Moto E5 Plus and E5 hands-on review

19 April 2018
Motorola made its big media day mostly about its best-seller Moto G-series, focusing on the ever more flagship-looking Moto G6 Plus, Moto G6 Play and plain Moto G6. But the E5 and the E5 Plus, which were also announced today are too well-rounded to be ignored.

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  • Boomer98

E5 locked in Safe Mode. How can I get out of Safe Mode?

  • Anonymous

I love this phone it's durable and worth it.

  • John L.

Purchased accidentally / urgently because main smartphone failed. Found an amazing hardware under the hood for an incredible price. (Snapdragon 435, Adreno 505, 3 GBs of RAM, Dual SIM, laser auto-focus. It even came with thin silicon protection cover in the box. It used to be standard priced 167 EUR and found an after-Christmas promotion with 104 EUR.
It does exactly what I used to do with my previous 650 EUR plus the dual SIM and incredible battery lifetime.
What literally amazes me is how the technology versus price came so efficient.

  • Anonymous

I got my Motorola e5 from metro it is the worst phone I have ever had

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2019I bought E5 plus last year August fantastic so far good bat... moreTry using periods to make your sentences more understandable. How lazy are you to not use periods? Dropped out of English class in school?!

  • Sonny

I bought this phone on eBay it was nice and battery is great The only brothers is Mobile connectivity it so hard to get connection over 4g compared to my LG g5 where it's way much faster I would not recommend this phone if you're traveling and constantly changing Sim

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2018Here comes those that never buy anything and complain about... moreAin't that the truth 😝 !!!!!
I just picked up the Cricket Version..
The Moto e5 Supra....
Identical Specs w/The 5+....
Total cost $139.00 includes activation and taxes/fees... Seems to offer everything that I need....

  • Anonymous

I bought E5 plus last year August fantastic so far good battery life and very effective and efficient lovely phone to use navigation is good good camera quality good sound Moto you did well I'm happy I had Samsung and they won't see me for long pls Moto give us Android pie on E5plus

  • Anonymous

Mahesh, 20 May 2018Yes Lenovo kills Motorola brandMaybe, but Motorola is under less threat of being "back doored" by a very large military dictatorship whose global ambitions may well be quite nasty.

  • Hajia

I inserted one Nano SIM card into the phone and closed it, am trying to open it to insert the second one but I cannot open it even with the instrument provided. Secondly, the mannual is not written in English. Pls help me

I recently bought the Moto G5 plus phone through Metro PCS only a couple months ago if that. Day one after purchasing it I picked it up to personalize it for the first time and I noticed all the messages were upside down so I screenshotted them. I've documented all of the error messages that I keep receiving. It's saying my phone is full when it's mostly literally impossible as I had 15 apps just 2 days prior and had deleted them all! So how on Earth is it in fact. I'm headed to Metro right now after contacting them on several occasions. I'm very upset though as there is an incident in which my phone got cracked and I'm concerned that they will dismiss helping me to fix the software issue due to the screen being cracked. Thankfully I do have evidence showing these issues took place before that happened. Is anyone else getting these error messages we're having problems? I'm simply not impressed although I felt it was love at first sight that quickly changed the second I picked it up.

  • Karan P

Very highly priced for the Indian Market. Consumers are aware of the pricing that other brands are offering and this will kill the successful E series by Moto.

  • Wallysan

Sawgunner31, 24 Apr 201816 gb of room and 2 gb of ram? That's a down grade from the... moreSnapdragon 435, Adreno 505, 3 GBs of RAM, and 32 GBs of storage in the US. With the 5000 mAh battery, 18:9 display, and 12 MP camera with laser autofocus, honestly the phone is a fantastic deal.

  • Mahesh, 20 Apr 2018SD 425 in 2018..... Really!!!!!! Lenovo is killing Moto's b... moreYes Lenovo kills Motorola brand

  • Anonymous


  • srsly

Waiting for next year's E6 plus with SD210, 1gb ram, 8gb memory and android go by Lenorola.

  • Sawgunner31

16 gb of room and 2 gb of ram? That's a down grade from the e4 plus. I think there will be changes I'm sure.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Apr 20182GB , 16GB and snapdragon 425? well, there´s a lot wo... moreIf you want better,you should shell out the money for the G6 Plus..what are you expecting at this price point from a Tier One OEM?..SD 625..

  • Anonymous

E5+ looks more premium than my galaxy note.
As expected from company made D&G, ferrari razr design.

  • Anonymous

2GB , 16GB and snapdragon 425? well, there´s a lot worse out there.....