Huawei Mate 20 X review

29 January 2019
Arriving a few months after the rest of the Mate 20 series phones, but considered by many as the best phone in the family, the Mate 20 X is finally stepping in by offering all the screen real estate you could possibly want in a phone.

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Whackcar, 30 Jan 2019Well, if you're ok with the size of Mate 20 X, then it fulfills ... moreMate 20 x fares the best in battery life, in the trio. The standby for mate 20 is not as good.

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Yusuf , 30 Jan 2019A shame not sold in Australia. Hope Samsung make something of th... moreWow how did you predict the Samsung model number 6 months before Samsung made an official announcement?

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moose, 09 May 2019This phone is huge... and I just bought one to replace my very o... moreIn Singapore, Huawei phone users can ask Huawei to replace a new battery at a few of SGD50.
intend to use this 20 x till a better successor comes.

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Barfi1990, 12 Nov 2019Is this worth to get? Ps:: i watch alots of YouTube & Ne... moreJust take 20 x. Battery can last 2-3 days with one full charge if you're not a gamer, that is.

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Simply the best phone I've ever owned....coming from a Mate 10, the 20x is a beast! It's fast! The Camera is great. The batter life is crazy. I can get 2 full days out of one charge. I take a 2 hour train 2 and from work and basically listen to iheart radio and browse the web for over 4 hours daily. It's now on Android 10 is still getting updates! If you like big....and I do!, get this beast!

  • Barfi1990

Is this worth to get?

Ps:: i watch alots of YouTube & Netflix on my phone. Love taking photos, music.

Do you guys suggest this?
Mate 20 x or 20 pro?

Thanks in advance =)

After initial shock by the size of the thing,I can say this is an excellent device.Superb display,chipset and cameras great,identical to Mate 20 Pro,but way bigger battery...and most important to me-excellent audio output,unlike most Huawei phones,this one is great...connected to my stereo amplifier..$450 on Black Friday on AliExpress,superb value for your $$$

  • Ash

Coming from someone who loves phablets, its the best that I have owned so far. I had Xperia Z Ultra and Zenfone 3 Ultra and now having a hard time liking phones with small screens. There is something so immersive when using large display. Mate 20 x is the worthy successor in my phablet category. Hoping that they will still continue making powerful phablets in the future.

  • moose

This phone is huge... and I just bought one to replace my very old samsung galaxy mega 6.4. I can't believe that the Mate 20X has even a bigger screen than my old Mega (very few phones can say that). From my experience with a samsung mega 6.4" phablet - it is not a question of IF you will drop a phone of this size but when.... and you WILL drop this phone several times. Everything about the Mate 20X is amazing except the non-replaceable battery which means this phone is a disposable item once the Li battery swells after a few years and can't hold a charge. My advice is to get a good case and screen cover to protect this phone. One previous comment asked about black as a colour option. The colour won't matter as you definitely will need a phone cover and you can always choose black or a darker colour if you don't like the blue or silver colour.

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Watching India big screen phone

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Huawei please help us, we want a black Mate 20 X. In future let black be part of the colors.

Pupone, 02 Apr 2019I don't agree with you about the camera. In my opinion, this p... moreLike I said, it look brilliant if you didn't pixel peep to the smallest available pixel. But once I did that, God I hated it! I really wanted to like this Huawei, but sorry... I take no arguments about its painting looks.

  • Pupone

YUKI93, 16 Feb 2019As a mobile photographer who loves to pixel peep, I am expecting... moreI don't agree with you about the camera.
In my opinion, this phone provides great pics as it is the same camera as the Mate 20 Pro.

Then yes, it is true that there is a little filter driven by AI which makes the photograph looking very smooth and correcting a little the defects on the portrait mode.
But it is far to be a painting as you say...According to me, this phone takes awesome pics.

Bear in mind that, once again, it has the EXACT same 3 cameras as the Mate 20 Pro and it has been rated with a score of 109 on DxoMark.

  • Handyfan

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2019I went from a Galaxy Note8 Super AMOLED screen to this one. I pr... moreAs a Mate 20x User having been used to 2k amoled (Note 8 and 9) I can just confirm what has been said already. The FHD+ amoled of the Mate 20 x is very good and the difference is very minimal especially if you use the dark mode (can be activated under battery) and use amoled wall papers (Google store). I also use nova launcher. This phone is a niche product and the size is not everybody’s cup of tea. But I can tell you that there is nothing comparable with such high specs out there.

As a mobile photographer who loves to pixel peep, I am expecting stellar photo quality from those rear cameras. After all, the X is just basically the same smartphone as the Pro but with bigger display, bigger battery and 3.5mm headphone jack.

Honestly speaking, I am SO DISAPPOINTED with the photos from the samples. It doesn't matter if it's the 10MP samples or the 40MP ones, it look more like a painting rather than a proper, realistic photo.

ScottsoNJ, 03 Feb 2019I don't see how the screen was better on the Mate 20 but okay. A... moreThe X's screen is too big for it's resolution. Even the Honor Magic 2 is really on the borderline of what's acceptable. Had it been IPS it would have been different.

As an example I am today switching from a massive Xiaomi Mi Max that is 6.4" in 16:9 to Mi Mix 3 that is 6,39" in 19.5:9 (the ladder being pretty much identical to the above mentoined Honor Magic 2 screen wise). They are both 1080p screens and both about 6.4".

However, the width of the Max's screen is 8cm. The width of the Mix's screen is 6.8cm

On paper the Mix 3 therefore has a much higher PPI of 403 vs the Max's 342, and yet I've never had any visible pixelation issue with normal use with the Max. The second the Mix 3 was booted up I could see the pentile effect and rough edges and lines. And trust me, it's not "just visible on text". It's visible on just about any UI element. Only complex pictures and videoes without strong edges and line hide it.

So why is 403 PPI AMOLED less sharp than 342 PPI IPS? Well, because the 403 PPI is a bit fake. In actuality it is more equivalent to 268 PPI.

The same is true for the Mate 20 X, only it's worse because its "fake" PPI is 346, it's equivalent PPI is 230. This whilst the Mate 20 actually has a 381 PPI screen, even though it's not a standard RGB sub pixel layout, but a RGB-RGW, still three sub pixels per pixel. It is miles sharper, it also has a higher maximum brightness both in manual and auto mode. And they both produce decent colors in "Normal" mode.

It would have been better if Huawei switched the tech on the two. AMOLED on the smaller Mate 20, and IPS on the bigger Mate 20 X. Price wise, it would have been even better if the Mate 20 X had a 1440p AMOLED display. Giving it a "fake" 477 PPI and a more realistic 318 PPI, which would have been sharp enough to avoid the pentile pixelation effect.

The most and only important thing is when this device comes for sales to the europe. Anything else is not essential.

Mate 20X can be superior to many others, but it is way too big IMO. And the lack of wireless charging and IP rating also hurts, at least to me.

ScottsoNJ, 03 Feb 2019I don't see how the screen was better on the Mate 20 but okay. A... moreIt looks much crisper and the colors were more vivid. I wouldn't have thought that would be the case before I owned them both. I used them side by side for a good amount of time and trust me, the screen on the Mate 20 is sharper and looked better. I also own a Note 9 and a S9+ and love amoled screens, but wasn't impressed with the X. Unless you've used them both, it's hard to judge.

  • Ron999

Currently, there is no way to unlock bootloader and get root on this phone. No root = don't buy (for me).