Oppo F9/F9 Pro review

07 September 2018
The Oppo F9/F9 Pro could be remembered for many things, but the waterdrop cutout is the feature that will make it to the history books. We've probably reached the peak in the notch race and we are more than happy to finally see a change in this controversial concept.

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  • amit

i think there are some camera setting missed by me, please help me out.

  • Sisery

How can i make a screen short, with Oppo f9 pro

  • naeemabubakr

Any body knows about oppo f9 lock screen clock .How to display like Samsung s8

  • Anonymous

Anyone have a vibration problem after the updates?
i lost my vibration features, never drop it.

  • Abou Shall

before i buy this phone read these comments in general case the phone is good


ANU, 04 Mar 2019i m unable to share my mobile with smart tv throu this oppp f9 p... moreexchange

  • ANU

i m unable to share my mobile with smart tv throu this oppp f9 pro. its connected but not sharing.
is there any solution ?

  • Prem

It is the most unexpected phone ever made why the hell they put the camera with the screen attach and allow full screen it's a shit phone

  • highlink420

Is there someone else knows how to rearrange or to sort the applications in the home screen alphabetically without using any third party launchers?

Thank you!

  • kushal shetty

I taken oppo f9 pro its good phone only but compared to Mi its too costly in Mi same specification they will give around Rs.16000 but oppo Rs.22000
I lose my money

  • Anshu

It has great features like powerful Mediatek Helio P70, vooc charging and amazing camera quality .

  • Abhishek

Oppo F9 has many great specs. It has a powerful MediaTek Helio P60 processor, good battery life supporting quick charging, and nice aesthetics which makes it worth buying.

  • Samheen

The features r so cool of this phone but in it a big problem, fingerprint is not working while take a pic, so please oppo resolve it n give me a latest version.
Thank u

  • Anonymous

Fm radio is not working so plz help me

  • Anonymous

md razique alam, 07 Dec 2018this phone is very good but i dont used this phone may be i thin... morewe're not getting your exact idea

  • Readyforhunt

Oppo f9 pro phone features are cool, But there is a bug if u have activated call recording feature. Calls are getting recorded, those calls are getting played when im listening music. Please release a patch for this bug.

  • md razique alam

this phone is very good but i dont used this phone may be i think this phone is good so i need this phone

  • mmoni

screen mirroring problem in F9+ with Sony Bravia W700C model. can any one help me?

  • kishan

this is the best phone. I love this phone .......I am purchasing to double money in this phone

  • Kit

My oppo f9 phone drains so fast. Can I get some advice?