Pocophone F1 long-term review

11 January 2019
A little phone that isn't small. A flagship that costs a third of what you'd expect. A contradiction? No, it's the Pocophone F1. Shocking? Awe-inspiring? Yes and yes. The most intriguing handset of the year isn't the most bezel-starved, or one with sliding bits and pieces, or one with an in-display fingerprint senso

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  • 18 Oct 2023

Hi. I bought this model when they started producing it. Price $310. This is my second Xiaomi. The best thing is that if something breaks, they fix it right away. IPS is great, safe phone, battery in very good condition, I've been using it for 5 years. If there are any software problems, it is generally the fault of external applications, not Xiaomi. One of the best phones on the market in 2018. iPhone is still weak!

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    • GeorgeFernandez
    • vxL
    • 24 Sep 2023

    Jay K, 29 Jul 2023I bought it in 2018. It's frustrating that phone isn&#... moreOmg me too. It just keeps chugging along.

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      • Jay K
      • 7tR
      • 29 Jul 2023

      Reko, 04 Aug 2022Bought it in 2018, its such an amazing phone but after coup... moreI bought it in 2018. It's frustrating that phone isn't breaking to allow me buy a newer version!

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        • PocoF1.OneOfTheBest
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        • 22 May 2023

        :-I bought 8+256 armored edition in 2020! It's been 3yrs & loved the Battery, Performance, Heat Management the most & then almost clean UI & Camera

        :-I have been very heavy user for 2.5yrs! Playing heavy games most of the time on max graphics like PUBG Mobile, Genshin Impact, Call of Duty Mobile, Mobile Legends, Apex Legends Mobile, Black Desert Mobile, Dragon Raja, Asphalt & many other
        :-All the games were present in my phone all the time for those 2.5yrs! And hats off to the battery! Even after 3yrs it's still going on!

        :-For last 6 months i have become moderate user with casual gaming, I still have CODM, PUBG, ML installed & battery easily last me all day!
        :-It's shocking & hard to believe that battery last this long after such very extensive heavy usage!

        :-Software- I'm still using it on MIUI 11(stable) & I have MIUI 12(stable) pending in updater, what I believe is that company always downgrade the performance in the Last Major Update(Stable). Since mine is working perfectly fine on MIUI 11 without any issues, I won't be updating to MIUI 12!

        :-Design look classy bcoz of armored edition! People still ask me which phone is it!
        :-Then dual flashlight! It don't start when u turn on, but using 3rd party app, when u turn on both flashlight! It's so bright!
        :-Camera- Even though it's 12MP & quite old it capture decent pics! I always prefer keeping phone camera side up to prevent scratches! I don't have single scratch in camera lens in 3yrs of usage!

        :- What I don't like is, I can't remember at this time bcoz of many good thing about this device!
        :- It's May 2023, been 3yrs & I don't have any plan to shift to other device! That's good thing about flagship devices! I might change the battery & will keep using it for 1-2yr before shifting to other flagship!

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          • Reko
          • iJD
          • 04 Aug 2022

          Bought it in 2018, its such an amazing phone but after couple updates they ruined the phone completely, my alarm doesn't work, neither when the sound when i get a call, its still a great phone in terms of hardware but the update was stoped too soon.

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            • Anonymous
            • tui
            • 17 Jul 2022

            Erintech, 28 Oct 2021My finger print sensor stopped working....did not drop phon... moreOpen up back cover and cross check the fingerprint connector

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              • Erintech
              • 2SK
              • 28 Oct 2021

              My finger print sensor stopped working....did not drop phone or mishandled it but on running CIT for finger print sensor check on my pococ f1 it says 'Fail for no FP' is this hardware or software ware problem..? I have updated phone too but to no avail... Still not working....help!

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                • saitama
                • gNS
                • 04 Sep 2021

                I bought it in around Oct 2018. There are many goods related with this phone - mainly camera, picture quality, video, cpu- gaming etc., battery, so, here i will just highlight the bad parts. 1) 1-1.5 years back, the ear piece volume dropped, so i always carry headphone or put loudspeaker to listen the caller. 2) Like all other smartphones to push the consumerism, the battery suddenly started lasting shorter, like previously, at 2% battery i can survive for 2-3 hrs, now at 10% it wl dry off within 30mins.

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                  • AnoM
                  • bJb
                  • 25 Aug 2021

                  The long term review doesn't do this smartphone justice. This is like the real entry level smartphone that isn't entry level on specs on paper. Yes, compared to flagship, it does lack of premium component that make flagship a true flagship, but that reflect all on the selling price. Want an expensive all out flagship? Be ready to pay double or triple more. Want a cheap budget flagship? Here is one that doesn't compromise on quality, an entry level outlook smartphone that has flagship level processor and storage inside

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                    • Ming
                    • KiM
                    • 27 Apr 2021

                    The phone has served me well since i bought it at 2018
                    And now im moving on to xiaomi mi 11.
                    Its a great phone, i loved everything about poco f1. Its a powerful phone indeed.

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                      • Aswale ashu
                      • YQD
                      • 21 Apr 2021

                      sanjeev, 14 Apr 2021My POCO F1 is not turning ON now. Voice clarity was also ve... moreSame like that my phone voice is slow by update

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                        • sanjeev
                        • CAg
                        • 14 Apr 2021

                        My POCO F1 is not turning ON now. Voice clarity was also very bad after an update.

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                          • Khmerdiablo
                          • v3K
                          • 03 Apr 2021

                          Is this a single or dual SIM phone

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                            • Pat
                            • KgV
                            • 27 Mar 2021

                            My F1 was less than 2 years old and been having problems with the GPS for the past 6 months

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                              • Kunal
                              • vcB
                              • 15 Feb 2021

                              Have used poco F1 for 2 years. The problem I find is my receiver is not good.. the thing I speak has lots of noise.. the clarity in phone calls of my voice appears very much disturbing..

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                                • ALDO
                                • b7@
                                • 01 Feb 2021

                                this phone has the best re-sale value of all, after almost 3 years still cost more than half of its price compared to the phones of it's time.
                                this phone is a jewel...

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • U@F
                                  • 29 Nov 2020

                                  It is a good phone at reasonable cost

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                                    • Ceci
                                    • vxx
                                    • 27 Nov 2020

                                    Have pocophone for 2 years + and I had to change the screen 2 times and now I have a scratch again! When it falls will break the screen for sure! The other thing is it doesn't work in all the LTE bands I need. Other than that, best phone I owned so far.

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                                      • Iffy
                                      • tu6
                                      • 22 Oct 2020

                                      I'd owned this phone for a year+ & this is the most affordable yet best phone I owned so far after my experience with other brands. Thank you, Xiaomi.
                                      Btw, Im not saying that other brands are not good but Im sure if you buy higher spec, it'll may beat Poco F1. But you have to spend more $$ though.

                                        Thanks for this long term review @ 'GSM ARENA'.