Sony Ericsson S500 review: Emotion vs Reason

12 November 2007
The slider form factor debuts in the company's S line and in fact, this is the first Sony Ericsson slider that's not a Walkman. Speaking of which, Sony Ericsson S500 is a W580 in disguise. And some disguise it is: with this slim slider almost everything...

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  • Anonymous

Can any one help can't charge my s500 for some reason get message don't charge phone WHY

  • sandra

This was my first phone (apart from the SE T100 which I barely ever used) and I've had it for nearly four years. I still use it.

For someone like me, the design and interface of a phone is pretty much everything; and this phone surely is a great beauty!

The S500i works fine as I only text about once or twice a week; the keypad has occasionally felt like giving up (the buttons sort of tilt dangerously much) however, it is still intact.

The only thing that bothers me is the poor memory and also the camera could've been better. Sometimes the vibrator doesn't go off and a few times the signal has been silent although no silent mode was enabled.

Some fun facts: my phone was actually driven over by a car, and it SURVIVED! Sure, the screen turned black and wouldn't start up again for about three hours, but today it works perfectly fine.

In conclusion, this is a beautiful and trust-worthy phone; I love it!


i think this phone is so great...I have 2...nut none of the keypads broke on mine

  • Mark

They haven't fixed up the keypad at all, just bought 2 of these phones and the keypad broke on both phones. You reckon for the time that this phone has been out, they would have fixed this problem by now. I will never buy Sony Ericsson Again.

  • Hugsrwarmy

There's no FM Radio. I should know. I have one right next tome

  • fede

It has FM Radio! Why here says no?

  • Chris

I bought this phone in July '07, I've thoroughly enjoyed it until it got soaked and died.

The audio quality is quite good, loud enough for most areas including busy malls and city streets. The interface is snappy and quick, and the animated themes are pretty slick. Configuration was simple, just hit SonyEricsson's site, tagged each of the SMS, MMS, Internet options, and everything worked - even shocked a local AT&T rep with access to all the features.

I suffered the key cracking problem on my S500i about 2 months ago, despite easy use and limited texting. I rapidly went from the 1 key (voicemail) being cracked to 3-4 keys, almost without real reason.

Overall I loved it, but I probably won't buy another only due to the cracked key problem - and the fact that I've owned one and need something new. One would do well to acquire the S500i.

  • pOw

In my opinion, this phone is great! Admittedly, the functions arn't anything special, what you'd expect from an S.E phone, but doing the same, mundane tasks that you do on a daily basis feel totally different and exciting when performing them on such a beautiful handset! The complaints about the 'cracking' keys havn't been a problem to me yet, i've only had the phone about 2 weeks, but so far so good, and i've bin pretty rough with them aswell! So overall, if your looking for a sleek, stylish handset that performs well and attacts attention, this in the one for you!

  • Anonymous

nice sexy fon...functions pretty lacking...

  • jac

i bought tis phone 2mth ago.Now almost all keypad has a cross line just left the last row oni.Phone is pretty but keypad vy bad it so easy break.wat can i do?

  • Julie

I just brought my s500i, not even 3 month yet, the key break down. the phone cool, but the key badly. could anyone me where I can fix this phone? I as my agent seller, she said international phone have to ship and she not sure. Please I need help one this, thanks

  • Gersh

The reason why the keypad breaks down is explained in an article of mobile review, it's because the paint doesn't work good together with the material, this only happens to the green version since speficly that paint has the wrong substance. But the problem is probobly gone now and must've only aqured in the first shipped units.

  • Kal

-----"A novel feature seen in S500 is the Dynamic Themes which transform the menu themes, patterns and animated wallpapers as day turns night, or as the seasons change. We first saw that feature on the Sony Ericsson T650, however the S500 was made market available earlier than the T650."----

You gotta be kidding. Samsung Ultra series came with animated wallpapers that chnages with daytime way before S500.

  • PAPA

this phone comes with many wonderful colors like purple or silver gold but it's too girly defintly not for guys maybe the w580 is more testicles

  • Anonymous

I have w580i which was the same build as S500. Trust me . . the keypad breaks after several prolong texting and pressing. It just break for no reason. Didn't drop it . . handle it with loving tender care . . .but yet . . my no. 4 keypad just cracked into 2 and the no.4 now have a line across it . . .

  • Anonymous

the keypad of this breaks no matter the color version

  • Anonymous

This review is a bit late, isn't it? And stop with the "No indication of missed calls" because that isn't true. It's just that you have to press the side key to bring up the standby screen. This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it conserves even more energy.

  • inyerocks

1 keypad broke in half after a week.. then another one after a few days then another... performance is very nice but the keypads blew it for me... thoug it didnt really affected the performance, it was still dissappointing.

  • Anonymous

Oh no, no audio quality reviews again? What the hell is wrong with you guys? You introduce audio quality graphs with the K770 or whatever and you stop doing it witih newer reviews? Good job

  • Anonymous

watch out: keyboard brokes...

ihih first comment =)

jc, from portugal