Oppo Realme 1 review

28 May 2018
The 2018 budget smartphone scene is an unforgiving battlefield. It's a place not too many manufacturers are willing to go to and Oppo, for sure, hasn't gone down so low on the price scale up so far. The Realme 1 is Oppo's first device in a brand new ultra-budget line and it's nothing short of a loud and flamboyant show of power. Potentially even a declaration of war.

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  • Azeem

Why is it not available online 😭😭😭

SK, 05 May 2020This phone isn't made for gaming. Processor is mediatek and... moreDon't say that, i got a p70 on one of my phones (Motorola One Macro) and it's great! Not black shark 2 great but it's waaay more than you would expect for a phone that costs (i bought it on a massive sale) 130 euros

  • SK

This phone isn't made for gaming. Processor is mediatek and I don't think it's necessary to expand any further. Waste of money for gamers.

  • Surendar

Please update realme theme store

Supweb battery and pubg works very smoothly....

  • sanj

both led flash, front and rear ?

  • Romeo

Avieek, 30 Aug 2018Display Brightness is very low... otherwise all good... and... moreReally Display Bridness is too low...kindly solve this problem

Hello GSM Arena Review Team,

The performance benchmark test results and the select devices used by you for the benchmark test of the primary device, are in a class of its own. The simplicity and depth of - technical review and comparison features provided are of expert grade.

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  • Kier

Hey may i ask if the 64gb variant is good ?

  • Kier

Sanu, 20 Aug 2018You can download gallery app from Google play store & u... moreSir may i ask if what brand, model and variant are you using ?

  • Tom

Sharma, 03 Jun 2018wt would be the free memory in 64gb variant ?? plz replyUser available memory is 49 gb.

  • RD

Manual Ip address not allowing in Static category..Need to focus..Oppo

  • oreo

MVJ, 16 Sep 2018Will it's frequency work for Vodafone 4g in India?yes

  • Shiv Shankar

Hi team....
In realme 2 pro mobile has huge problem occurs
when operating
1.Sim card saved number not display
2.when plug in charging....not show estimated time of charging
3.system video playing app have not crop mode 2 extending the video in other size
4.Battery draining is fast
so team plz improve this problem...

  • MVJ

Will it's frequency work for Vodafone 4g in India?

Shuvobd, 07 Sep 2018Brothers.. I need a help. I bought a realme 1 ( 4/64gb). An... moreI forgot to mention that I bought my set from amazon india..and currently I am in Banglades. Thnx

Brothers.. I need a help. I bought a realme 1 ( 4/64gb). And I have intention to use in my country Bangladesh. While I insert my sim..it's showing always Network lock message, which says "you are using region customized phone. It's communication is restricted in current region". Whats the solution? Please help me

  • Avieek

Display Brightness is very low... otherwise all good... and very comfortable...

  • Mandeep

As some user said the performance is not good I but tell you one thing I am not seen any other telling about that but I tell you . The p60 processor is good comes with support 1800 mhz ddr4 ram which is higher enough to beat snapdragons 660 comes with 1333 mhz ram support and even hello p 60 use A73 4 heavy core 2ghz where 660 use A72 which they improve performance and developmed core name kryo 260 runs @2.2 GHz but the second core runs A53 @1.8 GHz on the other hand hello p60 use 2 GHz A53 the processor can easily beat snapdragon 660 . Snapdragon use 14 nm technology and hello p60 use 12 nm technology but on the other hand in . .Gpu session the snapdragon use 512 adreno gpu which is power full then the Mali G72 mp3 adreno graphic processing unit is a weak point for Mediatek. .😊

  • Sanu

Prasad, 08 Jul 2018This z worst phone, sim 1 calling time 2nd sim no call waitingSir, please check with setting option - call waiting option.