Motorola Moto G7 Play review

3 March 2019
The Moto G7 Play is the most basic smartphone of the G7 quartet that launched in Brazil a while ago. But despite its price hints towards a budget experience with a lot of compromises, we actually found it quite capable and interesting. And here is why.

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  • Tyler

The Snapdragon 632 whips through most games without issue. The lower level Adreno 506 kind of let's it down if you're getting it for games. Still it'll handle almost anything you throw at it.

  • Anonymous

does the phone support at&t HV Voice ?

  • Thermo

I bought this phone Moto G7 play in Dec 2019. I don't mind the phone but find the volume sucks is there any way to "'boost the volume on this device???? Plz tell me there is!!! 🤬

  • ArlisT

No matter how I set the selfie camera, whether I turn mirroring on or off, it still mirrors my photos - that is, text on my hat or shirt displays in reverse. What am I doing wrong?

  • yeet

Candra, 08 Mar 2019Eww, unnecessary notch placement while there is still plent... moreEWW it's you, the type of person to complain about something no one cares about. Ewww

  • Kelly

Got this phone about a week ago and although it wasn't the original phone I wanted due to being out of stock I went with the moto G7 play and I'm so happy I did!!! I'm loving the phone and it's been nice to have a phone that's very fast and snappy. Takes great photos to! And the fingerprint scanner is so handy!!! Over all great phone and I give it a 10/10!! Straight up!!

  • Helper

jay, 03 Mar 2019I am doubting between this and the Moto X4. Anyone any thou... moreYou can turn it off... smh

Eww, unnecessary notch placement while there is still plenty space at the chin

The review doesn't mention that the G7 play and the G7 Power in the US have one advantage over the G7. It's not very logical, but the cheaper G7 Play and the G7 power can both use T-Mobile's Band 71. Band 71 isn't built into the main G7.

  • Dolle

I love Moto, but how on earth can they praise the "Screen with large notch" as a positive in the review? G6 looks slick compared to this. And not to mention the best phone of all times, the Moto Razr I XT890, why dont they just update this phone. Kevlar body, lightweight, compact, Intel processor which at the time was WAY faster than any other high end phone. It took me all up to Samsung S7 before I found a phone that I could replace the Razr I with. i think when it came out Samsung was on S3 or S4?

Why Nokia 8.1 is not reviewed, which is declared as best mid range phone of 2018 ?

  • Anonymous

When you compare it to competitor phones, you say they have a bigger battery, but it's the endurance that counts not the size. Bigger batteries weigh more of course.

  • pj

Can the front led flash be used as a notification led?

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2019Can you tell me what are the innovation in moto phones viv... moreToady most of brands , specially Chinese makers (including OPPO ,VIVO ,Xiaomi, Samsung etc.) are paying royalty for using Innovation patents to original Nokia, original Motorola ( yes patents portfolio are still with original owners) and Blackberry, which make handsets work.

What OPPO VIVO are doing is gimmicks and not innovation.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2019no need reply to those marketing from new phone, they can't... moreCan you tell me what are the innovation in moto phones vivo and oppo are the leaders now in the innovation I hate their phones they have a bad software just hzve a look at the budget king xiaomi

  • Anonymous

Vic4BBM, 04 Mar 2019Moto phones are way better than OPPO VIVO. Though with Leno... moreno need reply to those marketing from new phone, they can't make new innovation, cant match quality, but just spread bad rumors, they are every where on branded smartphone

Moto phones are way better than OPPO VIVO. Though with Lenovo, they are still better ( of course not as good as it use to be with Google or the original Moto ownership)

2 GB ram is not a problem with near vanilla Android.

I use Moto G turbo and G3 from 2015. They just have 2gb ram. I have installed custom ROM based on pie and they work butter smooth, without any problems. Hence, having 2gb ram on a Moto is absolutely no issues for normal working. It is justified for this budget offering.

Price is definitely going to be high with its brand value. Brand value is something which Lenovo is trying to destroy. Had they stuck to simple idea of one offering in each segment ( low, mid and premium) it would have paid off better.

  • George

Orack, 04 Mar 2019Ugly design and too expensive. I like the phones with big b... moreCan you get a better LG, Sony, Samsung, Huawei or iPhone for 149€ brand new that will receive Android 10? I doubt it. This phone is aimed to compete with these companies not the Chinese.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]They don"t hate motorola just look at other g7 family and you will see thatcthey are overrated

  • Orack

Ugly design and too expensive. I like the phones with big battery. But the battery is one of the most cheap components in a phone... so that can't justify how overpriced is.