Moto Z3 review

24 August 2018
Motorola has launched a new member of the Moto Z series - the Moto Z3. However, its actual announcement has raised many eyebrows and has us wondering if the Moto Z3 is more of a refresh of the Z2 than a real successor.

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  • 12 Nov 2023

How this verzon be used , is the Moto z3 play cover available in the market, (accessories of Moto z3 play)

    Coming back to this phone's review in 2022, I only noticed how impressive the battery endurance rating was. The 2016 Moto Z Force has a smaller and shorter 16:9 screen and an extra 500mAh of battery capacity, and yet the Z3 is only two hours behind the Z Force despite having a larger and taller 18:9 screen and a smaller battery. It does show that it isn't the larger and taller screen that saps more battery juice, it's the higher screen resolution. Frankly speaking, 1080p is still more than enough for most people, even in 2022.

      T M, 27 Aug 2018Another lazy and trash effort by Lenovo. When your only rea... moreLol, I prefer to have the Moto Mods add-on instead of using a Bluetooth connection. No more BT lag when using the Moto Mods, especially for the Moto 360 camera and the Moto Gamepad, and that is a solid big win for me!

        T M, 27 Aug 2018Another lazy and trash effort by Lenovo. When your only rea... moreTHIS.

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          • 27 Aug 2018

          Another lazy and trash effort by Lenovo. When your only real must have feature is not only an add on which means more $$$, but there isn't even a firm date when it will come out. With OP6 and Zenfone 5z out at this price, this phone is laughable.

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            • 27 Aug 2018

            I like Motorola with its stock Android but this design is shamelessly ignore practical handling.

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              • 26 Aug 2018

              Good Phone

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                • 25 Aug 2018

                mkidd, 25 Aug 2018I know all Moto Z users or Moto lovers who wanted to upgrad... moreWell said.

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                  • 25 Aug 2018

                  I know all Moto Z users or Moto lovers who wanted to upgrade what they already have with this phone are disappointed with the fact that Motorola released this "Flagship" with SD835. I am a Moto Z user for 1,5 years and I really waited for this 3rd generation Z to upgrade my phone. And yes, I also feel a bit disappointed.

                  But let's be honest; for somebody who already loves Moto Z line, this is phone is just great! Sony and Samsung phones are great, as well as Xiaomi phones. But their design and software aren't for me! I love the Moto actions, Moto display, the pure Android they adapt and bring to us!

                  - Great battery life
                  - Better camera than Moto Z
                  - Slim bezels
                  - Great samsung panel
                  - Nice looking GG3 design
                  - Loud spekars
                  - Useful and cool gesture navigation bar
                  - As promised, compatibility for moto mods!

                  All these points I mentioned above make this phone great phone for an upgrade if you are coming from Moto Z. Moto Z2 force users might also upgrade for a better looking yet it's a bit debatable whether it's worth, I reckon.

                  And beyond all these the phone has a price tag of 480 USD! I am sure that it's gonna be around 500-550 euros and it seems like it's an worthy upgrade.

                  Some of you might not like Motorola's design or innovative ideas such Mods! But just stop spreading hate! Just do not buy it. Yet we like it.

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                    • PA7
                    • 25 Aug 2018

                    Anonymous, 25 Aug 2018Great battery life. Great and loud audio. And slim bezel... moreBeen try iphone, galaxy note, other flagship but my daily driver still Motorola, most engineers use it for the technology slates view steps faster

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                      • 25 Aug 2018

                      Great battery life.
                      Great and loud audio.
                      And slim bezels.
                      I think MOTOROLA is GREAT PHONE.

                        At $480 it's a good deal but this feels like the most underwhelming release from Lenovo. Why not put out a flagship worthy device Lenovo??? This just doesn't feel like a true upgrade from the Z2 force.

                          I think it's not a bad deal. SD 835 is a capable SoC. With nearly stock Android, it will not be a problem.

                          However, I will repeat what I had mentioned before - Motorola ( Lenovo) will surely have some plans in mind for not releasing SD 845 device. Either they have something else with SD 845 OR they are planning to enter early next year with SD 855 and a new flagship line.

                          Also, identical bodies of Moto Z3 and Z3play is not an accidental event. It is a deliberate move to cut down the production costs, with clear idea in mind about how a buyer would respond. Neither Z3 nor Z3play will have huge volmes of sale, hence, play simple with no changes in production line.

                          No established corporate would play foolish and Motorola/ Lenovo are well established ones.

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                            • 25 Aug 2018

                            Actually, Snapdragon 835 still worth it for next two years. Snapdragon 845 is worth only in Pocophone.

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                              • 25 Aug 2018

                              Moto service is very bad do I am interested of any brand of moto or kenovo

                                So it's like the iPhone 8... a minor update of the previous model. The good thing is this phone will hit the $200 mark in just of couple of months, second hand of course but still a good deal if you wait a little.

                                  Jamesschwarz987, 24 Aug 2018This is actually a whole different lineup... Z3 is a succes... moreI know. I was talking specs-wise. They both run on SD835 & have similar designs. Yet, Z2 Force comes with QHD shatter-proof display, while Z3 comes with inferior FHD display with common GG3 protection. In that sense, the Z3 is a lite version of Z2 Force.

                                  At the very least Z3 should've come with SD845 to be classified as a flagship. Although personally i still wouldn't buy it unless it came with the shatter-proof screen... I sure hope there's more of the Force series yet to come.

                                    xXENDER FREAKXx, 24 Aug 2018Really hope that there's a change in the back design sooner... moreTo each their own. I like it

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                                      • 24 Aug 2018

                                      The OLEDs that Samsung sells to other companies are garbage. Had a Z3 and the Z3 Play, both with garbage panels. The lower have of the panel on the Play was bluer then the top. The top of the panel on the Z3 was greener the lower half. It suck because the original Z had good panels. Not sure about the Z2 Force.

                                        Anonymous, 24 Aug 2018Moto Z2 Plus or Moto Z2 5G would be more suitable names to ... moreMotorola has never released Z2 yet so it should be Z2... Z2 Force and Z2 Play has its own series line