Nokia 7.1 review

24 October 2018
They say third time's a charm and indeed HMD did right by Nokia's legacy. Once the behemoth of the whole industry, it deteriorated to oblivion, only to be resurrected by Microsoft, and then fall again. Android One turned out to be the platform for Nokia to thrive once more and the latest Nokia 7.1 is the perfect example of how well things are going.

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  • Nokia phone user
  • 4kx
  • 20 Sep 2023

The only real problem I've had with the Nokia 7.1 is the USB charging & connection port. The port will fail to connect properly after a very few number of connections. However, a replacement port kit can be purchased from Amazon or Newegg for about $20 USD. So, if you have the ability to repair cellphones it's an easy fix, except you'll be making the repair again after about six months - maybe a little longer. Otherwise, I've had no other issues with power or reliability. If you're wanting to use if for gaming, the phone will run most gaming apps okay. For example, if you play PUBG, it'll run it for about an hour of straight gaming before it either runs out of power or shuts down because it overheats.

    • P
    • Prashant
    • 7kb
    • 23 Feb 2023

    Worst phone my humble request to all please do not purchase this phone. Because in two years i experience is battery problem sound problem many time it's hang many times

      • C
      • Cris
      • spq
      • 02 Feb 2023

      After 3 years I have big problem with charging, regarding the joystick. I could not use this at all. Sadly, I need to change my phone due this serious issue.

        • A
        • Alex
        • 0Ua
        • 13 Nov 2022

        Xevram, 26 Jul 2021Good phone, no issues. I personally have had no charging or... moreYes you’re right. I have charging problems too.

          • E
          • Essaay
          • 6QZ
          • 14 Aug 2021

          Overall good experience. Sleek design.

          Except for the charging jack issue. The battery life is quite unimpressive. In this price range an all ok with it. Not a bad buy.

          Generally, Nokia has been quite a sore in past, in terms of its service and warranty claim.

            • X
            • Xevram
            • vak
            • 26 Jul 2021

            Good phone, no issues. I personally have had no charging or battery issues at all. Prior to this phone I have had windows phones, so very spoilt with that operating system. It has taken me a while to get used to a clunky slow, and directive ridden operating system like Android.

              • v
              • vijayc
              • 7k4
              • 16 Jun 2021

              don't buy facing charing socket issue. Need to change every 5-6 month, I have changed 4-5 times in 2 year periods. ]

              suggest some other options with same display

                • G
                • Gitanshu
                • rJ5
                • 29 May 2021

                Disgusting piece , disgusting phone . Nokia is trash. Useless nokia . Regretting for buying this nokia phone 7.1. Charging issue occurs every 2 months. Dnt buy phones of nokia.

                  • D
                  • Dormy4
                  • B{q
                  • 29 Apr 2021

                  Had this phone for 2 years, great phone, no problems other than selecting flash when needed. Buy it, it's good at what it's for.

                    • S
                    • St Y
                    • r3a
                    • 10 Mar 2021

                    The phone is a big disappointment, from charging to battery, to software, to board. All within a year. So so disappointing

                      • j
                      • jhula
                      • XSx
                      • 21 Nov 2020

                      I took nokia 7.1. 1 year all the features are very much satisfied but only the issues with charging point. In 2-3 months itself charging point started showing issues, I had to change battery and charging point twice. It took hours to charge.Poor battery life.

                        Niranjan M, 08 Jun 2020Nokia 7.1 is the worst phone in my life. I request to don't... moreI agree with you 100%. I too experience the charging problem! An unreliable product ....

                          • A
                          • Atul
                          • DkP
                          • 01 Sep 2020

                          I bought three mobiles last two of them have battery problem with in warranty period 3 of them have hanging problem daily minimum 2 times to restart and charging port changed for 3 pcs in warranty period very bad product

                            • X
                            • Xylene
                            • sxr
                            • 30 Jul 2020

                            I've been using apple products for the longest time and this is my first time to buy Nokia phone and I am satisfied. Though it cannot level reach the level of my satisfaction in using iphone atleast this phone is better than other android.. That is my personal opinion and experience.

                              • N
                              • Niranjan M
                              • D0d
                              • 08 Jun 2020

                              Nokia 7.1 is the worst phone in my life. I request to don't buy this phone.charging issue is COMPOSLARLY again and I repair in the service center. Around 12-15 times I changes the charging port & replace the internal board.

                                • W
                                • Wafaa
                                • Df}
                                • 04 Apr 2020

                                Sree, 02 Apr 2020Nokia 7.1 was very bad phone in my life more complaint in d... moreMay I know why ?

                                  • E
                                  • Emmanuel
                                  • Nu7
                                  • 03 Apr 2020

                                  Am using Nokia 7.1, I can use 2 off my Sime cars for DATA if am using glo network I can change to MTN data

                                    • S
                                    • Sree
                                    • ypY
                                    • 02 Apr 2020

                                    Nokia 7.1 was very bad phone in my life more complaint in discover so pls don't select nokia7.1

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • N0k
                                      • 24 Mar 2020

                                      7.1 Nokia mobile is the most best one I have owned functionally & appearance it meets my needs or more

                                        • A
                                        • Ayuah
                                        • DkC
                                        • 17 Mar 2020

                                        Worst phone ever .....I bought it 10 months before and I have already paid 7000 rupees for its repairing .....
                                        Something the charger gets damaged something the phones mother board gets damaged ......even without using any other stuffs other than calls it get formatted ....
                                        Worst phone even used