Motorola Moto G6 Plus review

12 May 2018
A flagship of sorts, within its own family at least, the Moto G6 Plus is the best equipped among the G6 brethren with a specsheet that covers all the bases and a price tag that won't break the bank. Another in a line of successful Moto Gs then? We'll get to that.

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  • No

I totally agree with your comment on this post phone.. never would recommend

  • Loxi K.

This phone is GREAT! Forget what all the bad reviews say, I could say nothing bad about it! It has fast speed, fast charging, great camera, great features, and awesome price. It is a bigger phone so if you are looking for a smaller phone this may not be the one for you. Thanks for coming out with this phone from heaven, Motorola! Keep up the good work!

  • Kenja

Linda, 25 Feb 2020You must be mistaken. I have a Motorola G6 and it's a piece... moreThis Motorola phone is a piece of s***. Touch screen dont work all the time unless I push the volume up button. My text messages are delayed by a day.Whatever Network chip they using in this phone is a piece of garbage. Ever since I got this phone it's been giving me hell. When it's time to upgrade my phone I'm not going to trade it in. Break this piece of s*** phone and burn it. all I got to say is Motorola phones are a piece of s*** don't waste your money on them they suck. So does MetroPCS.

  • Linda

You must be mistaken. I have a Motorola G6 and it's a piece of garbage. It shuts off randomly, battery usage is erratic at best. Charge cords are loose and don't connect very well. Even the really good chords that came with the phone. Sometimes it sees the Wi-Fi, sometimes it doesn't. I'll never buy another one of these pieces of junk. Mine is only 2 years old.

  • Anonymous

No VoLTE good

  • Old-Edwardian.

prashant, 06 Feb 2019Phone is very worst. Don't have good camera, Battery back i... morePerhaps you should see an eye doctor.
This is a TERRIFIC phone, it has virtually the same capabilities of phones costing 3 and 4 times as much.
Oh sorry it is slower than those other phones, does that mean my voice travels more slowly.
Forget the CRAP about speed, buy this phone YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY.

Can anyone tell me about the update in my country pakistan?
It has already been released in other countries but not in mine, Should I wait or Forget about it?

  • prashant

Phone is very worst. Don't have good camera, Battery back is also not good. Looking like China phone. Display also not attractive. Don't go for it

  • Anonymous

Hi, I'm looking for a mid-range phone and have narrowed it down to be between the Nokia 8.1 or the Moto G6 Plus. I want the one with the best camera above any other features. Can anyone offer advice which one to go for?

  • Anonymous

How to capture the screen?

  • kirito

good phone

  • Anonymous

foconauta, 21 Nov 2018Moto G6 Plus or P10? Camera is important for me. Luke said camera fine, i assume better than 6s.
I use moto Xstyle along 6s+ which Xstyle better specialy under low light.
My friend drop huawei single drop than phone dead, motorola will survive

  • foconauta

Moto G6 Plus or P10? Camera is important for me.

  • Luke

I had a store credit under warranty for my iphone 6s as it wouldn't hold a charge for longer than 30mins. I was initially going to replace it with the same phone. I spent a few days looking for alternatives and it was the first time not having an apple so I was hesitant. I decided I would go for the Moto G6 Plus, it has taken a few days adjusting to the android system but its no problem now. The camera quality is great, battery life is amazing and it also has quick charge so I never have to worry about my phone going flat. The touch button unlock works perfectly everytime. A few cool features that you can do to get to apps fast I learnt: you can chop the phone twice and the flashlight turns on and you also swivel the phone twice and it takes you straight to the camera (this was awesome when I went to an event the other day), very convenient. If you are unsure about this phone I assure you, you wont be disappointed. I paid $1399 NZD for my iphone 6s when it came out, I could never justify spending that much again. Moto G6 Plus cost me $579 NZD.

  • Omid 12 Omidvar

Dearest friends...Good for 250 dollars but having IR,USB 3.1 and OTG,Radio rds would have increased the quality .Good news that with Google support it goes to android 9 ...Unfortunately In X place worldwide , it would be $ 1500 plus . Just good for buyers outside. X place. For others it is a good midrange ....Good luck public.

  • BT7474

DilipK, 22 Jun 2018do it support slow motion ? thnx in adv.Arguably the best method of how to use the camera

1: Open up YouTube
2: within YouTube's search box search for < Moto G6 Camera >

  • Well

Ex - Motorola fan, 11 Sep 2018It's not worth it, especially speaking of the updates. I ha... more
For the price. You wont find anything better than this!!

  • TxJay

How do you know if you have "misaligned optics"? Just the fuzziness of the images?

  • Ex - Motorola fan

It's not worth it, especially speaking of the updates. I have yet to receive android Oreo on "Moto g5 plus" (which came with android night pre-installed the last year) , while it's the time for the releasing of android 9 (which I highly doubt would ever come to this phone, considering the fcukin Lenovo'$ extra fake promises and failed hypes - yeah looking at you Z5). Btw,, android 7.0 nogut was released in 2016. Ofcourse Lenovo couldn't build a decent phone but it just brilliantly screwed the Moto series range of phones with all those dog crap product portfolio consisting of God only knows how many phones. Don't get me started on the Motorola India customer service and RMA procedure headache on DOA mobiles and defective pieces. It used to be so clean n pure n polished under Google, just being of Moto E, G and X. My 1st gen Moto G (while under Google) still runing strong, the build quality and reliability has been made so rugged, it's still one of the best built phones around but, not to say it too had it's few fare shares of issues but not as anything close to as past 2 years products. And... Coming to my Moto G5 plus's camera glass shatters from the height of 15 cms. Yes literally 15 cms, dont mention the speaker crackling, suck a$$ battery and worst of all, display burnin or ghosting images (Google) carried from Moto g4 plus to Moto g5 plus. Most of my friends and family members use Moto phones and almost all of them having atleast a few shitty issues with their mobiles.
It's Time for Lenovo to gather their crap together, revamp and streamline their current series and do anything better until then it's time for us to move on to other better brands for even lesser price which atleast justify. Sorry if I had offended anyone, don't get me wrong. Motorola was my first phone and also it's my first smart phone from the classic Motorola Razr to moto X to Moto 360 watch.. well atleast while it was still owned by the Google. Just wanted to throw some truth from my first hand experience and unfilled expectations on now the present 'Lenovo Owned Motorola'. God knows what comes with the above reviewed Moto g6 plus and the upcoming phones. I have ton load to say, but it's not worth my time assuming anyone with half peanut sized brain would have gotten the picture by now, well if you want to know more.. just Google, duh.

Have a good day, peace, sayonara!

  • for_dilip