Nokia 6110 Navigator review: Know your way

12 October 2007
Are you often getting lost in big cities? Wanna get rid of all those maps in the glove compartment? Then the device we are about to show you, might just be what you're looking for. Combining Nokia smartphone all-round qualities with GPS navigation good enough...

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  • hard4rapper

when I Want Navigator Of My Car I Need To Do What

  • omray

hi guys all over the glop im having probs with my network navigator nokia plz tell me what too do plz

  • mkn

hi guy:i need advise from you all; can i install garin software into n6110? tq

  • Gajanan Hallale

I have maps 2007
I want 2010 so plz tell me how to update maps

  • krish

i stay in india plzzz tell me how
to update maps it has 2007 maps
i need 2010 maps plzzzzz helppppp

  • mj

is it possible to hide files in this unit?

  • Anonymous

€350 ?!?
Here in Portugal it is for €140, and I'm very tempted since my 2yo Sony Ericsson was ruined =(
Very good review, it seems an excellent mobile!


Heeeelp SOS,

If I can choose among N6110 Navigator, N6500 slide or N5610 XpressMusic, which one is the best? I choose those 3 phones because the price of them is a bit same price with more or less features. FYI, I don't need 3.5mm audio jack so much although it may be useful.


  • K Thomas, Bristol, U

I've owned my 6110 for over a year now and its performed flawlwessly. Im very pleased. Its by far the best all-rounder mobile phone i've owned.

The navigation software is perfect with good quick access to satelites (works off around 7-10 satelites), can identify your location within a few minutes, and most often within 1 minute.
Can calculate any route from point A to point B in seconds, and even if you deviate from the planned route it will recalculate within seconds. Also, the voice guided prompts are a lovely touch. And are heard great through the built in stereo speakers.

(TIP: i bought the NOKIA BH-101 bluetooth headset to use with ths phone for making calls and a nice surprise was i could hear the voice navigation prompts through the headset. And if a call comes through it drops the volume so you can hear the caller but still faintly hear the directions for the navigation at the same time. Smart!)

The maps and voice guided navigation are all built in to the phones firmware/software (nokia maps on memory card) and there is NO subscription to the service, unlike the new 6210 where after 6 months a subscription is required. Not good i think for the 6210.

The phone suppotrs all the usual usefull nokia functions which all work perfectly and the phone has'nt crashed on me yet unlike its close rival, the N95, which sports the same operating system.

Superfast internet browsing and multi media capability with its 3.5G HSDPA connection. Tried and tested and works perfect, super fast.

This phone also has a tex message reader function that i dont really use but a nice addition to listen to messages while on the move.

Only downside to this phone, is the 2MP camera which just isnt enough. The phone fits quite snug in your pocket but is quite thick. Closing mechanism has a nice strong sound and you can open and close it all day long without it breaking!

In conclusion, the best phone ive owned so far. It will take some beating. I give it 4 out of 5 stars only cos of the 2MP camera.

  • Sanaan

Can anyoone answer me is this phone 6110 better than 5700 and shooud I pay more money to buy this instead of 5700 ? thanks alot . And this is my second question which is beter betwean n82 and 6220 clasic ?

  • jan

how i love my navigator! the nice calm voice of the guy on the sat nav has kept me cool in a few tricky situations (he also drowns out my mom when shes being helpful...!)lovely lovely phone. got the first one pinched - bought another. sanity rules :)

  • Jacques

I have had my Navigator now for 5 months and have been very happy with the phone overall.

I have been a little dissapointed with the voice quality and I also think the camera quality could be better.

The navigation software is suppurb. I would only hvae like more detail for South Africa. Unfortunately Navteq doesnt cover South Africa as well as other mapping providers. That said - as long as you are on tar the roads are covered.

Battery life also suffers. With GPS in use you have to have the phone plugged into the car charger. As far as I kbow car chargers kill batteries.

With little use I get 3 days standby time. With heavy use 4 hours!

Overall the new S60 v3 software is good and stable and much quicker than my previous 6680 v2 software. I dont like the new methodology with the v3 browser to try be (emulate) a desktop browser. That said - it is much more stable than the previous S60 browser.

Overall. Excellent phone/GPS/PDA combination!

  • Ronelle

over all i enjoy the phone very much the picture quality is the best, more then enough memory, ag just a stunning phone in general. Although i had on little problem the weekend, we used the navigators route to get home from our destination and it got us super lost and driving in circules which lead us to some weird place, but eventually we found our way home...

  • darkdawn

listen mohammad....
if u dont like the phone i think u should give arguments why!!!
i dont understand u....if 1000 people say that its a good phone...why dont u try it...if u had problems then just say so..maybe there is a solution...

many people say bad or good without even trying the phone or at least give us a good reason why they think that...
we are deffrent and we use mobiles differently and we also have diffrent knowledge about software, how a phone works or how to use it.
its like Linux OS...if someone doesnt know how to use it....he says that it sucks...but give it to someone who knows how to handle it and he can do miracles with it...

  • Anonymous

battery on it sucks

  • navi.r

i think that the 6110 is a great phone.its turn by turn navi system is precise and you could choose your routein so many diff ways.i recommend this phone to anyone who needs a phone with almost all features.the only downfall about this phone is that when u go to your messages and allow the phone to read your msgs
its sounds funny and the voice is not that clear but there is a website that you could go to to download extremely clear voices

  • TyTN


it's on the phone, you don't even pay for using nav voice directions (like you have to pay with the N95).

  • gab

once the nav software gets going are u paying for it while its on or is it already downloaded to the phone?

  • Rabiul

It is better to ask someone to show the way. But in places like jungle, desert, northpole where no one is visible, this phone can be used. But map should be purchased separately, or you lost again. You find the right path, if Allah shows you that.

  • Anonymous

I wonder if the slider in N95 8gb is on par with the slider in Navigator..