Apple iPhone XS Max review

1 Oct 2018
The iPhone X was not just a milestone for Apple. It also turned out to be the cornerstone the next generation of iPhones is being built around. And while the anniversary iPhone wowed everyone, many people voiced their wish for a Plus size model after the excitement had worn off. And this year Apple is righting this wrong with the iPhone XS Max.

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Usually iPhones inspire your inner feelings to go for it; last two iterations they are very underwhelming for me, never makes me to go for it! Probably lots of Android knock-offs (Notched ones especially) with better specs distracts me enough..

    Well about the review.
    You pay 1650 for a phone in the box but to be exact.
    1000 goes to phone. 50 goes to cardboard box, 20 for needle to undo sim trays, 100 for plug into electricity, 100 for cable, another 80 for instructions and 300 to fill your warranty card.
    And thats we have 1650 for XS Max with 512GB disk space and faulty phone with charging problems and other usual prebulescent apple laggs and buggs as a happy to give you a gift for being loayal customer.
    Apple thanks :-((((((((((((((((((

      Nech, 01 Oct 2018Only getting this for the huge screen. Everything else has... moreActually next year's iPhones are supposed to come with a triple-camera setup. You might want to hold off if you care about that sort of thing. Other than that though, it likely won't have much else to offer. One area that Apple should really consider improving is battery size. 79 hours of estimated endurance rating is pretty low.

        WAIT "The demand is THROUGH THE ROOF"???
        Seriously? They're actually saying that they're selling less than what they expected....

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          • 01 Oct 2018

          Only getting this for the huge screen.
          Everything else has been great already. (SoC/screen quality/battery/performance, etc)
          as nothing else in the future of iPhones will provide a worthy upgrade; not for another 2-3 years.

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            • 01 Oct 2018

            Gsmarena, thank you for the tele camera low-light comparison with the portrait mode trick. That's pretty useful.
            In my opinion Apple's decision to use digital zoom is often bad.

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              • 01 Oct 2018

              Note 8 = 3300mAh and 89h. 1h required 37.07mAh

              IPhone Max = 3174 mAh and 79h .... 1h required 40.17mAh

              Difference is 8.3% in favor of old Note 8.

              Both have almost same screen size, but Note has Qhd+ and 10nm CPU.
              Which translate to poor endurance by iPhone...

                As far as iPhones go, this is probably one of the best in recent years. A complete package with very little compromises (by Apple's standards). I can see why iPhone users would line up to buy this.

                As for the rest of us Android users, this is just another iPhone that is irrelevant to us.

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                  • 01 Oct 2018

                  They should do a version with 13,3 cm tall.