Huawei P Smart review

16 February 2018
This one's perhaps a little unexpected given it was rumored to be the Enjoy 7S. It's by no means a nasty surprise though. In fact, quite the opposite. You see, Huawei's Enjoy phones aren't getting much love usually - either because they’re a strictly domestic lineup, known as the Y-series globally, or because they're ...well... easily eclipsed by the flagship P’s and the Mates.

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Hello first, I don't own a smart TV, so got a hdmi lead the little black box you plug in your phone and in to the TV. Nothing so I got another, payed more. Nothing again please how do i get my phone to work with my TV it not a smart TV. Iv tryed hdmi one two three, plug in out, iv tyred airplane mode to is this phone compatible or only for smart tvs. Thank you so much.

  • Aleko

Sit well, 31 Jul 2020How do I activate two slots of simcards? It only uses the 1... moreHow do I activate two slots of sim cards

  • Sit well

How do I activate two slots of simcards? It only uses the 1st slot for both data and calls and I don't see the option to use 2nd slot

  • Enock jibrin

Pls I want to set voice record, we're can I go I try to set it I can't find it thanks.

  • Anonymous

Good, 10 Mar 2019It is a good phone aand i highly recomend itIt's absolutely awful, I'd know I've been using it for 3 tough, agonising years

  • Thaby

Yoh Guys Been Trying To Unlock My Phone And It Cant My Screen Is Cracked And I Cant Open It ,Now I Have Like An Hour To Try Again To Unlock It .I Switched It Off And Restart But Still The Same I Cant Unlock It With The Password eeerrrr Help Number 6 i cant Press It

  • I'mPhone

Umer Jehangir, 17 Jan 2020Just Love this Hu@wei PSmart. Last month i had a road acci... moreWow what a story lol

Just Love this Hu@wei PSmart.
Last month i had a road accident, i was on bike and i hit a Hiace from back side with the speed of 35/40km/h, and PSmart was on my pent's left pocket. After the collision I went flying forward and the bike handle hit my legs and I survived. Due to the collision my mobile screen, protector and frame are all slightly curved and is still working fine. Its to Hard.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-268549, 24 Apr 2018Please DO NOT buy this device if it doesn't have the notifi... moreThe device has an LED light in the upper left corner.

  • Mow

hey gsm. can you update?
its supports android 9 and emui 9.1
thank u
just the people to know that is still updating like any other huawei phone

  • Ham

Is the huawei p smart better than the samsung a5 2017?

  • Mal

its a load of crap, im going back to my s7,
you cannot transfer photos to or from your phone to computer Im taking it back to EE and going to use my s7.

  • Anonymous

When you get a notification it comes up with a coloured circle next to the app icon. Is it possible to change the colour of them?

  • Poghokj

nodo, 23 Feb 2019huawei p smart or huawei p9P smart

  • Good

It is a good phone aand i highly recomend it

  • nodo

huawei p smart or huawei p9

  • Patti

Help please 😁 I’ve taken a selfie with a signpost in the background (which was the whole reason for taking it) however the wording is reversed (ie like it is through a mirror) any one know what I’m doing wrong please please please 😁

  • h mel

absolutely fantastic phone good camera plenty of storage space all round full of praise for it can highly recommend it for the price

  • nicki minaj

hi there thinking of purchasing this device
i mostly need soeed camera and space capacity

  • sinan

can i root this phone.