OnePlus 6 long-term review

18 Sept 2018
The OnePlus 6: still a top notch deal? If so, is that despite or maybe even thanks to its top notch? On the surface, it definitely seems like this is a worthy contender in the flagship realm even today, with its glass back, minimal bezels, and top of the line internals for 2018.

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  • Jordaliz

OnePlus 6 Is a killer phone. I have Android Pie & 201901 security patch. Almost a year since I got it and It still flies.

The OnePlus beta program has even more frequent updates.
No complaints here about this beast.

  • Anonymous

Steve, 30 Oct 2018500$ V30 - 2k Oled Screen - IP68 - wireless charging - way ... moreYou forget to mention that no update lol.

  • Kristian

Steve, 30 Oct 2018500$ V30 - 2k Oled Screen - IP68 - wireless charging - way ... moreOf course you will get more missing features if you combine ALL of the available devices or comparing to a device that is way beyond it's price. Out of all 2018 flagship devices you mentioned which device's price is NOT (or almost) TWICE the price?

Also, not everything is based on specs alone. You have to consider the hardware and software, how clean and smooth it is. OnePlus is the 2nd smoothest next to Pixel but based on MKBHD after a while Pixel becomes slower but OnePlus is still as fast as it was.

It's true that OnePlus 6 is not anymore a flagship killer, well not anymore after Pocophone F1 being released. But before that Oneplus is still the flagship killer.

PS. OP6 is still better than POCO F1 based on a lot of aspect. But POCO is too cheap to not be considered a flagship killer.
PPS. Even though OP6 has no IP rating, based on JerryRigsEverything's Teardown it has all the water protection that a IP68 rated phone has. POCO doesn't have any of these.
PPPS. OnePlus has the FASTEST Charger called Dash Charge(superVOOC for OPPO).

  • Nice

I have an IOS device (XS MAX) and android all the time, my android phoneOF CHOICE is still a Note 4, at the moment which lags at the currently and is slow to load some apps. I will look at this phone and the mate 20 pro, as well as the S10 and upgrade my android device.

Currently think it will be S10 but I have been wanting the 6T for such a long time, great device for the price.

  • Gwynd

"First off, the small notch seems to have impacted the reliability of the proximity sensor."

How bad is it? My OnePlus 3 has actually managed to make calls whilst I am already on a call, because the screen's come on whilst I am talking on the phone.

  • Slayer

El Natan, 02 Nov 2018That's not the point, and some of what you said is completely false.Only his comments regarding Fast Charging and arguably S Pen are incorrect (not many phones have it). The OP is generally seen as a mid ranger competing with flagships and representing value for money. It is absolutely not a flagship killer, not by a long shot. Absolutely great phone for the price, though.

The OP6T will be judged more harshly as a function of removing the headphone jack, notification LED and still no IP Rating as the company is starting to SETTLE! May have to drop the Never Settle tag.

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2018I've been wondering for some time. What makes the Pixel the smoo... moreGo to google type in this 2 words “software optimisation” and study for yourself ......also search runtime virtual engine

  • El Natan

Steve, 30 Oct 2018500$ V30 - 2k Oled Screen - IP68 - wireless charging - way ... moreThat's not the point, and some of what you said is completely false.


When one plus 6 ll get it's next update 9.0.1 because my slow motion camera getting prob. And I read it LL be solved in next update...wen the update LL be released

  • Steve

500$ V30
- 2k Oled Screen
- IP68
- wireless charging
- way better camera : photo&video
- better battery life ( 93h vs 90h gsmarena )
- Quad DAC
- HDR10 compliant
- Always-on display
- microSD card Slot
- Headphone JACK
- Ultrawide camera - extremely usefull
- Stereo FM radio with RDS

And that is 2017 Flagship
If we compare it to 2018 flagships : Mate 20 Pro, Note 9, Lg V40, Iphone Xs etc etc IT KINDA LOOKS LIKE MIDRANGER


I mean, it's a good phone for the price. But NO flagship killer here...

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2018my oneplus 5t is almsot two years old now but still I have no pr... moreyou know one plus 5T have less than a year, right?

  • Anonymous

acemang, 18 Sep 2018Buggy software that is corrected half a year later at best. "ave... moremy oneplus 5t is almsot two years old now but still I have no problem using it. It runs smooth like a butter and still perform well even running several apps simultaneously. So now, you know that there is a oneplus phone that still good after a very long time.

  • Anonymous

What a nice way of saying that Android is crap - only ONE phone is able to work as it should over time. 2018 and Android still lags and stutters with 4+Gb RAM - WOW!

"A big part of what stands out in a Pixel is how smooth it feels in operation, how lag and stutters are nonexistent in day-to-day use, and how it seems to not slow down with time. Well, the OnePlus 6 is incredibly close to that level of smoothness. In fact, it's the closest of any device that's ever been put through the long-term review process."

Please make "Huawei Mate 10 pro long-term review ". Thanks!

Jeroen, 22 Sep 2018You only tell the benefits of the S9 and then state the S9 is be... moreI'm not a Samsung fan, in fact i never bought one Samsung device, i work with them (i make apps for a living) and my girlfriend have 1. I have Htc u11 and she now have my Htc 10. she never used anymore her Samsung A5 after i gave mine Htc 10.
I hate curved screen from Samsung flagship devices. But comparing one plus 6 to Samsung S9 in hardware department, one plus loses hard. This weekend I was all day with a friend that have an one plus 6. I hated the fact that he hided the buttons to get bigger screen, and for that he had to use 2x more time to just pressing a back button or to go to menu. What's the point of having a bigger screen if you are slower doing things. 5.5 " its big enough for a phone why going bigger but with worst experience? Camera from one plus 6 was a disappointing, I still think my Htc u11 take better pictures than the one plus. My phone is +1 year and still looks and feels, much more premium than the one plus.
I didn't feel one plus software was better than htc. htc is almost stock, like one plus. I didn't notice any improvement from SD835 to SD845. both are butter smooth. Mine still is after 1 year. 6Gb or 8Gb is more placebo than you think. In 1 year I never passed 2.5Gb used memory and I test a lot of apps, since it's part of my job. When you will need the 6Gb, probably you will have a new phone, I know I will. Saying all this I do care about updates, so Htc lost me on that. 3/4 updates in a year is not good enough for me. The benefits is that is super stable. If it works....just don't touch it, but like i said....i'm a app developer...i love updates:).
one plus, have lots of updates..for the good and the bad...most of them are to correct problems that never should exist. so most of the time you will not enjoy 100% of your device because it was "beta" when it was launched. I will give a point on one plus vs samsung (I hate samsung skin), but if software is my main concern, the only brand I would consider is pixel, maybe nokia next or any android one device. To bad pixel is almost 1 year behind the rest in hardware, because if it was not, I would buy pixel 3 in a heart bit. I will only jump to a 7nm device now. Having a 10nm device..I'm not going to buy another one.

  • Geric.770

Geric.770, 19 Sep 2018Well, that's an antique product. XD To be honest, it's rare to ... moreI agree with you. Hehe

Updated to pie. Loving it

Jeroen, 22 Sep 2018You only tell the benefits of the S9 and then state the S9 is be... moresee this as well:

And being a disappointed customer, i have faced a lots of issues with the service. One should expect a QHD display, amazing outdoor visibility, top notch recordings and manual video modes with a flagship which oneplus fails to offer. The manual camera also fails to beat the best ones and even other decent ones. The issues with the proximity sensor while calling and others like dropped down notification bar with automatically turned on screen at instances is totally unacceptable when it comes to a phone of this range.

I ain't boasting about the S9 and myself have the LG Flagshio after being a long term user of the Samsung flagships and OP. The S9 however has an unmatched camera aperture and it counts less just to P20 pro (in terms of image clarity only) The LG offers a better wide-angle viz much better coz telephoto requires more stabilization.

When it comes to RAM, it only helps keeping background apps on and not with the initial starting speed. If you happen to keep on seeing the RAM usage, it's be a few hundred MBs below the maximum RAM available. The touchwiz has a better optimization and OP has a lot of bugs as well..

  • Ed

I dont understand why GSMARENA keeps saying the battery life is not ideal enough.. I am a heavy-user dealing social media , games and photography.. it lasts me more than a day of usage.. PERIOD.

ZloiYuri, 18 Sep 2018The worst thing about this phone is price. Nothing special china... moreIf you ever touched pocophone it's reallya mind range device in everything except CPU.
Feels cheap and havea huge chin at the bottom, also has much dead space on the side.

Is good for it's price but it's not close to OnePlus good.
OnePlus is still cheap with only wireless charging missing really compared to other global brands.
Having close to stock UI and fast updates it'sa huge thing.

I like Xiaomi and own 3 phoner incl Mi Mix and 5S Plus but their phone is in a very different League compared to OnePlus