ghost touch"issue iphone X is having?

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                                  • Will
                                  • 86b
                                  • 03 Aug 2018

                                  Anonymously_unknown, 20 May 2018And if I'm correct, I believe FaceID don't work on identica... moreI own an iPhone c and faceid worked with my non-identical twin when I put mine, :\

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                                    • PEh
                                    • 31 Jul 2018


                                      XXX13, 07 Jul 2018Apple have the best record for customer service and reliability.right and well said

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                                        • Droidtard
                                        • Q0x
                                        • 21 Jul 2018

                                        leledumbo, 12 Jul 2018When you're trapped in Apple world, you can't see what othe... moreBut you do know that you can set any wallpaper you want on an iPhone by saving any pics on google, don't you?