Google Pixel 3 XL review

11 November 2018
The Pixel 3 XL is Google's latest flagship smartphone. It promises to bring everything we have come to expect with the Pixel brand, including a clean build of Android, fast performance, quality camera and some cool software tricks that only Google can come up with.

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  • Anonymous

Great camera and a nice screen. However, Bluetooth is very unstable with frequent crashes rendering the phone all but useless.
Google doesn't seem to plan to fix it, (link below), so perhaps time to give Apple a chance.

  • Falkis

I used my 3XL for six months. I do agree with this review. Just adding a few personal experiences.

My speaker phone is still not working. And there are many people reporting this problem. No upgrade will fix it. I tried all the branded self help there was until March 2020. Then gave up.
Android 9 or Android 10 doesn't matter.

MMS and SMS was totally unreliable until late May 2020. Many messages couldn't be sent or read. I'm not sure it's 100% now, but way better it is.

Why did Google quality control let faulty phones pass? Hoping we wouldn't notice? Only they know the answer. I think they care more about their short term sales than about us customers.

After reading about the poor Pixel 4XL, combined with my experiences of this one, I decided not to go for any piece of Google hardware again.

After six months I gave up with this phone. Purchased an 11pro Max instead. Hoping for better luck with next phone. Now sending this 3XL to service.

Crossing my fingers that the know service.
Will they fix it on the first try? I don't think so.

  • kris

Good review. It is technically very detailed and well written..

  • Androidmax

Still the best Android smart phone on the market even in 2020 we have tested over 40 new smartphones still Pixel 3 XL is on top of the list over all. Google is still selling the Pixel 3 XL for over $1000 on there website. Just remember with Android smartphones you get what you pay for. It's only just under the Pixel 4 XL by 4% in testing.

Since android 10 installed on my 3xl i got a problem on my WeSing app, on scrolling song comments for about 3-4 minutes the app lags & freezes;(

  • akolakan

Got a problem on WeSing apps on scrolling song comments, it lags and freezes for 2 to 4 minutes:(

  • Worst phone ever

This phone is very problematic. Buyers beware!

  • Neelabh110

As soon as I looked at my 3XL after using the OnePlus 7Pto and the Galaxy S10+, the notch was like ughhh... I have disabled it from the developer settings. Now it looked like the vanilla 3, just bigger.😁

  • phawk

Azza, 29 Apr 2019Got this phone new from retailer in Australia. Didn't know... moreDisable "Digital Wellbeing" and see if it helps. I

  • Azza

Got this phone new from retailer in Australia.
Didn't know this at the start but the phone is a dud.
Can't sms out, have to reconfigure my Bluetooth to both my cars every time I get into them.
Also the phone just cuts out from 4g to h+(whatever that is) intermittently.
plus is sluggish, very sluggish.

Tried everything know to man to fix it, but the retailer and their support/technical team coulnd't fix it.
Well the policy for google is that I have to send my phone back to them and then they send me one back. 15 day turnaound.

If this bothers you, don't get this phone.
Stick to an Iphone.

IMO, adopting a notch for Pixel 3 XL is a bit strange. I think many people may prefer basing on the design of Pixel 2 XL (without notch), or at least use a smaller notch. Yet its notch is one of the largest among current flagships. I think Google has followed the design of iphone X, yet Pixel 3 XL had no face unlock and why did it need such a large notch? Fortunately, it had LED screen and "hiding" the notch is possible.

  • dip

camera is good

  • steve

no good , i using messenger cal and black screen appear a faulty phone

  • flmngo51

Battery is horrible. Have to charge in middle of day with regular use. will never recomment this phone.

Abdul Rafey , 14 Nov 2018Wow its really amazing to see this Google pixel 3XL The fi... moreThis phone can be stored in Pakistan

  • Anonymous

SpiritWolf, 13 Nov 2018Well, i am pretty sure Pixels camera is ok, if you take pic... moreGotta admit HTC U12+ camera is an absolute beast. Seriously underrated phone.

  • Eek

nate0, 15 Nov 2018Why didn't gsmarena do lab tests for the Pixel 3 XL review?I was just wondering myself. I'm debating between this and the 3 and it seems like the battery on the 3 MIGHT be a bit better and it seems like the charge is slower on the XL too. Very thorough review on the 3 and it would be cool to see some battery info like like this page:

Why didn't gsmarena do lab tests for the Pixel 3 XL review?

  • Abdul Rafey

Wow its really amazing to see this Google pixel 3XL
The first look i have seen it was very good the camera is very good quality is a good way of creating a better quality piece with a good quality camera mind blowing i want this phone it's amazing

  • Anonymous

Pure android and nice spekers borrow from great motorola rokr: xperia xz2 and xz3. Pixel always follow iphone design: hardware flaw in most series.
Just focus make faster update, xl2 duo is big joke