Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) review

9 November 2018
Isn't the Samsung A-series just a royal mess - even numbers, odd numbers, pluses sprinkled here and there, and a year stamp to top it all off. Let's go ahead and see what the Galaxy A7 (2018) is exactly and who it's for.

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  • Asmi

I am using A7 from 18 months and now sometimes it turns off suddenly and takes 5 to 10 minutes to start again. Plz give me some solution for this problem. And i wanna ask is it only me who have this problem?

  • Anonymous

This fone has a screen shot button

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2020Whats the zoom like on this camera?It gets blurry when zooming

  • Anonymous

Im so satisfied witm my a7 2018 although a50 and a51 are much better than a7 2018. Tha camera quality and every performance is better in a50 and a51but a7 2018 is older than those 2. Display performance(411ppi) is much better than a50(403ppi) and a51 (405 ppi)

  • Anonymous

This is a good choice and good phone๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Anonymous

Whats the zoom like on this camera?

  • Zaman

Samsung A7 camera is sometime warkeg

  • Anonymous

Prajith, 31 Oct 2019Poor from Cam quality Compared with vivo....Whatever

  • Anonymous

what happened to my Samsung Galaxy A7 does not recieved internet signal anymore?

  • Prajith

Poor from Cam quality Compared with vivo....

Should i get the A7 2018 or A30 2019? Been doubting the A30 after i heard about som GPS problem that it comes with. Please share opinions. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

Kawanga emma, 03 Aug 2019The camera Issue is the main problem of this phone A7 2018,... moreYou are 100% wrong about colors.

  • Anonymous

I respect to all of you.
But my a7 is working fine in everything.
I dont think anybody needs more than this phones batteryLife.
Everything is okay and I'm satisfied with the money I paid for this smartphone.
Btw this phones 100% works like 2days even when i use it alot.
Dont be crueellll.

  • Anonymous

my samsung a750gn/ds 2019 does not work with samsung pay in the u.s.a. that is why i bought it. because the review had said that it worked with samsung pay. it does not work with samsung pay in the u.s.a. maybe in other countries, but not here. worthless.

The camera Issue is the main problem of this phone A7 2018, it doesn't have Natural colors @ all, the back Cameras are worse compared to the front but even the front is not that good according to Samsung we used to know . please samsung come out with the solution through updates otherwise this phone will annihilate Brand Name !.

  • Style971

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2019Fast Charging drastically reduces the life of the battery. ... moreThat's debatable because my mum has been using the Huawei P10 Lite and it's still solid.
Reporting from South Africa

  • booal

I have but accidentally broken so plz how should can I get repairing touch screen and back mirror thank you,

  • D Rudi

Should I buy A7 2018 or Asus Zenfone 5 ZE620KL? They're about the same price in my country. How hard is it to move the data from my old samsung A5 to Asus?

  • Rj

victorsueiro, 11 May 2019Out of all the cons posted, the only one I sort of care is ... moreSpec is : Video 1080p@30fps

  • VaMsHi ReDdy

Maggie, 25 Apr 2019A7 is by far the worst Samsung phone I've ever had. I've ac... moreSame here, worst mobile ever.... Samsung better can have a sip of piss from 1plus ...den Dey will know shameless fellows...