Alcatel at MWC 2018

24 February 2018
Living up to its long-standing reputation TCL brought a traditionally "abundant" roster of new phones to MWC 2015. Also, in keeping with tradition, most of these come in a large number of versions, with plenty of optional features, so bear with us here.

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  • CG

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2020I need battary for alcatel 3 vThey need to bring all the Alcatel phone back I had bought my first one in 2018 I really enjoyed it I cracked the front of my phone about 5 months ago and it was hard to replace because they weren't making these phones anymore and I really enjoyed my phone so I went ahead and paid a lot of money to get the front of my phone fixed just recently my phone got broken again and I had to buy a new phone and I really didn't want to I wanted to stick with this same name brand phone I really wish they would bring it back 😞😞ALCATELS😔😔PLEASE

  • Anonymous

I need battary for alcatel 3 v

  • Monica Patton

Alcatel tables

Lots of problems with these phones but we do sell the crap out of then because of the budget minded person. But it's cheap plastic and we've repaired these problems;
Headphone jacks are poor and port connectors failed every 3-4 months.
Bluetooth connection constantly drops
Mediatek stinks and freezing is common
Battery life diminished after a year
Plastic become brittle from heat
They are prone to overheat
Display glass is cheap and glares all over
Volume button problems
Slow to start up

Our shop got so sick of these that we only sell one model and we refuse repairs sometimes because it's not worth the trouble

  • Anonymous

Jim, 25 Feb 2018All varian is plastic???? In 2018??? Seriously???Recycled plastic hopefully. I like plastic is lightweight and durable and signal is good

  • Anonymous

Tee, 25 Feb 2018Alcatel is killing itself. A line of numerous phone with ne... moreIt is recycled plastic :)

  • Anonymous

I stopped reading thoroughly when I saw "Mediatek" and just skimmed.

  • OSasmatteroffact

Please, don't pollute the world and increase the global warming with junks

  • Tee

Alcatel is killing itself. A line of numerous phone with nearly same specs, same battery, all plastic and 2016 specs... what's up with that? Focus on 3 models; low end, middle class and flagship... it's simple really.

I don't know about quality but Alcatel 5 has a cool innovative feature - you can register fingerprints for up to 5 fingers and assign a shortcut to each of them. So you can unlock it with one finger and go straight to the camera, another finger will take you to Facebook, use another finger to take you directly to browser, or whatever you want. Pretty neat.

  • Anonymous

Alcatel must be drunk

  • dudecool

163mm tall??!!

these are mobile phones not tablets...

I just got done reading comments about S9 pricing (as well as having had added some statements of my own) here on GSM Arena. Alcatel wise, I knew a person with one that when he attached headphones in the 3.5 mm jack of his Alcatel, sound would still out of the loudspeaker, so you'd hear sounds coming out them both simultaneously. I nearly wanted to buy the phone from him, as I like audio output as loud as possible (except he was too mean to offer any money too).

  • Jim

All varian is plastic???? In 2018??? Seriously???

All of these should go straight to trash.
Just a waste of materials and time people involved in the making had spent on these devices.

Ugly, and ugly, and ugly, and ugly, and ugly.

I appreciate the type-c tho.

  • iFernando

JacktheIPhoneKiller, 24 Feb 2018This is one of the most confusing and unimpressive smartpho... moreNobody knows all the models of ALCATEL or ASUS!
One touch Pixel Idol Fire Hero Pop 2 (4.5) Pixi 4 (4) Evolve.
I gave up buying an alcatel after I got the middle of a Pop star Pop Up Pop Astro and Pop 10......

  • JacktheIPhoneKiller

This is one of the most confusing and unimpressive smartphone lineup in recent history.

  • Anonymous

Launching most of these phones with nougat is a joke. Alcatel just trying to avoid Project Treble. If they had Oreo and Snapdragon processors they would be a lot more appealing

  • AnonD-696151

When is s9 launching