Motorola Moto G6 Play review

18 May 2018
Few brands can boast such a monumental legacy as Motorola - one of the original forefathers and titans on the mobile scene. And it's not just the brick-like phones of the past that contribute to this special status either. You only need to turn the clock back five years or so from now to see the original Moto G at the forefront of a budget smartphone revolution.

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  • Mike Irwin
  • nyI
  • 10 Oct 2021

Had a Moto G6 play.It's signal quality was excellent.
Bought a Samsung A 40 and unless I take residence close to the local mast It's almost useless.Would have bought another Moto but I don't fancy a 6.5 inch phone.

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    • len
    • sxr
    • 03 Sep 2021

    what is the compatible battery for moto g6play

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      • TheDoggoMaster
      • 0UU
      • 23 Oct 2020

      It's a great phone. Not the best but I still love the phone. I also love the price of the phone fells like I'm paying just inof or less.
      BTW I live in Macidonia so the prices are different for me.

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        • TMI
        • m77
        • 30 Sep 2020

        I've been using Motorola phones for years
        Never been tempted to Samsung , iPhone etc
        Motorola will give you a low budget or high budget phone whatever price suits your finances.

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • 3Jn
          • 09 Apr 2020

          One really annoying feature is that when you turn up the volume to hear it ring it only turns up media volume and says silent on ring. I know it's multifunctional but it's primary user should still be a phone.

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            • Muhammad hussain
            • U{U
            • 23 Nov 2019

            One of the best make from Moto .....the display touch very beautiful ...good one at very low price ..

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              • M.Kamran Khan
              • 6PX
              • 28 Jul 2019

              Its Internel Space 2GB or 3 GB

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                • amc
                • 3ay
                • 02 Feb 2019

                Just got the G6 Play, having problems with trying to switch it off. Every time I choose 'Power Off' it looks like it is switching off but then powers back up again. Any suggestions?

                  I am i terested to know what bitrate is the video recording...256kbps or 320kbps?

                  And what is the maximum brightness is the phone capable of?

                    Why will someone buy this device with such low specs for such a high price and when you already know lenovo is going to destroy it with their updates.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • IWM
                      • 23 May 2018

                      Very generous with its thickness. Next.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • mxD
                        • 22 May 2018

                        Anonymous, 20 May 2018The way that motorola should have done things Moto G 6 p... moreMoto g6 plus is excellent camera is very fast photos are excellent sound & earpiece are all excellent I have yet to find any fault with this phone I was told Nokia is no match for it they have terrible sound and photo's are not as good as the photo's don't come out as nice as Moto g6 plus Moto have done an excellent job with the improvements on the g6 plus

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                          • Anonymous
                          • PA7
                          • 22 May 2018

                          Steve Dojobs, 19 May 2018I thing I like about Motorola is their design. They do not ... moreMotorola has patent more gan apple and samsung combine.
                          G6p has QC 15w, S9 only 10w, iphone X QC 12w.
                          Excellent for ¼ the price

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                            • Anonymous
                            • awB
                            • 20 May 2018

                            The way that motorola should have done things

                            Moto G 6 play : snapdragon 450
                            Moto G 6: snapdragon 630
                            Mtoo G 6 Plus : snapdragon 660.

                            I would rather go for the g5s. This one achieves the same batery endurance as per say a regular phone with 3300mah batery phone with efficiency processor like a 625 for instance.

                            Honestly not only is hard to recommend as the only viable option is the the G6 plus when price goes down. But Motorola will launch the improved S line sis months later.... So.... For now, it s best to wait or look elsewhere.

                            Go for the Nokia 6 2018

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                              • Anonymous
                              • m5k
                              • 20 May 2018

                              Xhxhyy, 20 May 2018The problem in this 2018 Moto G line-ups is too much chipse... moreThe 450 isn't that bad its nearly a 625 and the new 460 (whenever that comes out) will be a budget game changer. A 400 chipset is fine as these are budget entry phones, not midrangers, but people don't want to see older 400 chipsets being recycled - 430/435 are about 2+ years old - they have to be the new ones.

                                • X
                                • Xhxhyy
                                • 61y
                                • 20 May 2018

                                The problem in this 2018 Moto G line-ups is too much chipset variant Motorola use. From a merely QSD 425 to QSD 630. They should ditch QSD 4xx from Moto G line-ups. It's just horrible chipset.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • nYK
                                  • 20 May 2018

                                  SohailSays, 19 May 2018Moto G1, G2, X-Series, Play-Series before Lenovo acquired M... moreThey didn't sale themself to Lenovo, Google sold Motorola to Lenovo because Google bought Moto purely for their patents (they sold Moto to Lenovo without any patents)

                                    Stupid price for a mediocre phone. Remember when the moto g4 came out at $200? That was a decent phone at a decent price. So now that Moto has greater competition than ever before, they present a worse offering...? No one should Ever consider this over the 7x/Mate Se. This year's lineup's pricing is a huge miss in a year they absolutely needed a home run :(

                                      SohailSays, 19 May 2018Moto G1, G2, X-Series, Play-Series before Lenovo acquired M... moreHahahaha nice one Sohail, "effed up". Here, have a upvote xD

                                        Moto G1, G2, X-Series, Play-Series before Lenovo acquired Moto were the best ones. I still have no idea why did Motorola sold themselves to Lenovo?! They had all the A to Z to gain the customers. I still miss those days. Say it with me. "Lenovo effed up Moto!"