Nokia 7 plus review

20 April 2018
Running out of single-digit numbers in its ever-growing portfolio, the reborn Nokia has started adding words - the high-end Nokia 8 Sirocco is worthy of an iconic moniker from the past, while simpler phones only get a 'plus', with a lowercase 'p' at that! But the Nokia 7 plus isn't looking half-bad - capital 'P' material at least.

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  • jfmom

Best phone ever. When I start having any problems with freezing or slowing down, I restart and everything is good for another few months. I don't regret the money I spent on this phone

The phone at first looks good and durable, but that good image started fading fast:
1. After about a month of using the phone freezes most of the time I open an app or close one
2. The phone gets super hot when if it stays in charge for more than 5 minutes
3. The camera is below average
4. The touch isn't very responsive
5. The charging socket broke after 1 year

There are working phones in the same price range, not worth throwing away your money.

Mattpack, 03 May 2020Hi, can you explain why when choosing video recording pictu... moreBecause of EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) to make the videos smooth.

  • Anonymous

Worst phone I've ever freezing every time, charging problem,camera quality is very poor.just wasted money on this phone.not worth for the money spent.

  • Suraj

R, 17 Jul 2020There is an issue with the charging port. Got it repaired a... moreYes
Faced the same problem for if repaired but still have to charge at a certain angle

  • R

There is an issue with the charging port. Got it repaired and still had issues. Had to charge the phone in an angle and now it's completely blanked out, doesn't charge at all.

  • Anonymous

Newton, 15 Feb 2020The phone Nokia 7 plus is a good phone but the only challen... moreTrue. there's a prob in charging port.

  • Anonymous

Best phone i've ever had.

  • Anonymous

worst phone in my entire life.....

  • Mattpack

Hi, can you explain why when choosing video recording picture looks like using zoom compared to picture making.

  • Seven

Sorry to say it's a phone I would not buy again.
The screen freezes at random, phone contact won't come up when I do a search, so you end up scrolling through the list.
The apps keep shifting, never in the same spot.
Battery goes hot at times with normal use.

  • Ai2x

GOOD afternoon po ma'am@sir,

How many percent of the phone will be connected to the charger?

  • Newton

The phone Nokia 7 plus is a good phone but the only challenge is the charging port. Sometimes one has to put it at an angle for it to charge, therefore damaging the
Type C charger.
The port is a big let down on this phone but the rest of the features are good.

  • Stevee

Excellent sound quality ,the auto rotate should have a manual touch screen alternative

  • JoeM

My Nokia 4+ keeps on restarting when charged. Port is also loose for the charger/data cable.

  • Anonymous

Anas, 19 Oct 2018Hai Guys Please not buy nokia 7 plus Bad experience. Ba... moreMine is ok....

👉You believe are not believe i true talks.. My target 2018 i one day buy nokia 7+ but not dream success per next this 2019 year i Very hard job my family out me not support i buying this device😪😑but Alhamdulillah i make dream i doing job week to week and one Night my boss give me some Money i already have some money and totally money complete I going market night to night buying go to Oman Ruwi shop I and my big brother have last day support you wow! Device buying bro but I can't impressed her comments back memory can't forget you and mom not support me why buy Nokia this is rubbish but I can't Don't leave this device look all public my mom my brother all family member likes so I am very happy now you trying to trying one day you hard day success insha' comments ones this Nokia 7 plus camera battery design build quality display quality ram rom must faster and impressed me I crush this device 👌😘🌹🔥🔥💪💪Nokia childhood king and now are king always respect Nokia🥰🥰👍

  • Anonymous

169 masterrace, 02 Sep 2018Not 16:9 display ratio. Into the trash it goes*Looks at 18.5-19:9 screen ratio


3absh, 14 Feb 2019my Nokia 7.1 plus concept specs -6.4" 2340x1080 19.5:9 s... more6.4 inch? With that display there is definetely enough space for a 4000mah battery.

Sheila, 01 Mar 2019Huawei honor 8x or Nokia 7 plusNokia 7plus+