Nokia 6500 classic review: Slim inside out

23 October 2007
Just made commercially available, the Nokia 6500 classic is a sight for the sore eyes of thousands of slim-phone lovers, who had been quivering with anticipation. The new addition to the Nokia Series 40 team had us equally impatient to see what it's capable of...

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  • sania

i hav dis fone frm last 6 mths n its problems yet.touchwood

  • Shafi

Hai i have nokia was not working the mobile prople.and it speaker was not working

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2007"The QVGA resolution is not much of a boast but it does a job ju... moreI agree with you.

Entire review does not seem to be objective. "At this stage however, there seem to be very few arguments in favor of purchasing the Nokia 6500 classic."

In my opinion Nokia 6500 Classic is great if you are looking for a small, stylish and reliable phone with some common features.

  • Sana Javed

Sorry i mean to say when i will buy it.. then i will surely post my opinion..

  • Sana Javed

i dont have this set yet.. i will write about it when i will but it.. ok...

  • debbi

Elaine, 19 Jun 2008I am on my second handset, the first one caused me problems as i... morewhere did you complain to and how cause my phones done exactly the same surely a fault on them

  • 6500c

i got the phone about a month ago, it also came with a non-nokia battery (momax). the battery doesn't seem to be compatible with the phone as it automatically turns off the phone from time to time. the battery life doesn't seem to read accordingly (full battery but show low battery message)and it doesn't seem to get charge probably via the phone or the desktop battery charger, anyone has a similar problem?

  • Anonymous

novosibirsk, 05 May 2008Why NOONE here mentions the SAR?At 0.92 W/kg I prefer different ... moreWhat do you mean? Is a really low SAR rate.

  • apple

just got this phone this week and i kinda like slim dat it can even fit my wallet..=)

  • Elaine

I am on my second handset, the first one caused me problems as it kept cutting me off and the interference was problematic. Complained and received a second set the reception is better and it does not cut out however I cannot connect it to my bluetooth car kit which the first handset connected to without any problems. I really feel this handset has a lot of problems as my friend has had problems with hers too.

  • novosibirsk

Why NOONE here mentions the SAR?At 0.92 W/kg I prefer different frying pan

  • Anon

I like this phone, It's very sexy and does the basic job of a cellphone, but there seems to be some phone software bugs. I've been having problems with connecting the phone to PC Suite.
The camera's night mode is also horrible.

  • Jez

For anyone having problems with the volume on this phone..

There IS a volume control, it's not mentioned in the manual and the instructions on their webpage are wrong.. buuut.. if you hit the up or down buttons on the central navigation square, it raises or lowers the volume, making it more than audible and the sound quality is actually really good. Apart from that hideous whining that everything nokia suffers from.


  • Ashwin

Has any one among you been able to extract all the default contents(themes,ringtones,games etc) from 6500 classic. Any good soul who done it, pls post it.


  • MYfly

Bought the phone last week without a contract. Like we already know about over half a year ;-p the phone design looks great - even in real! It is a nice business phone - it's classic! I am not a technique nerd - so the display is great for me, the keypad - you must get use to it - but o.k., the menue is like in the old ones, a minus would be the fingerprints you would see on the battery cover and that the sound volume of the caller is not controllable and it is too low!

The other problem that I found out is that if you want to shoot a photo in the dark, the flash turns up to earlie before the picture is even taken ... Maybe somebody can give me advice how to handle that problem?!

All in all - I like the phone very much! I can recommend it!

  • Matias

Had the phone for about 2 weeks now and is good for someone who just wants a simple and attractive handset. Battery is a lot better than the 6300. It is prone to a lot of fingerprints, especially the back cover. Dirt gets trapped on the sides of the screen and may be difficult to clean out.

  • Anonymous

"The QVGA resolution is not much of a boast but it does a job just good enough"

Pathetic reviews.

A year or so ago, these same people were going crazy about the QVGA displays and how CRISP and BRIGHT and blah blah they looked. Now look at their comments. So what other resolution do u want on a 2.0 inch screen? 1600x1200? lol


  • Steve

Keypad is fine, I find it very tactile and responsive. Better than the 6300's, not as good as 6233's...

  • Anonymous

Does the keypad really as bad as what it says in the review?

  • Steve

"The Nokia 6300 is a much better phone in my opinion. The 6300 Looks nicer, very much the same features (and better features in some cases) and can accommodate more memory than the 6500."

If memory is your main concern then don't buy a S40 handset. I have a 6300 & 6500 classic and the 6500c is better in every area.

As for the complaint about fingerprints in the review, the only place fingerprints may be seen is on the back on the battery cover. It's impossible to get prints on the front of the phone due to the phones brushed aluminium finish!