vivo V11 review

05 September 2018
The company that was the first to introduce the under-display fingerprint scanner is now also the first to try and trickle it down to the mid-range...

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  • Freda

V11 is the right device for everyone. I loved the front and back camera its like you are using the best DSLR camera. and the screen this play is just enough to touch by your finger. Vivo made a right choice to make this as their 2018 flag carrier. :)

  • Ali

Is vivo 11pro scratch less

  • Anonymous

Already i used samsung J7 Prime, if compare with J7 prime camera front and rear very bad

  • Sidhukumar


  • Light

Bettary is not good than vivo y95


This android is good to play games... High quality games like ark survival, truck simulator 19 lags only a little bit, pubg works great in medium type of graphics.. But the gaming mode has a lot of glitches! 1. The keypad becomes smaller and I can't chat properly. 2. Sometimes, the game changes screen resolution and makes me to play like a NOOB.... And other small glitches... But I rly like this android. Unfortunately, I can't use gaming mode for some reasons. Hope they'll fix these bugs. Thnq.

  • Anonymous

Gavi, 21 Jan 2019Is there any heating issue and is there any network problem as i... moreI'm a long-time Samsung smartphone user since S3 up to S8. These flagships are good but I notice that they typically have overheating issues even when not using the phones for less-intensive applications like browsers or social media apps. I don't have that issue with the Vivo V11. Sure, it gets slightly warm but not enough to consider it overheating which is uncomfortable to the touch. I also use Netflix app on my Vivo for watching movies and TV series for long hours but I don't have the same overheating issues.

  • Jitendra shah

I want to know will Vivo 11 will work out of India ? I had bed experience in Redme. It was not working in USA. the reason is it was made it India.

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2019Third party camera application is not working. Not a good experience what kind of third party app is it?

  • Anonymous

Using Vivo v11 from 2 months, Third party camera application is not working properly picture quality is very bad

  • Anonymous

Third party camera application is not working. Not a good experience

Is there any heating issue and is there any network problem as i want to buy this phone but there are many negative response..

  • shams

vivo11 screen glass available in abudhabi( UAE)

  • E

hammad, 16 Nov 2018hey...i'm about to buy a new phone but actually i find myself in... moreVivo 11

  • Reineem

Shingmi, 26 Oct 2018Now vivo v11 got problem when gaming, the temperature getting h... moreYou're right

  • Reineem

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2018NiceI have been using this smartphone but battery backup is not so good and if u use it regularly 2 hours then it will become heat. Don't buy it for 21000.

  • Anonymous


  • Pong

Bought V11 2 months ago, but now the camera is not working. Tried cleaning the lens and cleared cache but non have worked out. Disappointed.

  • Jacksie

Was going to buy it, but changed my mind because of the micro usb port.

  • priya

Rony, 10 Sep 2018Heyy.... i am going to make a plan to buy it but unfortunately i... moreit is network problem is your sim not phone problem...........