Pocophone F1 long-term review

11 January 2019
A little phone that isn't small. A flagship that costs a third of what you'd expect. A contradiction? No, it's the Pocophone F1. Shocking? Awe-inspiring? Yes and yes. The most intriguing handset of the year isn't the most bezel-starved, or one with sliding bits and pieces, or one with an in-display fingerprint senso

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  • Manu

Writing this from my poco f1. Bought it on 23rd Septembe

  • Anonymous

Ali Bestani, 08 Feb 2020It is been almost a year since I bought Pocophone and I've been ... moreI read this through my poco f1. I have it for 1 year and 3 months. I bought it for 320 euro. Wow just wow. I would buy the same phone again if i turn the time back.

  • Nanda Kumar

I have been using POCO F1 since last April19 and feeling good. Expecting eagerly for the next POCO F2 without changing F1. The features are pretty good in F1 except the cameras. Other basic features are all good which actually do not there in some big brands

Ali Bestani, 08 Feb 2020It is been almost a year since I bought Pocophone and I've been ... moreTry turning off the beauty mode... It really helps.

  • Ali Bestani

It is been almost a year since I bought Pocophone and I've been changing a lot of phone devices in the last five years and maximum duration of any phone that stays with me is not more than 8 months and I used to own Samsung Note, galaxy...etc, Huawei flagships, but there was always something missing, but this is the first phone that I'm satisfied with the phone, except the selfie camera is not that good, otherwise, the rest is amazing and till this moment, I would like to change it to something new but I'm still waiting for something like pocophone but with better selfie.

  • Omar sako

Jocc92, 09 May 2019Dear Poco Users! I have echo issue during calls. Does anyone ... moreAm a Poco user from more than year ago, I haven't face that problem

  • Ray

I've owned an F1 since they became available here in Singapore some 16 months ago, most reliable & fastest phone I've ever owned. Previously I've had Samsung & LG flagship phones but prefer this.

The face recognition has worked from day one here? It's much better than I expected & use it 99% of the time. Issues with the phone have been minor, camera is only average but acceptable. It got better with updated software. Notification LED is single colour & you cannot have different sounds to distinguish an SMS from WhatsApp etc.

Biggest gripe is when I travel to the USA, limited LTE bands mean you're stuck mostly with T Mobile whose coverage in many places pretty weak.

Love the fact that it has a place for a SD card (even if it means no second Sim) & 3.5mm socket.

Yes I'd buy another & will when the F2 comes out.

  • Anon

taktak, 08 Nov 2019hey what is the successor of this beast nowadays? is it still th... moreIf the OS is the only issue, you can flash your own onto the phone. LinusTechTips did a video on the entire process using the pocophone f1 which is what I am considering doing if I get this phone since it fixes issues I would have with the MIUI

  • CykaBlyat

taktak, 08 Nov 2019hey what is the successor of this beast nowadays? is it still th... moreIt has snapdragon 845

  • taktak

hey what is the successor of this beast nowadays? is it still the best stuff we can get for its price range ? I saw the meizu 16t looking interesting but apparently meizu has a shitty OS..

  • AnoM

hummer, 06 Aug 2019Really? You do realize in day to day use most of those features ... moreI don't want to say that I don't need this and that feature. I would say for the price of Pocophone F1 asking, it does has the cut corners that someone just too greed to want for a direct copy of Samsung Note 9, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Oneplus 6T, or even LG V40.
For the controversy of innovation term at such low price, I would say for the price, it is what it can offer that still retain the SD845 SoC.
Certainly this Pocophone F1 is not for everyone that looking for so called quality with such low price. And to call OLED screen, glass and metal body, NFC, wireless charging IP68 water resistant are quality offering also are not true. Simply these are expensive add on tech, and nothing to do with quality.
It is down to personal mindset that think these add on tech are mean better things, then someone should pay more to get these features instead of blaming this Pocophone F1 doesn't offer this and that.
Finally with last few updates, Widewine L1 is finally here.
As always, I only see this Pocophone F1 is lacking NFC as the prime missing feature. Others features are the logic cut cost alternatives, such as LCD screen, plastic body, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which is as tough as it's 6th generation glass (please go YouTube watch scratch test video), water resistant, and wireless charging. Yes, it does lack in camera department as well, not featuring OIS, also not the best in photography quality. Read that it's photography quality is not the best in 2018, but it is among the best at it's asking price category.

  • Mnaib

One of the best thing I like in pocophone F1 is the built-in system app that records conversations. The playback is crisp clear. One hope the recorder app comes with all Xiaomi phones.

  • Arup Subba

I have using POCO F1 Armour Edition with 8/256GB from last 9 months. Still it is good. Good Memory, Good, Picture, and the Face Unlock is Superb fast. Everything is good. And under 25K, you will never get any other devices for replace it.

Anyone, 03 May 2019It is because that there will be no space for the notification i... moreYou both are aware that the notch can be hidden, right? Youl'll lose a bit of screen real estate but you'll see the notifications without any obtrusions. Hopefully they'll correct this on the Pocophone F2...

  • Nazmul

PunkHazrd27, 11 Mar 2019How's your experienced with POCO? I'm also a Filipino and was pl... moreIf you buy authorized pocophone f1 you cannot face any problems when you updates regularly. This poco f1 is able to browse all day long in one full charge. You can use 10-12 hours havy use with uninterrupted.

  • Nazmul

Poco F1 user, 21 Jan 2019I have Poco F1 and the "No notification icons in the status" is ... moreYou should updates regularly then all the problems will solve.

  • Anonymous

93mvg, 10 May 2019I'm so confuse which one is better. Honor Play, Nova 3i or Pocop... moreBro Poco is good for gaming honar play is not that fast as well as Poco have better camera

  • hummer

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2019LOL ROFL Poco is the most innovative of 2018. Seriously is GSMAr... moreReally? You do realize in day to day use most of those features don't matter? Plastic body? Don't care, I use case anyway. Fragile display? Not sure, I use a screen protector. No OLED? Not an issue, with it's big battery ambient display is possible even with an LCD. Sound quality is good, the camera is great for 320Euro phone (if you use Google Camera of course!). What makes it a flagship is indeed the SoC. Something a lot of people care about. I don't watch netflix, when I want to watch something it is on my Plex server and I watch it on my computer, on a good, big monitor so display resolution or lack of any HDR is a non issue for me. As for the bleeding, the only place I can spot it is on the lockscreen. Not in Youtube playback, not in calling, not in web browsing, not in the camera app. So it is a non issue, yet again.

The reason why GSMArena dunks on flagships is because of the lack of innovations they provide. With S9 to S10, we knew we would get faster SoC, bigger display, better camera etc. Nothing unexpected. If S10 launched with S855 at 400Euros, that would be something new. But it did not.

  • hummer

So, it is not worth trying MIUI 10 again.
I have been a few month Poco user, running HavocOS since day 4 (72 hour bootloader waiting period, remember). Tried MIUI (in Xiaomi.eu form) only once and notifications were a dealbreaker. Or, lack thereof.
How to fit more into the notch? Well, either move statusbar below (yes, MIUI allows that but rounds corners in software for some reason), or just make the clock smaller. I can fit 2 icons + the dot next to my clock.
Second, when I tried Xiaomi.eu MIUI 10.3.5, there were 0 notifications on the lockscreen. None at all. That is unusable.

  • Feliciano

93mvg, 10 May 2019I'm so confuse which one is better. Honor Play, Nova 3i or Pocop... moreGo with the pocophone. it's fast, and good. battery lasts long.