Nokia 7.1 review

24 October 2018
They say third time's a charm and indeed HMD did right by Nokia's legacy. Once the behemoth of the whole industry, it deteriorated to oblivion, only to be resurrected by Microsoft, and then fall again. Android One turned out to be the platform for Nokia to thrive once more and the latest Nokia 7.1 is the perfect example of how well things are going.

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  • jhula

I took nokia 7.1. 1 year all the features are very much satisfied but only the issues with charging point. In 2-3 months itself charging point started showing issues, I had to change battery and charging point twice. It took hours to charge.Poor battery life.

Niranjan M, 08 Jun 2020Nokia 7.1 is the worst phone in my life. I request to don't... moreI agree with you 100%. I too experience the charging problem! An unreliable product ....

  • Atul

I bought three mobiles last two of them have battery problem with in warranty period 3 of them have hanging problem daily minimum 2 times to restart and charging port changed for 3 pcs in warranty period very bad product

  • Xylene

I've been using apple products for the longest time and this is my first time to buy Nokia phone and I am satisfied. Though it cannot level reach the level of my satisfaction in using iphone atleast this phone is better than other android.. That is my personal opinion and experience.

  • Niranjan M

Nokia 7.1 is the worst phone in my life. I request to don't buy this phone.charging issue is COMPOSLARLY again and I repair in the service center. Around 12-15 times I changes the charging port & replace the internal board.

  • Wafaa

Sree, 02 Apr 2020Nokia 7.1 was very bad phone in my life more complaint in d... moreMay I know why ?

  • Emmanuel

Am using Nokia 7.1, I can use 2 off my Sime cars for DATA if am using glo network I can change to MTN data

  • Sree

Nokia 7.1 was very bad phone in my life more complaint in discover so pls don't select nokia7.1

  • Anonymous

7.1 Nokia mobile is the most best one I have owned functionally & appearance it meets my needs or more

  • Ayuah

Worst phone ever .....I bought it 10 months before and I have already paid 7000 rupees for its repairing .....
Something the charger gets damaged something the phones mother board gets damaged ......even without using any other stuffs other than calls it get formatted ....
Worst phone even used

  • Shibin

I'm satisfied....

  • Nutu

Worst mobile phone I have ever used is Nokia 7.1. RAM is not at all effective. Network gets hung frequently. Total misuse of money.

  • Dissapointed Finn

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2019I took nokia 7.1 6 months back and it's a complete waste of... moreNokia 7.1 smart phone by HMD Global, has been sold by resellers on sale wel knoeing, but never sharing th truth to buyers, that thete are serious charching port defects created in manufacturing, low quality parts used.
The piece I bough in end of June 2019 from a reseller in Helsinki Finland, showed the malfunction from the first battery chargeing time - i made numerous attemps to get charger to get connect inside C model USB port, finaly got it to losd. Then in following months, the problem cintinued, and the contct iside charching portv was only created, when the contacting C model connector along cord of charger was upwards bended, as when the phone lied on flat surface.
Well, end came aabout 3months after buying, when one day no attemp got connection to form inside chargeing port / data transit port. The warranty made possible to send the phone to reselleing company, that then deivered the phone to fixing.
Phone got fixed, works now, but only waiting for the day tocome, when the same port ailure appears again.
No, absolutely do not recommend te Nokia 7.1, but more - even the less I recommmend company daresdeliver to phone retailers well knowingly manufacturing defets having pricy smart phones.
No I shall never buy any HMD Global smart phone never ever again, I see the company as criminal one.

  • Anonymous

I took nokia 7.1 6 months back and it's a complete waste of money.
In 2-3 months itself charging point started showing issues.
It took hours to charge.
Poor battery life.

  • Aabi

What is the difference between this phone and 6.1 Plus???
90% specs are same for both phones

  • Olekaronga

The videos are very blurry,what's the issue?

  • AK

There is a problem with this set, no option is available for multi SMS selection

  • Dharam

Nokia 7.1 is awesome phone. After 2 month research I bought this. No heating.

  • Anonymous

Lord AWAR, 11 May 2019Actually HMD is a Chinese Company Nokia itself is Finnish o... moreHmd is finland company has factories in china like Apple american has factories in china

  • The SuperStorm

Let me start by saying, the Nokia brand is intriguing. I fell for the 7.1's lightweight and perfect size. A beautiful design.
I watched most ad hype and purchased a 7.1 from Best Buy.
When I first received it it was uncharged out of the box.
After charging completely I set it up and all was well. After 2 days of use, I noticed it getting hotter and draining the battery down quicker. Then the screen began to flicker as well. I returned it and procured another one. Different problems with No. 2. Sound was garbled, it had Pie installed and again a flickering screen. Not as often as No. 1. Returned after a week.
I decided to wait a while as sometimes foxconn can have a run of bad batches. I contact Nokia USA and they assured me no problems have been recorded by them. Odd.

On to No.3 and 4. No.3 was DOA out of the box. I charged it and started it up. This unit also had 9.0 pie installed.
Again screen flickering problems and a very dercernable blue hue to the screen with no way to calibrate. Up time was about 6hrs. before needing to charge. Returned after 10 days due to the flickering issue getting worse.
BestBuy warned me of excessive returns and I contacted them with regards to these problems. They said they have had a few Nationwide of failures but what I was experiencing was not an issue. The geek squad at one store confirmed the issues. Corporate said to try another store and different serial numbers. I did.
On to No.4.
By this time I figured I'd have better luck. A new phone fresh out of the box. No flickering. Pie installed. Ran for 12 days before experiencing buggy software problems. That I blame on Google. This unit had a camera defect that when taking video produced a green shadow across the top of the video.
I look at the lenses, and one of them appeared to be off center quite a bit. It went back to Best Buy and my saga ended with Nokia. Too bad, I really liked the size and style of this phone. My search continues to find a replacement for it.