Nokia 7 plus review

20 April 2018
Running out of single-digit numbers in its ever-growing portfolio, the reborn Nokia has started adding words - the high-end Nokia 8 Sirocco is worthy of an iconic moniker from the past, while simpler phones only get a 'plus', with a lowercase 'p' at that! But the Nokia 7 plus isn't looking half-bad - capital 'P' material at least.

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  • Snair7plus

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2021It's my second experience, charging port even apparent... moreWell i am also a using the same phone bro when ever you change the type - c connector suggestions to change the entire pcb type-c port this will give you peace of mind.

  • Anonymous

I have Nokia 7 plus for some time it is a successful phone, it only has a few minuses
1. offline fm radio does not have
2. to take pictures in full screen Mpx drops from 16mpx you get to 12mpx for front lens photos, the selfie one ok
3 . notification led does not have (missed message or call)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2019Mine is ok....I decided to try Nokia by buying a cheap c1 plus. Almost all the problems described above have converged in the c1 plus. It's my second day of use and the screen has already frozen twice and I had to remove and switch in again (luckily it has a removable battery). What happened to Nokia, they should overhaul everything and everyone involved in design and production to enable them deliver quality phones once again.

  • jhona

i am also using nokia 7plus for 2 years and 3 times already sent for repair. after 5 months of used, suddenly it black out that i can not switch on even i put it on charge..i dont understand what happened, after so many times of trying to switch on, i opened after 24hours. at 8th month, battery bloated so i have to bring it on repair shop to change the battery as it has built in battery. after a year, charging port broke so i have to send back for repair. and again, its always getting black out for no reason. at 1 year and 6 months, charging port broke again. and as of these days, it always black out when i am making calls though sound is there.

  • Anonymous

It's my second experience, charging port even apparently it's fine but I need to change different direction of the phone untill it start charging

  • UK Family

Me and my daughter bought the same phone and both have had the same issue the USB C charging socket broke.
In my daughter's it broke.
In mine it hasn't fully broke but I have place something under the charging cable and then some weight on the phone to make a good connection for charging.
The phone itself is great I love it.
But this charging port is it built very well. Now it's a challenge to get it to charge. If you get the weight ratio correct and it shows it's charging you need to check a couple of time every 5 mins. If the charging is increasing then you can leave it as it will charge.
Though in some cases it will charge to a certain percentage and stop you have to remove the cable and put it back in and get the weight ratio correct and observe the charging then it will charge to 100%


AUEzzat, 29 Aug 2020The phone at first looks good and durable, but that good im... moreSame here. For whatever reason the charging socket or port broke after a year. Not sure if the charging port is really durable enough or not. Haaays

  • jfmom

Best phone ever. When I start having any problems with freezing or slowing down, I restart and everything is good for another few months. I don't regret the money I spent on this phone

The phone at first looks good and durable, but that good image started fading fast:
1. After about a month of using the phone freezes most of the time I open an app or close one
2. The phone gets super hot when if it stays in charge for more than 5 minutes
3. The camera is below average
4. The touch isn't very responsive
5. The charging socket broke after 1 year

There are working phones in the same price range, not worth throwing away your money.

Mattpack, 03 May 2020Hi, can you explain why when choosing video recording pictu... moreBecause of EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) to make the videos smooth.

  • Anonymous

Worst phone I've ever freezing every time, charging problem,camera quality is very poor.just wasted money on this phone.not worth for the money spent.

  • Suraj

R, 17 Jul 2020There is an issue with the charging port. Got it repaired a... moreYes
Faced the same problem for if repaired but still have to charge at a certain angle

  • R

There is an issue with the charging port. Got it repaired and still had issues. Had to charge the phone in an angle and now it's completely blanked out, doesn't charge at all.

  • Anonymous

Newton, 15 Feb 2020The phone Nokia 7 plus is a good phone but the only challen... moreTrue. there's a prob in charging port.

  • Anonymous

Best phone i've ever had.

  • Anonymous

worst phone in my entire life.....

  • Mattpack

Hi, can you explain why when choosing video recording picture looks like using zoom compared to picture making.

  • Seven

Sorry to say it's a phone I would not buy again.
The screen freezes at random, phone contact won't come up when I do a search, so you end up scrolling through the list.
The apps keep shifting, never in the same spot.
Battery goes hot at times with normal use.

  • Ai2x

GOOD afternoon po ma'am@sir,

How many percent of the phone will be connected to the charger?

  • Newton

The phone Nokia 7 plus is a good phone but the only challenge is the charging port. Sometimes one has to put it at an angle for it to charge, therefore damaging the
Type C charger.
The port is a big let down on this phone but the rest of the features are good.