Huawei P20, P20 Pro and Mate RS hands-on review

27 March 2018
Huawei wasn't the first maker to use a dual-camera setup with the P9, but that's what became the spark of the multiple-camera revolution. The P10 series lost some of that momentum by focusing on experience instead of features, but with the P20 Huawei is back leading the camera race.

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  • Brian South Africa
  • f3e
  • 26 Sep 2018

We just bought the porche design phone and great phone, one of the best we had BUT it uses 1 g b data in four days. We done the normal auto updates, etc we had in at the shop and they also tried but still the same. Anyone with some advice please

    voltaire9, 08 Apr 2018Yeah,but that's even dumber,don't you think??Not really fond of the notch, but the status icons sit in that artificial bezel, so you get a little bit of extra space.

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      • AnonD-751630
      • uwn
      • 12 Apr 2018

      Price :30000

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        • AnonD-751463
        • T3X
        • 12 Apr 2018

        Dann22, 05 Apr 20182030 phones: 8 rear cameras 4 front camerasAnd notches along all four sides

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          • Taz
          • 0Tj
          • 08 Apr 2018

          Notch looks like a giant burn pixel.
          Thanks notch you make my job way easy to pick my next phone. They are not many left with no notches

            Anonymous, 28 Mar 2018Almost every telephone can be a camera, but not every camer... moreI don't even know how to respond to this one.....(@_@)

              Azmo, 28 Mar 2018Let me get this straight: there are people who hate the not... moreWell the notch makes a distorted looking ,incomplete display in my eyes.Would you like a notch on your TV screen while watching your favorite show or long movie??Think about that one for a sec.

                Anonymous, 28 Mar 2018You do know that there's an option to make the side ofthe n... moreYeah,but that's even dumber,don't you think??

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                  • Dann22
                  • C2G
                  • 05 Apr 2018

                  2030 phones:

                  8 rear cameras
                  4 front cameras

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                    • AnonD-5565
                    • m58
                    • 05 Apr 2018

                    AnonD-705533, 02 Apr 2018Please don't trust those guys. They aren't always right. I'... moreI owned a Nexus 6P and would happily buy another huawei. Yes the 6p had two problems..battery and bootloop - but improvements have been made since then

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                      • AnonD-145316
                      • CDE
                      • 04 Apr 2018

                      AnonD-705533, 02 Apr 2018I refuse to believe that P20, P20 Pro or Mate RS camera is ... moreBro! Continue being on denial! Don't worry one day you will wakeup from it, and the P20 will always be there to prove you wrong.

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                        • AnonD-705533
                        • vxK
                        • 02 Apr 2018

                        Shui8, 27 Mar 2018Checkout DXOmark guys! P20 pro blows away all competition b... morePlease don't trust those guys. They aren't always right. I'd advise you to get Nexus 6P before buying P20 / P20 Pro. Something is telling me that it might be a big surprise or bitter disappointment with "all new and shiny" Huawei's. Cheers

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                          • AnonD-705533
                          • vxK
                          • 02 Apr 2018

                          I refuse to believe that P20, P20 Pro or Mate RS camera is any better than even first Pixel phone. It is just not f******* possible. I'm not a Huawei hater though. I've played with P10 & Mate 10 pair having Galaxy S8, Nexus 6P and Google Pixel 2 at the same time. Can confidently assure anyone that neither late Huawei smartphone can beat their own Nexus 6P! It is sad but true. I'm not expecting any cameraphone maker come even close to Google Pixel 2 this year. I'm talking about Android phones only though, didn't play with iPhones.

                            Anonymous, 29 Mar 2018Oogway: didn't they write in the review that they had troub... moreAnd that's really strange isn't it? Being a flagship but having trouble focusing with the front-facing camera. Selfie is not a new thing yet the P20 Pro can't even focus. That's so lame, don't you feel so? If the IPX can do that without any hassle, it shows how bad Huawei is with their FFC.

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                              • AnonD-23984
                              • sxs
                              • 01 Apr 2018

                              Nick, 30 Mar 2018Well, actually Huawei's hybrid zoom is quite a bit differen... moreWell,both camera tech are both impressive,In fact Huawei camera engineers were ex- Nokian Pureview engineers.

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                                • Sahil Uddin
                                • FMY
                                • 31 Mar 2018

                                I rate the Huawei P's as it is exactly a cross breed between the S8 and the iPhone X.

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                                  • kp
                                  • P@Y
                                  • 31 Mar 2018

                                  Spotted Huawei's uses Samsung TV!

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • pp}
                                    • 30 Mar 2018

                                    Telephoto lens with 5 time zoom is great to have on phone camera.....must for all future phones......well done Huawei.

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                                      • AnonD-743635
                                      • LEy
                                      • 30 Mar 2018

                                      AnonD-139449, 30 Mar 2018No matter how much advance cam phone do you have, your imag... moreOr in Youtube videos, trying to prove their quality in a compressed, 2MP resolution.