Sony Xperia XA2 review

26 January 2018
Sony may be looking beyond smartphones but the Xperia line is still standing its ground. The recently unveiled Xperia XA2 series is not only a statement of persistence, but also shows intent for expansion. And the Xperia XA2 bodes well for Sony's new generation of smartphones this season.

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  • Anonymous

Camera is bad, audio recording is bad, performance is decent and battery life is 10/10 amazing.

  • Plain Charlie

Chunky phone, camera seriously lacking, screen good enough, fast enough and even though I have much better specced phones in my arsenal this is the phone I mostly use because it has awesome battery life.

  • FED up

Sony bloatware uses more than half the memory.
Sony is known for cameras, right, but this picture quality is terrible. Maybe (and I mean just maybe) passable photos if this is mounted on a tripod to reduce even the slightest tremor. If not you are guaranteed blurry photos. Also, the XA2 wont connect properly to my computer to transfer files / photos. It is a beyond nightmare struggle. Every other brand of phone in my family connects and transfers with no problem. No offense, but everything Sony makes it extremely difficult for the consumer to do anything themselves or self service. For example, in the PS3, did you know something as simple as a CMOS battery is buried within multiple layers of components? You have to take the entire unit apart just to replace a simple battery. I guess their intention is for you to take it in, or throw it away, just because a simple buton cell battery needs replacing. I am completely done with Sony - NEVER buying anything Sony again, NEVER. STAY AWAY from Sony everything

  • Vmwemz

My Sony Xperia xa2 doesn't switch to 4g LTE. What should I do . From Zambia

  • Lavialegon

In specification write update to Android P, I have it on my xa2 and about video it's available 1080p60

Alex fabulouse, 15 Feb 2019From the comments I have seen here non of them seems to be convi... moreThe standard XA2 only comes with 3GB RAM.

  • Alex fabulouse

3D Memorys, 31 Jan 2018Okay, If the phone is small is very handy, but if it is a large ... moreFrom the comments I have seen here non of them seems to be convinceable ,meaning sony xa2 is built with a customers choice to rate app and enjoy the xperia devices-32gb-4gb-ram is a powerful slot indeed

  • Vicky

Sony xa2 sollit phone & battery life ok but look big

  • Leo

Nice device But it should have a version with 64/4GB... maybe the XA3

Any pro n cons about this phone from experience by yhe users of xa2 should please advice cos I'm about getting this phone soon.

  • Anonymous

Buy a Nokia

  • virraj

i am planning to buy xa2 ultra is worth to buy .... ?
will it get android P update ?
how pic quality during night ?

  • Anonymous

How does this phone compare with xiaomi mi a1?

  • Kumar

I am confused to buy Sony XA1 Plus or wait for XA2 to launch in India.
My priority is excellent build quality since my kid has a habit of throwing Mobile often and camera.
can anyone suggest on this ?

  • Anonymous

The very slightly slower multi-core performance may caused by the fact that four of the eight a53 cores of the snapdragon 630 are running at a maximum clock speed of 1.7 or 1.8 GHz, so lower than the good old snapdragon 625, which had heterogeneous frequencies ( all cores limited to 2.0 GHz )..

  • AnonD-650375

I'm planning to buy this phone, but how about this,"Not so good audio quality through the jack." You know this website review is say like that and please explain to me whether it's true or not? I really like this phone, someone tell me the right answer :(:( thanks anyway

  • Anonymous

AnonD-652292, 04 Mar 2018Is this an another failure model like Sony XA1 which has manufac... moreNope. I've had my XA2 for weeks now and no such defects

  • Anonymous

AnonD-738037, 16 Feb 2018I just read the review. Very good. But one thing is not clear fo... moreYes it is good,my uncle had xa2 by eBay,since it is not available in India go buy xa2.

  • AnonD-696353

AnonD-738037, 16 Feb 2018I just read the review. Very good. But one thing is not clear fo... moreIf you want audio quality htc u 11

  • AnonD-652292

Is this an another failure model like Sony XA1 which has manufacturing defect on screens at the edges?
Has anyone used this model XA2 without such problems? Please reply.