Xiaomi Redmi 5 review

29 January 2018
Xiaomi's Redmi line has become synonymous with quality Android experience on a budget with a good reason. It is nearly impossible to beat the up and coming Chinese manufacturer's value propositions, especially if you live in a Xiaomi-covered market.

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  • Hzik
  • tue
  • 23 Mar 2022

After 5-6 years using this phone..it has touch problem (maybe because my lcd crack) weak network...the screen stuck when u trying to clear background apps..i like this phone size but not recommend for gaming its laggy if u play big games..it actually only has 1 speaker which is right.but idontknow why they designed this phone body like it got 2 speaker left and right lol.very ni useless..speaker not so clear kinda loud..camera is bad always blur,not clear and colour is not natural..if u tryna buy this phone in 2022 forget abt it..theres many more new mid budget phone

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    • KPV
    • YTY
    • 24 Aug 2020

    Anikas, 04 Mar 2020I have been using this phone(2/16) for 2 years... I don't... moreAgreed. That's the only problem that I face.Otherwise, an amazing phone

      • K
      • KPV
      • YTY
      • 24 Aug 2020

      Mantas, 15 May 2020Phone is bad. When you press power button phone is not resp... moreWell that's definitely not the case with me. Mine works just fine irrespective of where I keep it or hold it. It's an amazing phone in this price.

        • S
        • Siddharth
        • Dk3
        • 22 Aug 2020

        Mantas, 15 May 2020Phone is bad. When you press power button phone is not resp... moreYes you are right

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          • Redmi 5 user
          • KZK
          • 28 May 2020

          Mantas, 15 May 2020Phone is bad. When you press power button phone is not resp... moreI've used this phone for about 2 years and 2 months. It was really good if you are looking for a budget phone for daily uses, casual gaming and photography. This model is the first Redmi that remove capacitive button and place 18:9 screen display ratio. And it's the last of single rear camera of Redmi lineup. However, you can choose to install google camera that is made for its big brother, Redmi 5 Plus or Redmi Note 5 (codenamed Vince) in India market for the bokeh effect of portrait mode because the two models have the same type of camera sensor (Omnivision OV12A10). The camera glass is protruding though so you have to wear the phone case on it in order to protect it from scratch and uneven sitting on a flat surface. The selfie camera (uses Omnivison OV5675 sensor) is a turn down for me or if you love to selfie because the front camera quality is below average, comparing to nowadays budget phones front camera. Audio recording quality is also the bad factor of this phone. The noise cancellation is very high for audio recording, but for voice call it is pleasant to hear. For gaming, PUBG, Mobile Legend and Fifa can be ran on this phone but with a modest graphic settings. However if you want to install many big games like the three games that I mentioned along side social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Instagram and so on, you will be left with very small available storage in a 32 GB internal storage variant. Not to mention if you like taking many photos and recording videos, you would need to add an external SD card to save them. Unfortunately, MIUI does not allow you to save apps data (especially game data) in external SD card and the SD card is occupying the space of the second SIM card slot, so there you have it. The battery is a good enough for me as it can last me for a day with casual uses. The charging speed is average; it took about 1.5 hour to charge it from below 15% to above 85%. However that was the case for majority of smartphone housing 3k to 4k mAh battery capacity and using micro-usb cable, without fast charging 3.0 and above. The display resolution is 720p, so you cannot install Netflix from Google Playstore and watch 1080p videos on Youtube. If you are not into full HD content, it is good enough to scroll social media, watch cooking tutorial videos etc and playing mobile games in your boring time. The signal reception is strong but it does not support LTE-A or 4G+ (or that's the case in my place and line coverage), just up to 4G and for wifi, it does not support dual band or 5 GHz wifi bandwidth, just the 2.4 GHz. If you're looking for a phone that follow the recent technology trends, I bet this is not your choice because this phone was from 2 years ++ ago. It was very unpopular phone at its release time
          because it was overshadowed by its big sibling, the Redmi 5 Plus/Redmi Note 5 in Indian market (codename Vince) took the spotlight as it was superior in terms of better SoC, full HD (1080p) display, bigger battery and screen size, but the price is also a bit higher than this Redmi 5 (codename Rosy). The OS is supported until Android Oreo 8.1 as of until today (with MIUI 11), but if you are an adventurer, you can always opt to install custom ROM that based on Android 9 Pie or Android 10 Q. Overall it is a nice budget phone with a good build quality and sufficient specification for a casual daily usage.

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            • Mantas
            • 05}
            • 15 May 2020

            Phone is bad. When you press power button phone is not responding. You have to press at least 7 times to respond. If you put phone on table and try to scroll something nothing works. You supost to hold it in hands to scroll social media. At least camera is OK. DON'T BUY THIS PHONE. MONEY WASTING.

              • A
              • Anikas
              • uvr
              • 04 Mar 2020

              I have been using this phone(2/16) for 2 years...
              I don't have any other issue than than low storage..
              It's a good choice..worth money..

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                • Izzan
                • 61X
                • 14 Nov 2019

                Wow! I used Redmi 5 1 year ago. The redmi 5 is good!

                  I use this phone about two months. And i really love it.
                  It has a good camera and i really like that Redmi 5 had a portrait mode. Also its very good to Play games or use Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp....
                  And.... Price also good:)

                    • Y
                    • Yergolkar
                    • rx7
                    • 13 Feb 2019

                    Loving this incredible mobile..!!🤩especially new stories on lockscreen feature

                      • A
                      • Atk Akash
                      • YWi
                      • 25 Oct 2018

                      nice one😍

                        • y
                        • yogart
                        • XS5
                        • 11 Sep 2018

                        AnonD-747467, 26 Mar 2018Audio was distorted when recording video in noisy environme... morereally? party animal? really?

                          • B
                          • Bhaskar H K
                          • tT@
                          • 03 Aug 2018

                          I have a Redmi 5 purchased recently and would like to know how to enable 4G dual standby mode as I have two 4G sims.

                            • C
                            • Chintu
                            • DkC
                            • 29 Jul 2018

                            Is 2 16 is good at that price????

                              • T
                              • TARUB NA MAUGAT
                              • uSN
                              • 28 Jul 2018

                              I want to buy this phone, wer can I? Does this phone is for gaming ?

                                • a
                                • anna
                                • te3
                                • 19 Jul 2018

                                Atik, 25 May 2018It is best phone long battery ,not heating problem , fast c... moreI purchase redmi 5 not good . switch off phone

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • gIa
                                  • 10 Jul 2018

                                  Any info about the place to buy, the cheapest 4/32GB???? Thank you

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • rAh
                                    • 20 Jun 2018

                                    Atik, 25 May 2018It is best phone long battery ,not heating problem , fast c... moreWhere did you get it from as in which website?

                                      • A
                                      • Atik
                                      • Dka
                                      • 25 May 2018

                                      It is best phone long battery ,not heating problem , fast charge,good quality product and I am buy it only 7499.

                                        • R
                                        • Raj
                                        • 7ki
                                        • 24 May 2018

                                        Worst phone
                                        In 10 days audio stopped working