Huawei P20 Pro long-term review

19 July 2018
It was an exciting flagship season this spring, yes, but once the dust has settled, there was only a handful of devices that left lasting impressions. On top of that shortlist is the tri-eyed beast that is the Huawei P20 Pro and it was high time we do a long-term review of this one while using it as a daily driver.

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  • Kiev

Had my phone since Sep 2018, still running good. I dropped it (unprotected) just a month after getting it and it has visible cracks on the front screen, back is unharmed. I chose not to replace the screen cause I can still use it, just pretended that it's not there. The lack of updates now is what makes it somewhat a let down. I'm happy I bought this and after 3 years I can say that it's a flagship that lasts. Another thing is it can still run new processor heavy games such as Genshin Impact(lowest settings and sometimes laggy but I managed). Camera quality still makes it great compared to low budget phones today with higher amount of megapixels.

  • Leeroy

Had my p20pro two half years, even kept it when my upgrade was due, best phone ever had, does all I need and more, can't fault it, exceptional

  • Shadeel

Mjare, 17 Feb 2019Very weak screen man, i already have few scraches but i don... moreI don't think so cause I have CLT-T29 MODEL which was thrown on ground and got slip while running a bike not even scratch on the screen

  • Qirex

This is the best phone I've ever had. After a long history of Apple phones in my life I decided to get this phone for a change and I don't regret it one single bit. Tough screen, fantastic battery I don't have to charge once/twice a day (looking at you, Apple), it handles games flawlessly without getting more than tepid, the camera is amazing and it looks incredible. 10/10 from me :D everyone's experience may be different but I can't recommend it enough.

HelarK, 12 Dec 2018Buy this phone because: 1. i have dropped P20Pro face down... moreVery weak screen man, i already have few scraches but i dont even know where they came from... Great phone but dont use without screen protection

  • Anonymous

1st of all, I have it and it's a nice phone, but on last emui 9 huawei decided to force lock the phone on pressing the power button or when the screen goes off.
Before (on emui 8) users had the chance to decide on that (for people with pin lock thats horrible as you have to put the pin every time the screen goes off, while before you could chose to lock the phone when no action for 2 min)

Every day huawei wants to be more apple.. locking user options, like disabling 16:9 on photo capture, locking the phone always on screen off,or like locking other bootloades or dev access...
I undersand there's no perfect phone, and again, P20pro is really nice one i use daily, but i'm just disapointed on software decissions that restrict the user. Hope they will correct in next patches...

  • harukaze87

I got the phone recently and was bugged about having all apps on home as well. Good thing there is Microsoft Launcher and I can have only the apps I need on home screens. Also I can disable the screen on the left with news and stuff.
Speaking off Microsoft, the now dead Lumia line had the long exposure feature on all the phones for 5-6 years now. It's not something invented on the Galaxy S7 or by Apple recently

  • paknon76

p20 pro go only for camera. that all

  • HelarK

hhvdblom, 21 Nov 2018Dont buy this phone: 1. No gorilla glass, the glass is weak... moreBuy this phone because:
1. i have dropped P20Pro face down on the asphalt at half a meter. Barely made a scratch on the glass, nothing visible (had no protection).
2. Camera does have a very good lighting in shadows and dark but MasterAI may decide to focus on something else and oversaturate, user can always turn it off or use pro or HDR mode.

  • Jani

More better, this: or Huawei P20/P20 Pro.

  • hhvdblom

Dont buy this phone: 1. No gorilla glass, the glass is weak. 2. The camera does not have good lighting. The S9+ has gorilla glass and has good lighting. The condition when there is shadow and you have to turn your phone to get good lighting on the subject the Huawei sucks and the S9+ shines. Strange that is not noticed during testing of reviewers. The weak glass is already mentioned by professional reviewers, but the lighting conditions not. My girlfriend has a S9+ so I could compare. If there was a shadowed environment, the S9+ was much more capable to deliver a good picture, the Huawei not.

  • sally

David, 20 Jul 2018I've been using P20 pro for more than 2 months and it still... moreHi .. what's ur opinion about the p2o pro after all this period? still good? what about it's durability, is the body fragile as many says?

  • Anonymous

Brianjohnsonisbetter, 23 Aug 2018Finally a long term phone review by a Pokémon Go pla... moreNo lag, makes it easier to throw those excellent curve balls

  • Anonymous

Brianjohnsonisbetter, 23 Aug 2018Finally a long term phone review by a Pokémon Go pla... moreHe had already said that there is no app which p20pro cant run smoothly

  • Brianjohnsonisbetter

Finally a long term phone review by a Pokémon Go player! The real question is forever how the phone performs when playing the game. Any lag?

  • Spatriik


AnonD-754421, 26 Jul 2018XZ2*Premium*, the one with the BW second camera. Still on p... moreThe statement was that in ALL the comparisons the XZ2 won out? Now it's just in some of the shots?? Hmm, not quite the bold statement anymore. Anyway, having seen the XZ2 (Premium or otherwise) first hand, I can tell you, it doesn't even come close.

  • Zeldir

Got mine this Saturday. I was using S7 edge before and got tired of Samsung. S9+ seemed to me the same phone with slightly better camera, processor and RAM. This was the best choice I have made so far for mobile. I have the twilight color, which is gorgeous, super snappy phone with amazing, truly amazing camera. Night mode is just insane. And I am extremely heavy user and still have 20% left at the end of the day (my Galaxy has to be charged twice a day). I highly recommend it !

  • Anonymous

Jamesschwarz987, 20 Jul 2018I hope there's a phone with 5" (or lower) compact 16:9 scre... moreyes u can find it at random shop at dreamland

  • Anonymous

Best low light camera by far.